CL: Dinamo Zagreb vs Arsenal | 08/08/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Exiled In Newcastle, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Muchas gracias!
  2. Novi Zagreb

    Novi Zagreb New Member

    Also fine by me Gromit ;)

    Congratulations to Arsenal, great play, everything is said about the level of game provided by Dinamo players so no need for me to add some redundant data to sql base ;)
  3. bojed

    bojed AM Resident Joker #1 Trusted

    kolo's a funny man :lol:

    he went to cesc first with that "oh yeahhh let's goof around" gesture and cesc was like "oh hell yeahhh!"
  4. dbergyisnumerouno

    dbergyisnumerouno New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    good to know that arsenal have such great fans around the world! i must say bbb fans are fantastic as well! never have i ever seen such support! we gooners could learn a thing or two. :)

    ahh, this is what football is all about, living in peace and harmony amongst your enemies! :lol:
  5. Saša"14"

    Saša"14" New Member

    Few pics:



  6. Arsenal_FAN1983

    Arsenal_FAN1983 New Member

    Just got my ticket for the home game. Cost me £48 :(

    Hopefully I get to see a mauling. :)
  7. Blue Boy 1981

    Blue Boy 1981 New Member

    Great clip.
  8. fabtastic

    fabtastic New Member

    beofre anybody else says i think you should remove that clip and read the rules about you*tube clips!

    the website could get fined and that would be bad wouldnt it! so it would be probably best if you edit the post and remove the clip

  9. ramon12

    ramon12 New Member

    Does that mean we all have to donate £2
  10. jay-d

    jay-d Member

  11. Blue Boy 1981

    Blue Boy 1981 New Member

    I removed it. :)
  12. stanzi

    stanzi New Member

    That's all long gone water under the bridge. You live in the forgotten past, my little senior citizen (with your petty little red pentagram & picture of the old communist dictator). Look at the score table of today, and who won the bosnian championship.
    But regardless, most of today's clubs from the ex-federation plays bad football and regional legaue is pretty much useless except for unhealthy nostalgia. Same "quality" and few clubs that are at least worthy can be easily found in croatian's legaue - no need to destroy it with more bad football from Serbia or Bosnia and risk some major fan fights or something.
    Oh, and Olimpija doesn't exist anymore, Sherlock :roll:

    It would most certainly NOT improve croatian football.

    Ontopic, I'll take my chances and claim that some of the Dinamo players (unfotunately, not the defence ones) could play at least 40 % better than they did last week (and I mean Etto & Eudardo, who fell victims to the cowardly manager's tactics) . And if they would do that, Dinamo could definately be a respectable oponent to Arsenal in the 2nd leg. Too bad Vugrinec was injured too, Modric would vice-versa have someone to play with...
  13. Mostarac

    Mostarac New Member Trusted

    This tells me that I have nothing to discuss with you. You can stick to Pavelic or whoever suits you the best :wink: .
  14. stanzi

    stanzi New Member

    Aaah, anyone not liking Tito or any other communist lifelong leader (like Tito's beloved friends Fidel, Kim Il Sung or Ceausescu) must be a fascist then. Congratulation on your distorted logic :wink:
    Yes, free elections & not having a president for life & free enterpreneurship & freedom of expression (if you forgot, it was criminalized to the very end of ex-YU) and jails not full of political opponents must be a Hitler's or Pavelic's invention 8)
    Your labeling is disgraceful.
    And funny, along with the idea we would profit or tremble out of joy if we would play some of the poorest playing football clubs like Velez or Sarajevo or Zvezda, worse than half of the clubs currently in croatian legaue. It's enough sad competition already.
    Wake up and smell the coffee, nostalgia boy, it's 2006.
  15. gunnerturk

    gunnerturk New Member

    "And funny, along with the idea we would profit or tremble out of joy if we would play some of the poorest playing football clubs like Velez or Sarajevo or Zvezda, worse than half of the clubs currently in croatian legaue. It's enough sad competition already.
    Wake up and smell the coffee, nostalgia boy, it's 2006. "

    The idea of regional leagues is to increase the level of competition between leagues hence poorer clubs may benefit by giving them more financial edge such as increase in attendance and television revenue. With the help of this new income the clubs of the countries such as Sarajevo, Dinamo and others can attract better quality players and increase their chances to be able to compete in CL and stop the ever increasing gap between the rich elite and poor clubs. No doubt the real football fans in these regions and infact the world football will benefit from such a scheme. I say real football fans, the ones that accept football is a beautiful game and go to watch a game, enjoy every minute of it and even clap the opposition team if they have played better, not to turn up at matches to scream constant abuse for hours, burn up lots of flares and spreading old hatrets and thinking that it is a way to settle old scores.
    The idea was and is to promote this beautiful game to higher levels for all so that not only few rich clubs get richer and richer that eventualy their financial muscle crashes the beautifull game to death by turning into a circus. When strongest and best team of your country loses a match against a richer club's young squad without the presence of many of their senior players than it should make you think that perhaps there is a need to change the current set up with a better one. There was a time when everybody took the national and club level football from Yugoslavia very serious but unfortunately it is not the case anymore. However I do agree with you that in former Yugoslavia states, the idea of regional league won't work as there are still too much hatred and hostility present. But one can only hope for the future.
    Mostarac loves football, not only the football of his beloved Bosnia but football in general, he loves the beautiful game. Follow up his posts about the clubs and competitions in Germany, England,Italy,France,Spain, you will see the evidence of his love for the game,he was even telling us cocky gooners not to diss Dinamo. So stop looking for a devil's catch and jump into conclusions because of his avatar.Try to understand his love of football.
  16. stanzi

    stanzi New Member

    IF there would be teams worthy of risking the regional legaue in a war torn region and, to be honest, bringing unnecessary tensions into the game.
    So far, the clubs "quality" is much the same, or worse - in case of other legaues than croatian one. We just managed to put up a decent competition and now we would destroy it to host I don't know, Sarajevo (or worse, Velež) which would fight for survival in today's croatian legaue? :?
    I disagree.

    There was the same attempt with the regional baketball legaue and it pretty much failed & sponsors are withdrewing because of lack of audience interest (it was only initial one).

    And if the fans managed to cultivise themselves and now cheer on a new levels other than plain hooliganism, why tempting them there again? Exactly the thing you mentioned with "spreading old hatreds" and stuff, and quality of football would still be very dubious. None of the current legaues can even match croatian one, which is bad enough.

    I do, but he jumped into conclusions and real abuses - because I named a communist dictator what he really was - a communist dictator. OK, he didn't kill massively like Pol Pot, but was enjoying a lifelong presidency, denied basic freedoms like expression and enterpreneurship or political organisation, had a hedonist and extravagant way of life, fed panteras and zebras in his summer residence while talking about working class solidarity and other sh..t. I couldn't care less about him, and I'm not a fascist (Pavelic's supporter) because of that, like HE acuses ME. Understand?

    And his proposal is not out of some football logic, because you have to know the real situation here, but more out of some outdated communist nostalgia (a virus I understand some people cherish, because it was a long gone time before the war and destruction) which would never come back. Reasoning must allways be logical one.

    I'm all for Croatia to develop and have a decent legaue like Scotland, which is smaller and less populated, and still doesn't need Welsh or English clubs to have an interesting competition.
  17. gunnerturk

    gunnerturk New Member

    I do believe you are not and understand your point perfectly.
    Going back to football, SPL is not a decent league like you believe. Only couple of years ago Celtic and Rangers wanted to join EPL but were refused as they wanted to improve their financial status so that they would not fall behind the rich elite. Week in week out playing in spl against some 5k to 10k fan capacity teams seriously damage their ability to compete in europe succesfully due to financial implications as well as the quality in footballing terms. Regional league may not be the answer for Croatia or any other country.However the problem of the increasing unfair competition between richer and poorer clubs can not be solved by the current set up. In the long term not only the smaller or poorer clubs will suffer but the european football aswell.
  18. proud to be cro

    proud to be cro New Member

    ohh you little poor man you are.
  19. stanzi

    stanzi New Member

    Yep. Moreover, with the competition system as it is now, club like mine is eternally doomed to play qualifying matches with the richest clubs (smaler the club is, the heaviest the opponent is), just in order for their status in the "elite" be more and more petrified each year. And just so they can see whether there is a talent or two, to buy him for a small change just in case.
    Any talented players like Modric, Eduardo etc) we could build our future upon is usually quickly lost and gone (even to the mid-scale clubs like Dutch ones, but everyone has more money than us these days), and we're turning around in the cycle of poorness and point zero each year, with just some small change to keep going on :x

    Yes, european football base is decreasing as a thing for entire populations of countries to enjoy (or play). CL looks the same each year, and even the big clubs have more and more problems to get domestic or european players, because the base is drying out. Mostly because there are only few important national legaues & few ultra-rich clubs in Europe (who are turning into multinational corporations BTW). Untill the Africa or South America dries out of (even poorer in financial terms than us) talents, the story goes on s it is now.

    Besides, only time you know that we (from the underworld) exist, or you're going out of your football Disneyland to face the real world, is when they serve us to you on a silver plate as merely an apetizer to train for the CL whose sponsors wants to see you there.

    But my opinion is that we lost some of the charm along the way, not to mention fair chances for anyone (or a chance to grow bit by bit), that was at least present at the times when each national champion had a chance to play with whatever other champion in a knock-out system. Not that I'm advocating some retro systems, but yes - european football is a victim to heavy division and a gap in last years. Also, to be honest - is becoming more dull, with the same faces & corporations each year, usually here just to sell the damn products to the (international) masses & japanese teenage girls...
    Real Madrid for example, is a Frankenstein experiment gone wrong to prove that. Bring back the charm (& some real fair competitivness) to the game - my 2 cents.
  20. Purger

    Purger New Member

    Well that's a smart man talkin'.. :worthy

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