EPL: Arsenal v West Ham - 9/8/15, 13:30 - SS1

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Proof, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. TriniGunner

    TriniGunner Well-Known Member

    Something wasn't right with how we were attacking since the kickoff. I think he saw that as well.
  2. Lightning

    Lightning New Member

    IMO the second goal was Cech's mistake as well. Near post is always yours, ESPECIALLY from this distance.
  3. TriniGunner

    TriniGunner Well-Known Member

    Yes and it's still not gonna be the end of our title hopes. I'm sort of happy we got this out of our system but our home support looks just as timid as the players sometimes at the Emirates. We just need to keep clean sheets and hope to nick a goal or two, that's how those rentboys won it last season. We WILL NOT win the league giving away stupid goals like yesterday.
  4. bingobob

    bingobob Fan of Technicians Who Show Great Character Trusted

    Maybe I've mixed you and another administration up, but one of yous said any team put out should be able to win and with you saying no talk was required the implications were no manager required.

    I've said time and time again this squad is capable of winning the league but the biggest obstacle is Wenger

    Too often players are nervous or playing with the hand break on. To often we are easy to defend against and predictable. Of course it's fine when we are winning but time and time again we lose because of the these reasons and for me there is only one individual who holds responsibility.
  5. James Bond

    James Bond Moderation Consultant

    LOL Made me feel better after this hit result/performance.
  6. clockwork orange

    clockwork orange Blind faith in "LVG filoshophy" Elite

    I'm still very angry, but at least I've no smoke coming out of my ears anymore.

    First of all it's about the attitude we started this match with. In the Community Shield thread I wrote prematch that a loss might not be that bad becauseafter a too smooth preseason it would be good to get a wake up call before the league started. When celebrating our 1st trophee win, I just hoped we wouldn't make the same mistake again. Especially after recent bad starts to the EPL we should have treated the match v West Ham like a CL final. They did, we didn't. For some it was just another day at the office. Too casual, not sharp enough. I also spotted defaitism after things didn't go our way. We should look like we can turn things around, not show the wrong body language, like putting your chin in you neck. Your teammates see that too, same goes for the opposition. I want a more active captain.

    The only way to make kind of up for this is winning the next 3 league fixtures.

    Secondly when we moved to the Emirates we made sure we had a big pitch. This made sense because it helps an attacking team with a good positional game. At the moment it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. We were way too narrow. So we don't use the full width and the full length is only useful to the opposition for counterattacking. If we continue to play like this we better make the pitch the minimal size.

    I do agree with Trini on the athmopshere. I think the club should realise that a better atmosphere, means more points, means more money. They should be much more active in this area. The players also can do more to pump up the home crowd and should be encouraged to do so.
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  7. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Well Bob I didn't even say no talk was required , the whole thing is a bit more nuanced than simply blaming Wenger .

    As for what you are describing I see that symptoms of an off day for Arsenal and other possesssion based sides.
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  8. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    The atmosphere won't change, it's the most depressing one I've ever seen. I try and go to away games when I can actually afford them as you can sing songs and go mad for the entire 90. Also meet some sound lads as well.

    F*cking hate the Emirates, full of middle class yuppie wankers who just moan at Wenger all the time. People start groaning if we're not 1-0 up after 15 minutes. Then they take up all the season tickets, when it's clear they don't have fun going there.

    Seeing them clear out with 10 minutes left whether we're winning or losing is not on at all. Still, crowd atmosphere in Britain is sh*t now anyway, a shadow of what it was back in the day. Thatcher saw to that.
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  9. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Yeah Rex , we also have the highest average age of attendees at any stadium in the pl I read . Heard on a podcast we are working hard to incorporate more safe standing, however these are told to "sit the **** down" by other fans .
  10. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Shambles isn't it! At times it was like a West Ham home game on Sunday, could only hear their lot signing. It's embarrassing when your "fans" are on par with a half empty Stadium of Light for noise.
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  11. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Dishonest To His Federation

    30 km since the loss and I still can't accept it. Really thought this would be our season.

    Oh well, we still have Unbelievable Jeff, so that is something!
  12. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite

    You clearly haven't been to Old Trafford, then...

    But it's the plague of modern football stadia. The boxes and "club levels" which like 20 rows deep soundproofing, the tourists and resold tickets (can't complain as I managed to avoid the embarrassment of Sunday by going on holiday and doing just this) and all the other money grubbing which goes with them, erodes the atmosphere no end.

    Never yet met a fan who actually preferred the atmosphere of their new stadium to their old stadium, from Brighton's Amex (that'll do nicely!) to the Emirates and beyond; maybe the legroom, club shop and shorter quests for the bogs and in our case, the likes of Özil and Alexis.
  13. bingobob

    bingobob Fan of Technicians Who Show Great Character Trusted

    Fundamentally disagree. The issues aren't more nuanced because the same mistakes have been repeated with different players. See Ramsey bombing forward see Song several years ago. See wide men coming inside too often see Arshavin and Nasri of yester year. Defensive melt downs see every year. Hand break / nerves every season yet the teams and personnel change.
  14. Dokaka

    Dokaka AM's resident Hammer

    To be fair, your away support is also pretty good. Think it's a case of the loud supporters being spread too thin at the Emirates tbh, get the feeling that half the fans there get annoyed whenever someone next to them starts singing. Reckon the most recognizable song at the Emirates is the classic "Sigh of the Wayward Pass".

    One of the big upsides of our stadium move. Most match day tickets are going to be very affordable, which should hopefully bring in a fair number of drunken crazies to sing their hearts out.
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  15. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Yeah like I said I go to quite a few away games a year and it's wild, even went to Belgium last year for an away game and the whole day was class. F*ck the Emirates though, seriously. Ugly ass stadium as it is. If I had my way I'd take it apart brick by brick and rebuild Highbury then ban anyone from watching if they're over 50 and earn over 50k a year.
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  16. Iceman10

    Iceman10 Well-Known Member

    Missed the match, had a late night Saturday and slept through it (GMT-8). Not sure what happened (haven't had the motivation to see a recording), maybe it was overconfidence, still, credit to Dok's West Ham.

    Hopefully we can quickly bounce back. Chelsea only picked up one point from their home match, but I have been disappointed, as with GDeep that we didn't sign any outfield players before the official start to the season, no matter that reasons for not doing so may be understandable.

    Regardless, the players on the pitch should have been good enough, and there were individual errors leading to the goals conceded. On the other end we need to sort our identity out, playing either Walcott or Giroud as CF does impact players around them in terms of overall style, and while it is good to have diversity among CF options, constantly switching up between these two players could cause more bad than good, will just have to see.

    Let's hope for a win against Palace...
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    AVENTUS Well-Known Member

    Think it's been statically proven Southern fans don't make as much noise as Northerners take Liverpool or Celtic for example who clearly have some of the best supporters in the country the Emirates is dire sometimes and what I find is when the games go on general sale or to red Members the atmosphere is way better.

    I was there when we beat Barcelona 2-1 and that was the best I've ever seen it place was roaring stadium staff had no control over anybody it was chaos when Arshavin got that goal.

    I wasn't at the game when Henry scored against Leeds in the Fa Cup but heard it wasn't to far off.

    Also Highbury used to be called the library it was so quite so we can't use Stadium as an excuse - were just ****/boring/Quite fans period.
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  18. Bould14

    Bould14 Well-Known Member

    Let's be honest at the Emirates all the passionate fans like us are sitting at bars, or at home screaming at home. Either cause we live abroad, or priced out.
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  19. BobP

    BobP Memri Fan


    Been to the pubs in Melbourne and Arsenal fans go absolutely bonkers.

    Remember the Arsenal fan club pub getting destroyed on the night we won the FA Cup in 2014.
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