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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by fabo, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. fabo

    fabo 6.51 / 10

    What the hell is going on around here? Why aren't people discussing games anymore.

    Szczesny.........6......great save at 1-1, aswell as usual dodgy decisions from him. Long way to go.

    Jenkinson...........6.......decent bar losing the ball poorly in the first half.
    Mertesacker.........7.......solid game again.
    Koscielny..........6.....offside trap issues again, decent overall.
    Santos..........6.5......comfortable in possession, gets forward with purpose, needs to shift a few pounds though.

    Song...........6.5......needs to keep it simple all the time. Too many loose passes, improved second half.

    Theo..........4....useless again.
    RVP...........9.....top class.
    Gervinho........6.....more crap decision-making, but at least he's involved unlike Theo. Should have more goals by now.
  2. arsenallegends

    arsenallegends New Member

    I agree with almost all of your ratings. Thank goodness Ramsey didn't play, one facilitator on the pitch (Arteta) was enough. Still though, Song has to do their(playmaker's) job for them.

    That misjudgment from Szcz was Amunia-esque

    MOTM- RvP
  3. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    In fairness the only time I noticed that was when Jenkison gave the ball away in his own half and you can't really criticise Kos for not holding his line when we have the ball.
  4. mistaT

    mistaT New Member Trusted

    Szcesny - 7 - Wonderful save to preserve the 1-1 score but rash in coming out

    Santos - 7 - Looks the part, been really impressed by him so far and I think there's more to come.....liked his link up with Arshavin
    Kos - 7 - Decent game, didn't really stand out in a positive or negative way
    Per - 7 - Same as Kos
    Jenkinson - 7 - Decent game from someone most expected to falter....very strong at crossing but unfortunately there's not anyone ever to receive them

    Arteta - 6 - Ineffective and didn't influence the game enough
    Song - 7 - A little erratic in that he looks great one moment, and then does something woefully poor the next. Big part of the team these days and I hope his role doesn't get expanded too far like last year.
    Rosicky - 8 - Only RVP could top him for MOTM.....he did it all today and looked really hungry.

    Gervinho - 6 - Meh, flatters to deceive...some are saying he's outplaying Walcott but to me I just don't see any contribution coming from him
    RVP - 9 - MOTM....would have given him a 10 if that chip went in :oops:
    Walcott - 5 - Off the mark

    Gibbs - 5 - Not feeling it
    Benayoun - 5 - Meh
    Arshavin - 7 - Lively, interested and was clearly ready to positively influence the game
  5. redwhiteAustrian

    redwhiteAustrian Tu Felix Austria Administrator

    Szczesny 7
    Really good save in the first half (again, just like vs Swansea and Bolton), I've really missed such match winning GK performances.

    Jenks 6.5
    One mistake in the first half but apart from that he's been solid, improved his attacking play in the second half and put some very good corsses into the box.
    Kos 6.5
    Not much to do, sometimes still a bit too aggressive and tending to leave his position and therefore leaving gaps at the back. Some pretty needless bookings as well.
    Merte 6.5
    Not much to do either, although he could improve his aerial ability a bit, losing far too many aerial duells considering his height.
    Gibbs 6
    Had a solid first half but is now injured again....will it ever stop? He has so much more to offer, but we won't see that unless he finally stays fit for longer.

    Arteta 6.5
    Didn't do much wrong, but he's got a long way to go to be a real part of the team, disappears a bit too often during games and tends to drop in the second half.
    Song 8
    Good game from him, his passes in the attacking third mostly have been poor though. But his presence in midfield makes up for most of his faults - what a beast.
    Rosicky 8
    Take a bow; never expected him to come up with that performance. Should for now, keep his place in front of Ramsey.

    Theo 5
    His workrate has dropped significantly and the fact that no Sagna's behind him makes this issue even more obvious. Poor performance.
    Robin 9
    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant player.
    Gerv 6.5
    Good assist for the first goal and good first half, but disappeared in the second and was rightly taken off (although Theo should've come off before him).

    Santos 6.5
    Won every ball, good going forward and solid at the back. At the moment, slightly above Gibbs.
    Arsh 7
    Good cameo, again. I think he deserves to start the next match, just to see if he's now more suited to a bench role or if he offers more as a starter.
    Benayoun 6
    Think he did well what he's supposed to do - keep possession, play it save and keep it simple.
  6. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    Szczesny - 7... one rash decision, but at least he made a decision.. and they didnt score from it, so i guess it worked out.. save our arses with 'that' save.

    Jenkinson - 5.5.. not sure why people are so impressed with him yesterday. he was awful defensively (you know, the main point of being a defender?). his crossing is decent, but its not hard to look OK in a team that has 70% possession.. against a better team, he will be buried

    Koscielny - 7... didnt really notice him much, which is a good thing, means he didnt screw anything up

    Mertesacker - 7... see Koscielny

    Gibbs - 6... looked comfortable in the first 20 minutes when we had the lions share of the game. once they scred from the FK, looked like a headless chicken and got skinned a couple of times

    Song - 8... Song has quietly (or maybe not so) become pretty important to our team. even though he fouls a lot and picks up loads of yellows, he is strong, decent on the ball and can help out defensively. I see a very decent trio of Song-Arteta-Wilshere once Jack returns. his stamina seems to grow in the second half of games (or maybe his fatigue isn't as much of a drop as most others)

    Arteta - 6.5... wasnt his best game, but wasnt terrible. he was at fault for conceding the FK that led to their goal, but otherwise kept possession well and wasnt a further liability

    Rosicky - 7.5... was the best game i've seen from Rosicky for God knows how long. he was bright on the ball, head was up, was making runs. that's how I remember him being in Germany. more of that please

    Gervinho - 6... like Gibbs, he was very bright early on. set up RvP's goal and created quite a few things in the first half of the first half. then went bye-bye after that (once they got some defensive help on that side)

    Walcott - 5... frustrating sometimes. will run past 2 or 3 players and then lose the ball or just make the wrong decision. not sure if he should be a starter or an impact sub.


    Santos - 7... looked more solid defensively and really can toy with the ball a bit. needs to work on his shooting though.. agree with most, think he is above Gibbs ATM.. should be starting more

    Benayoun - 5.5... this is more of "he didnt really do anything" when he came on, but he didnt really cost us anything either.

    Arshavin - 7... looked quite bright and lively when he came on. that dribble past 4 defenders was brilliant, too bad he couldnt get the shot on goal, but we needed something at that point, and it brightened up the team and the crowd
  7. redwhiteAustrian

    redwhiteAustrian Tu Felix Austria Administrator

    I think you forgot Robin there, US.
  8. alboots101

    alboots101 Well-Known Member

    He was so good it goes without saying.

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