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  1. Ibadan
  2. djflick
    "Ah, Zou..."
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  3. Juan Matas Beard
    Juan Matas Beard Gooner416
    Class profile pic.
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    2. Gooner416
      Class profile pic acknowledging another class profile pic. Blimey!
      Aug 3, 2020 at 12:20 AM
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  4. Gegen Pressing
    Gegen Pressing
    Suited , Booted and Bling FA cup medal. Thanks Mikel. Cheers Arsène!
  5. Juan Matas Beard
  6. say yes
  7. Tsar
    За Ваше здоровье!
  8. Chicago_Gunner
  9. Juan Matas Beard
    Juan Matas Beard DVD
    Controversial username.
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  10. Manberg
    I’m not David Smith
    1. American_Gooner
      That's exactly what a David Smith burner account would say
      Jul 22, 2020
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  11. lomekian
    lomekian OnlyOne
    Re the podcast, Its the Daily Cannon podcast. I'm looking to move it forward, so am open to having new guests as part of that process. i have to admit, i can't work out how to PM contact details, but I'm easy to find on twitter - same username
  12. Manberg
    I side with Greta. The coronavirus pandemic is a tradegy, but the climate crisis cannot be ignored. We need action to save our planet.
  13. Manberg
    We need another #wecaredoyou and I encourage AM to get in on the act. Put pressure on the board to back the manager.
  14. lomekian
    lomekian MutableEarth
    Hi there, This may seem rather odd, but I host/produce a weekly Arsenal podcast, and was wondering if you would at some stage in the future be interested in guesting on an episode. You have a lot of knowledge about the pipeline, and also tend to post sane and insightful things, which is a rarity.

    If you might be interested, let me know.

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    2. GDeep™
      Get @OnlyOne on one your podcasts too mate. Doesn’t know anything about football but he’s funny, sometimes.
      Jul 14, 2020
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    3. OnlyOne
      Hi Mat, thanks for the invite, just PM details and I'll see what I can work around my schedule.
      Jul 14, 2020
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    4. OnlyOne
      Also, whats the podcast called? I'd like to give it a listen.
      Jul 14, 2020
  15. Manberg
    How do I stop producing floating poop? A right pain to flush away.
    1. GDeep™
      Jul 14, 2020
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  16. Ash10
    So hard to get motivated to do stuff
  17. KenyanGoon
    100% a Gooner.
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  18. Manberg
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  19. hydrofluoric acid
    hydrofluoric acid
    Anyone still have hope that @fabo will return one day?
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    2. Tir Na Nog
      Tir Na Nog
      Just catching up on all this, pretty shocked and saddened by this. He was such a prominent poster. I've looked it up myself, I assume it was the story of the Westmeath festival. Not exactly very far from where I live. If it was him how tragic, 31 is no age.
      Jul 12, 2020
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    3. Riou
      That's so sad...just a reader back then, but he was a quality poster, quite funny...goes to show you how connected but also unconnected we all are, scary...also shows the good side of social media, we can form all kinds of friendships from all over the world so easily now...though we do all fight with eachother, when the dust settles, we all hope eachother have a good life...RIP Fabo, you seemed a good guy.
      Jul 13, 2020
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    4. GDeep™
      Was Fabo Irish? I thought he was English but maybe living in Ireland. His email name matching the guy who passed, on top of the dates, all seems to point to one thing though. One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone. RIP Fabo.
      Jul 13, 2020
  20. Riou
    ("Just one question...what if you miss?") ..." I won't."

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