Alexandre Lacazette: Alexandre The Good Again

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Lady_Gooner, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Macho

    Macho Not Here For The Athletic's BS Trusted

    I dunno why I poked the bear tbh.

    Somedays I'm good for our sparring, today I'm just not up to it - the favourite colour thing made me dig deep and I had to draw for the butt jokes, kudos. :lol:
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  2. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Ex-Arsenal Fan

    Tbh I don't even like getting onto Lacazette because it's become too mainstream but he triggers something in me I dunno why, think I need therapy.
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  3. Ibadan

    Ibadan Thread Bump Police

    Wtf is going on here?!?! Stop bonding on football forums ffs
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  4. scytheavatar

    scytheavatar Well-Known Member

    It's because Arteta doesn't want a striker who can score goals, he wants a striker who can run a lot. And Laca has weak cardio and gas out every game. Laca is a terrible fit for the type of striker that modern day managers are looking for, in a way he's the type of player who is getting kicked out of modern day football just like Özil. He plays best as a poacher who can contribute a bit to buildup, not as a Welbeck. The fact that our management is slow to realize this shows how much of a slowpoke they have become.
  5. novar

    novar Well-Known Member

    I'm quite happy with our management not ever getting another Welbeck though
  6. Jack Russell

    Jack Russell Active Member

    It’s an odd one because he’s a trier, if anything. What you’re seeing is all he can currently muster. That’d be enough to trigger me without having to wonder.
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  7. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Ex-Arsenal Fan

    You can see when he puts his head down and runs he's trying his hardest but his body just can't do it.
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  8. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    ...scoring in 5 away games in a row...Lacazette seeing this...

  9. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Ex-Arsenal Fan

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  10. Macho

    Macho Not Here For The Athletic's BS Trusted

    I'd still really like to know.
  11. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

    Came on today and did nothing. Its the name of his game now.
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  12. REWB

    REWB Active Member

    Yup Laca is out best forward, just deal with it guys
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  13. Macho

    Macho Not Here For The Athletic's BS Trusted

    but the first 81 mins + Leeds first half?

    Crossing to Aubameyang lol

    Can we finally admit that the complete crumble of our attack isn't solely down to Lacazette? Or you guys not ready for that convo?
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  14. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

    I think we have to look livier and have more actions than with Lacazette for sure. It's a little bit more fluid even if it's a long way off.

    The crossing concerns me but it's still a better idea than having washed up Lacazette up top IMO.
  15. novar

    novar Well-Known Member

    We're nothing without Lacazette and Willian. Learn to pick your players to hate, it's not quite rocket science.
  16. greekgooner

    greekgooner Member

    meanwhile the inferior striker to lacazette scores 4 goals at 34 against sevilla away(and he completed the whole 90 mins)
  17. TinFish

    TinFish Well-Known Member

    Why did we give away Giroud for Laca....he was always the better player. Quite consistent and offered another approach to our game when things wernt working out.

    For Lacazette he is like Willian...invisible and barely contributes to anything. We really messed up by getting rid of Giroud. He would compliment this David Moyes style of play massively with the amount of crosses we are trying to ping in.
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  18. greekgooner

    greekgooner Member

    Giroud and mertezacker are the most underated players of all time. giroud at 34 is still at peak form and he has animus thats very rare for a player at this age. Wish we have him all those years...
  19. Wryer

    Wryer Well-Known Member

    The hardest thing to take now is that people don't have any expectations of Lacazette. People don't even single him out for criticisms anymore.

    A 50m player playing with no expectations. Really?

    It's not his fault we chose to pay this price, but this is mismanagement of the highest level.

    And he is not the only one right now.
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  20. pikey2000

    pikey2000 Well-Known Member

    Yep ill agree with that, never truly thought it was all Laca, though he hasn't been great, but sticking Auba central as made no difference.

    To me the issue not the striker but the system, we seem to be intent on spamming crosses into the box, and despite the fact that none of our strikers, wingers or CM's are aerially a threat we still continue to spam those crosses in aerially....makes absolutely no sense.

    If we are going to continue with the crossing game they either need to be cut backs along the ground where Auba, the opposite winger or heaven forbit a CM can get a shot off on goal, or fast low crosses into the box where the likes of Auba/Laca just need to deflect it into the net.

    Aerial crosses are pointless with our playing squad, may as well just give the ball back to the opposition, unless its a set piece or corner where we can the CB's forward.

    Crosses aside, we need way more movement up top to be effective, and more runners from midfield to help create space for the likes of Auba/Laca, at the moment its way to rigid and their are left isolated trying to find space in amongst 3 or 4 opposition players.
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