CL: Dinamo Zagreb vs Arsenal | 08/08/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Exiled In Newcastle, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    How do you know that? Do you know how much we paid for him?
  2. tactica442

    tactica442 Member Trusted

    It all depends on how the team perform against AZ in the pre-season. If the team can do well, we will have a tight passage into the CL. If not, I can see a struggle. I don't think Henry will play in the first leg, especially if Arsenal can get a 2, 3 goals lead in the first 70 mins.
  3. scarabej

    scarabej New Member

    You guys are really tooconfident about Arsenal game against Dinamo.....
    Dinamo is much more prepared for the games,and players play the game,not the milions you spend on them....:wink:

    If the milions can be the guarantee for sucsess,football would be a very boring game.....and I would support woman's volleyball teams.......(wich would be a much more atractive game in that case).....

    Without Henry,Senderos,Campbell,Cole,......and with players like Rosycky who
    dont know the team and are fresh in the squad.......and on the start of the season with lots of players who played on the World cup....... you are very weak and vunuruble so we can surprise you......
    Your biggest problem is your attitude......and underestimating the oponent because we don't have as much money as you 8)

    Our strenth goes from the knowlege that your team is 30 % weaker without Henry......and from the knowlege that you underastimate us ....

    When your team goes out on Maksimir stadium,and when the crowd goes wild......then you will know what am I talking about.....

    I know your players are young and talented,and world class....and that you would beat us with no problem in the middle of the season when your team get in shape......BUT.......we have our chances .....who are greater at this moment than you think so.....8)

    I am a great Arsenal fan in your league.....but this is the only game I will support the team against Arsenal

    remember the game England-Croatia(U-21) a few years ago......0:3......

    You played with players from your league......who are all "stars" and had that attitude "Who are these guys with funny cubes on their shirt??"......

    Only Glen Johnson and Jermaine Pennant were worth about 3 times more than our whole team on transfermarket at that time.......but we embaressed you in the hearth of your country.....

    Now is a similar situation....besause you have young players who maid "stars" in very short time......and we have players who know how to play football.....and who knowes that this is thair chance for some glory and a good presentation of their skills.....allmost a chance of their lifetime...
  4. Nitkov

    Nitkov New Member

    Ask Eboue about Dinamo. He played with them 2 years ago when he was in Beveren (what is conection between Arsenal and Beveren?). Dinamo won 6-1 at Maximir. This Dinamo is much stronger then Dinamo 2 years ago.
  5. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    As is Eboue.

    You guys are very mistaken if you think the loss of Campbell or Cole will make the slightest difference to our chances. We made the final of the Champions League without them for most of the run-in.
  6. jaguars4ever

    jaguars4ever New Member

    I believe you're intelligent enough to know what he means, Jinn.

    Initial value (what we paid for Henry) does not necessarily equate with current value, hence the nature of profit/loss value flucuation(s). Yes, unlike Football Mangager, players do not have value figures hovering below their names, so the only real estimate of value is what someone is willing to pay for a player. In Henry's case, we rejected a couple of £50M bids from Real and Barce around a season back. Now that would certainly fit our Croat friend's bill of being double the value of his squad, give or take.

  7. junialum

    junialum New Member

    Eboue - Toure - Cygan - Flamini
    Helb - Cesc - Gilberto - Rosicky - Reyes

    I see this line up possibly. Back to our 4-5-1 especially in an away European match. Eboue, Toure, Gilberto, RVP, Reyes and Cesc have had pretty quick World Cup exits. Gilberto may have been the last at the semis so Song could come in.

    I won't call this a weak side bar Cygan.
  8. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    Doesn't wash. Players' worths are dictated by whatever anybody is willing to pay for them. Heny could have broken both his legs and wouldn't be worth £50M even though we had bids from 'Real and Barce around a season back'.

    Granted their players are not worth as much as that, but then again, we got lots of our players for prices which are comparable. You can't use the cost of a squad as a marker of how good they are, or how confident you should be about the team's chances.
  9. scarabej

    scarabej New Member

    I think that the difference is very BIG.....

    Cole is one of the 3 best side-back's in the world......and Flamini is a right-legged replacement who is 10 times weaker player in the offensive part.......Clishy is young and very talented but apsolutely not in that class....

    Campbell in not an ishue here......Senderos is.....:wink:

    Senderos was the man who kept your defence in your europian adventure last year.......

    Cygan is slow and old,Nowotny is far more better player an even younger than him....Diaby is just a telented kid,he needs one whole season to play to become a trustfull player...

    I think you will look like this in the first game......:






  10. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    For one: Diaby is injured and will probably not play until next year.
    Two: You totally underestimate Flamini and Clichy.
    Three: Rosicky's class is such that he will hardly need to time to 'gel' with the rest of the squad.

    Agree with you on Cygan though. He's a bit of a worry to be honest.
  11. tgr

    tgr New Member

    Eboue - Toure - Cygan - Flamini
    Helb - Cesc - Gilberto - Rosicky/Adebayor - Reyes

    very decent squad
  12. scarabej

    scarabej New Member

    for one: OK about Diaby......case closed....I did't know that he's injured.....(good for us..
    8) )

    two: I don't mean that they are worthless players.......but they're not top class and could be your weakest point in the team........couse our right side is best part of the team and we will atack you most on that side.......our Etto is one hell of a player.....he can outrun them.....

    Three:I think that you guys forgot that Arsenal has very fluid way of playing with lots of passing and that all of your new players need at least a year to adjust......(remember Hleb,he started to fitt-in the team on the end of the last season,and he iz a real good player and was a playmaker in his team in German league just like Rosicky)
  13. Bossinho

    Bossinho New Member

    Does anybody know anything about tickets in Zagreb. I am from Slovenia and if any Cro-fan (BBB or The Gunner) have some information about game in Zagreb especially information about ticket plese let me know. I would be glad if you could send me information on PM.
  14. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    To be fair Hleb played well when he started for us, then got injured and took a while to get back to that level. Rosicky may be the same, or totally different. We will see.
  15. gunnerturk

    gunnerturk New Member

    Beveren is a feeder club for Arsenal. When Eboue plays against you, I am sure you will see a different player than two years ago as the whole system of football is different and he has become a great player, so please stop comparing your european minnows opposition to us and you may be a big fish in a small pond but we are in a totaly different world than Beveren or Bazel or Soccahux or Shaktar or Apoel or Sp**s!
  16. scarabej

    scarabej New Member

    It is still too early to talk about that......

    Tickets will be high ......couse our board recognized the oportunity to ger the money from people to comfort themselves and get some profit from that unlucky draw in Qalifications for Champions league.....

    Arsenal must play on a full stadium....and they know that the interest for the game will be high........so I expect from 20 to 50 euro's depending of the stand......
  17. Arsenalguru

    Arsenalguru New Member

    Zagreb is a very difficult opponent. I wish we get someone easier.

    We always get a difficult game with physical opponents. Zagreb's players are physical and tall, much taller than the average of Arsenal's - just the type of team we don't like to play with.

    Set piece is our current problem, without Senderos in the field and with the height of Zagreb's player, we will be tested hard.

    Hope Almunia & Cygan have the best game of their life.
  18. Arsenal_FAN1983

    Arsenal_FAN1983 New Member

    It could have been a lot worse, I don't think we got the most difficult opponents tbh.
  19. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    Ok - my mistake in heading this thread (it's been changed now) but they are called 'Dinamo' not 'Zagreb' as their is another club called Zagreb.

    It was likened to calling us London instead of Arsenal so please take note.
  20. scarabej

    scarabej New Member

    btw.people......you are playing against "DINAMO",not against "Zagreb" (wich is also a club in Croatian first league)

    Its like I say that we(Dinamo) are playing against Charlton instead against Arsenal.....

    We don't have tall players in the front.....but all of our defenders ,midfielders and full backs are taller than yours......

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