CL: Arsenal vs Juventus/Juv. vs AFC | 28/03/06 & 05/04/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by chucks20, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    everyone did mate.. but that was also partially because we needed a CM more than a RB at the time.. but interesting that Eboue turned out to be absolutely fantastic..
  2. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    obviously Arsène sees something we dont every time! cant argue with his eye for talent
  3. cubbz_th14

    cubbz_th14 New Member

    ha haaa i do sense real hate for capello on that forum ...this is a classic one .. "we need a new team, a new coach, a new stadium, apart from that we are fine" :p
  4. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    woah woah woah, when i first saw him, i instantly said, he's better than lauren.
  5. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    you're probably right.
  6. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    mm hmm...
  7. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    lol, your talents are endless :D
  8. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite


    Mad Jens and his yoga :lol:
  9. cubbz_th14

    cubbz_th14 New Member

    :shock: :shock:
  10. James

    James New Member Elite

    Sabre you do half talk some **** mate.

    famous no 10 is spot on with his reply.

    We're through to the semis, what on earth is the problem?
  11. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    No patrick he is right here. IF he came out saying it was great blah blah then it would send out the wrong message to our fans and to our players. The job is not done yet, teams that get to the semi finals are not remembered. Teams that get to final aren't remembered either, unless you win it then anything else doesn't matter. Barca have been to the semis something like 13 or 14 times and won the competition once. If we get knocked out now I bet in 5 years time you will barely remember this run. It is great for this club to get here but now we have to keep it going

    We have to make sure our young players don't let this run get to their head, we went into the Juve and R.Madrid game as underdogs and it helped them get their head down and work. Now we are favourites and this is usually when complacency creeps into our game, we have to do EVERYTHING we can to make sure this doesn't happen. It starts at Wenger with his formation and tactics. Our usual 4-4-2 and go out play tactics got us nowhere but the 4-5-1 has been great for our lot. Gilberto has support and Fabregas is no longer shackled down. We have to keep this going as changing our approach now could result in disaster.
  12. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    completely agree jazz, especially as i wasnt being sarcastic with the henry comment.
  13. gunnertilldeath

    gunnertilldeath New Member Elite

    i agree. we have to recognize the importance of our tactical change in recent games. we had it easy in the group stages and raped teams with the 4-4-2. the better teams are finding it extremely difficult with out 4-5-1 and having thierry henry leading the line and the wingers waiting to join him on the break force them not to get too adventurous in their approach. this keeps the pressure on the defence minimal. 4-5-1 is like having your cake and eating it, really. the wide players just have to be willing to run, joining the lone forward when we have the ball and tracking back to help the full back when we have to defend. it also provides a solid 3 man bareer in front of the defence at all times. its worked to perfection in europe this season. another interesting thing about our recent euro run is that ever goal we have scored in the knock-out rounds has been on the break (albeit at madrid, their defenders had tracked back pretty well but were unable to stop the king's brilliance). we just have to stay humble and hungry. just getting to the semis is not enough and i'm glad the lads seem to recognize this.
  14. tgr

    tgr New Member

    five gunners elected into ESM monthly squad:

    lehmann eboue toure fabregas henry
  15. jim_gunner

    jim_gunner New Member

    They call Juve a world cllas team but i think sothamton can get a point of them :x
  16. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Could have put on a performance, could have gone out and attacked and won 3-0, we could also have gone out and attacked and lost 3-0.

    As it is, we put in a very solid defensive performance- which our attacking performance in the first leg allowed us to do- and reduced Juve to rubble, thereby allowing us to make some Arsenal history.

    Put it this way, I don't think the travelling Gooners were bothered, I know the guys I watched the game with in the Pins weren't.
  17. Kenyonhater

    Kenyonhater Active Member

    I'd love to see him save a penalty like that.
  18. Tegh

    Tegh New Member

    Oh my God..
    That is an insane stretch. Is it actually Yoga?
  19. jim_gunner

    jim_gunner New Member

    Iseen it befor at a match I thought ahh that got to painfull :shock:
  20. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

    Piss of Juve. :evil:

    I just had to say that. :D

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