CL: Dinamo Zagreb vs Arsenal | 08/08/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Exiled In Newcastle, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Arsenal_FAN1983

    Arsenal_FAN1983 New Member

    Fair enough, but Gilberto cannot keep this up for a full season, he is going to have a few off days, so I really think it will be very beneficial if we get cover for him, don't you?
  2. wowwow

    wowwow New Member

    no clips.
  3. ArSeNic 2020

    ArSeNic 2020 New Member

    just think its quite rare for us[Ar$eNaL] to be playing these quali matches than to be already quite effeciently managing a straight front door entry to Group Stages under Sir Wenger
    but hey its next what the last season had to bestow and as long as we win it theres is just no looking back....

    On dynamatic dinamo win ....
    fink its yet another little record piling up
    start of the season's Euro battle and here we march forward with yet another CLEANSHEET .....3nil bang-bang-bang!!!!

    cometh the new season.....
    I predict GOONERS to rule EUROPE!!!!
  4. Zanarkand

    Zanarkand New Member

    Song is very good for his age and a good backup for Gilberto. Beyond that flamini and diaby perhaps can play there aswell.
  5. RC8

    RC8 New Member Elite

    I think Diaby, unlike his size and strenght would seem to indicate, is pretty bad defensively, and while I trust he will improve that part of his game, I would much rather have Lauren play in defensive mid role ahead of him (with Song and Flamini the obvious choices to replace Gilberto if injured).
  6. Dougan17

    Dougan17 New Member

    flamini can, if you bring diaby in to play there you're leaving yourself defensively vulnerable in the center of the park as he's not great at his defensive positioning. With any DM other than Gilberto you're taking a risk defensively.

    The game was a solid display all-around. Hoyte was disappointing, imo. He looks more like a midfielder and getting forward doesn't seem a problem but hoyte clearly isn't an eboue, cole, or clichy in that he's not as good defensively to warrant his offensive freedom. Fabregas was brilliant, he has a great eye for goal and has for his whole 100 appearances but he's lacked the shot technique to really get the power necessary to beat goalkeepers but the goals he took today were confident strikes and not easy goals, he had to get power on the ball into a very small area with the ball on the wrong side of him. RVP's goal was a typical goal from him and maybe I'd have liked to see more out of him but the rosicky - fabregas - hleb trio of midfielders is very promising as they can interchange, move around, and if they all get on the same page and learn each other's instincts they'll be an extremely dangerous midfield.

    I'd expect to see some more stars in the next game, specifically Henry will probably play a half, maybe the last half hour but at least play a part so he can get back to match sharpness. You don't want to risk injury but the villa game can't be his first competetive match, imo, we need to get off the block early with Chelsea lacking cohesiveness in their early games and United facing the prospect of key injuries early in the season, specifically to Carrick we can get a jump on other teams which will be beneficial. It's much harder to catch a team in the prem than it is to maintain a lead I feel.

    The biggest negative I got from this game was the idea that Reyes was unsettled so much by the speculation he couldn't play. He's already proven himself mentally not very strong, but it'd be a shame if that prevents him from continuing what has been a promising start to his Arsenal career.
  7. Zanarkand

    Zanarkand New Member

    Fabregas, Hleb and Rosicky rock dont they. What a midfield. All 3 of them work very hard and of course better going forward but they also come back and cover very well.

    What i noticed is Rosicky will shoot 3-5 times a game by the looks of it, when he feels he can score and Fabregas since about the world cup for Spain is doing the same also. Getting the power now aswell which is cool- he could put 10+ away this season. Its good these 2 shoot and hopefully will continue to shoot cause the whole passing around too much last season wasnt fun at times when you just wanted someone to smack it!!

    You dont want a lampard, 10+ shots from any angle, but you do want a couple of players with great technique to hit it when just outside the box.
  8. ZagrebDinamo

    ZagrebDinamo New Member

    First of all, congrats on a great match, you are way above us, but I'm satisfied cause we plaeyd a good match for about an hour, the last half hours wasn't so good, but it'll be better next time. anyway, hoped you enyojed the game and wish you all the luck in the champions league... Greatings from Zagreb...
  9. ZagrebDinamo

    ZagrebDinamo New Member

    yea, and you ha ve to admmite that our fans (Dinamo) are the best in the world. If you don't believe ask those that were in Zagreb on the stadium...
  10. scarabej

    scarabej New Member

    Well............there is a much to say....but I'm tired....:D

    All of our 20% chances were ruined by too defensive tactics.......we didn't even tried to attack you......and when Vugrinec got injured our coach puts that idiotic player Agić who's too slow for your midfielders.........

    We played with allmost 5 players in defence 3 defensive midfielders and Modrić and Eduardo were left alone to make a miracle........

    We have the same problems with coaches for ages in Croatia......they **** their pants and don't see the obvious......

    Mamić couldn't even walk after 60 minutes....Agić shouldn't even go in........Čale is a limited player...........OUR COACH made no substitutions!!!!

    Your midfield players were free as a bird to do what they want and we wated for them in front of our goal....... :x

    MOdrić and Etto were only players from Dinamo who played on the european level.......with poor Eduardo who was put to play alone against your very strong and athletic defenders........

    Our goalkeeper is crap.........every respectable goalie in europe would have atleast one or two blocks on those goal-shots.........but we played such a good "bunker" that he fall asleap......:D

    As a whole I'm satisfied..:D.....couse the staduim was thundering last night.......it was a real good athmosphere and I'm glad that I've been there.....;)

    Congrats to the GUNNERS!! Hope they win the CL..... :wink: :arrow: (then will our defeat look much less dramatic..:D)
  11. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    Cheers for the pics posted earlier.
    Ahh, that looks a treat, a fine day in the Baltic and some nice footy to finish it off.

    Hope the Dinamo travelling fans enjoy their trip to The Grove.
  12. ap

    ap New Member

    i didnt watch the game. but from the postings there we were playing a midfield line-up similar to AC Milian which has not winger. Cesc = Pirlo, Rosicky = Seedoff and Helb = Kaka. This formation looks good as we no longer played the traditional english football that wingers run all the way down the base line to make crosses for strikers, since Pires' speed slowed down in the past 2 years
  13. scarabej

    scarabej New Member

    As for Arsenal players contibution.....from the arsenal fan(wich I am).....I can say that your young players did their job.......

    Defence with Eboue,Toure;Djorou and Hoyte did their job and stopped Eduardo who was mostly alone on 2 to 3 of them......

    Gilberto is the master of simple solutions........allways does the most logical moves......played great....

    Rosicky is a hell of a player.......goes straight trough the midfield,verticaly on goal...great passes,lots of running.......

    Cesc is the real CM......plays with his brain.....understands the game and leading the play with very reasonable passing.......

    Hleb is like Rosicky but on the other flank.......more midfielder than a winger....unpredictible and fast as hell.....great final passes for attackers.....

    Adebayor had lots of passes.....he was given way too much freedom from Dinamo's defence to distribute balls when he was turned with back to Dinamo's goal.......very fast for his constitution,and a good dribbler.....

    Van Persie will be better and better from game to game.........and all the guys are young and perspective......so even when players like Reyes go out of the club, I have faith that Wenger will bring others who won't be so homesick and "sold souls"......;)

    This young team with a few more(also young) newcomers like Ribery,Diarra,Mascherano,(Modrić maybe :D )etc.......can rule the whole europe for a few seasons .........BUT when they become experienced a bit more......
  14. Thommybhoy

    Thommybhoy New Member Trusted

    Baltic?? Croatia is not on baltic coast it's mediterranian.

    I hope to come to Grove to see Arsenal play a home game. Now this is the best chance to do this at so low (not so low actually for us here) price of 250-300 pounds, depend on agency :)

    Arsène praises Modric!!!

    He said that Cesc had and excellent game, but Modric too. He was impressed with his inteligent decisions and physical capabilities. He added that Modric played 90min in very high rythm and that he was very surprised by that. He said in the and that Henry will play in Grove match and that he still believes that Reyes will remain a Gunner.
  15. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    My mistake. Sorry
  16. Raghav89

    Raghav89 New Member

    STFU fool -clichy played a massive what was it 4 or 5 game's for us last season hardly an important player and senderos is nothing without toure (right now) .Rosicky is a class player ,He doesn't need this competitve match **** but fair play to him he lacked fitness and still played well.We kept a clean sheet because we were lucky-many time's their player's came close.The deficiencies that you were talkin about -wenger knew that we had them since the world cup ended -it was'nt exactly last minute and this croatian oppostion is nothing compared to juventus or madrid who we beat last season so a win was not satisfactory -it was compulsory.
  17. quattro

    quattro Active Member

    there's just no pleasing some people... :roll:
  18. Fredrock

    Fredrock New Member

    Anywhere one can watch highlights from yesterday? The stream was full when I tried to connect :cry
  19. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Is Modric only 20 ? if he is **** he has a future ahead of him.
  20. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    You probably mean "Balkan" not "Baltic" :wink:
    Ah, that's the ticket...cheers: Canuck

    A superb game it was!

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