EPL: Arsenal vs. Manchester United - 4/10/15 - 4:00pm

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Aevi, Sep 30, 2015.

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  1. RUS arsenal

    RUS arsenal Well-Known Member

    Zagreb was a mistake, Olympiacos was just proper rotation with quality players. If he doesn't do at least that much rotation then everybody will be blaming him for running players into the ground come spring and everybody is injured.
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  2. Penn_

    Penn_ Established Member

    Have to hope the extra few days helps Coq, didn't look good the other night.
  3. Kingslayer

    Kingslayer Forza Milan

    Press conference:

    Wenger: "Koscielny will certainly be out. He has a hamstring strain - it looks like 3 weeks. Arteta and Flamini are out."

    Wenger: "Martial was one of the players Monaco didn't want to sell, so we never made any approach. United offered special money."

    Wenger asked about Schneiderlin: "Again, I have info on these cases I am not in position to tell you."

    Wenger: "People don't analyse the game well. I heard one pundit criticise one thing, and everyone followed that."

    Wenger: "We learn from victory and learn from defeat. The disappointment is that it's happened before."

    Wenger on who will play in goal: "Do you have another question? I think you lack creativity in the press."

    "You lack creativity in the press. You go along with a bandwagon that is very, very, very boring."

    James Olley ‏@JamesOlley 20m20 minutes ago
    Wenger threatens to stop press conference over question about Mourinho implying he is the only manager not under pressure.

    Simon Collings ‏@sr_collings 22m22 minutes ago
    Wenger asked about Mourinho saying he is only manager not under pressure: "Stop that story or we stop the press conference."

    Miguel Delaney ‏@MiguelDelaney 25m25 minutes ago
    Wenger repeatedly asked about selection issues v Olympiakos. Gets tetchy: "Look, stop that story, or we stop the press conference."
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  4. Loken

    Loken Well-Known Member

    Glad Wenger is starting to feel the pressure, he knows the Olympiakos, Zagreb, West Ham etc, results aren't acceptable.

    Must admit that the media is very boring, why not question his offensive style and conceding so many goals this season? Only two cleans so far this season.
  5. yybecause

    yybecause Formerly known as ArsenaLover

    English media really is boring as hell. I love and respect Wenger but am aware of his shortcomings. Its been, lets say, 10 years, and I dont remember a single good, smart question that would make AW think about it, and make us excited to see the answer.
    Wenger is known as a guy who doesnt say much ahout our tactics, preparations and all that stuff, but is also known as someone who is always openminded and ready to listen when someone is talking smart wih manner.
    So many times I wished if only somone did that about some shortcomings he does.
    Cause all the time all I see is a dumb question he gets and a simple answer he gives, and I cant blame him cause he actually does a right thing there
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  6. Maxim

    Maxim Well-Known Member

    What is a myth? He hasn't had a sustained run of games at centre mid since the 13/14 season, he's only played there once this season in the first half of the of the West Ham game.

    I cannot understand why anyone would want to persist with Santi-Coq. It's clear as day, this is not the CM partnership to take us forward.
  7. Stoneh

    Stoneh Well-Known Member

    Im glad hes getting irritated because no matter how much hes protected by the board.. the noises made at ground level and the media will start to make him take note. He can be as arrogant and stubborn as he wants, but hes in new terratory now and old excuses and reasons do not apply.

    He is no longer restricted.. no longer needs to sell.. plenty to buy and build the team. So failures now will mean the end of Wenger. Fans and even ex stars are rightly frustrated and he must deliver. Now.
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  8. yybecause

    yybecause Formerly known as ArsenaLover

    Santi-Coq works great against teams where we dominate, but keep in mind it depends who plays in front of them too

    Ramsey-Coq is better suited for counter attacking stuff, and games where we need extra strenght in the middle.

    Everyone keep arguing which partnership is better and we should go with, but truth is; both.
    Its when we use one, when the other one, thats the real discussion we whould have; just like AW and his stuff
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  9. Vinci

    Vinci The Sultan of Unai

    Questions regarding the bullshit Mourinho spouts are indeed getting tiresome, I can understand he doesn't feel like answering those. But questions regarding the team selection are more than fair and he should just answer those. Fans deserve some answers when it comes to that.
  10. Maxim

    Maxim Well-Known Member

    Sorry but this hasn't been true since about March.
  11. RandyMarsh

    RandyMarsh Established Member

    Bullshit. He benched our only signing of the season in a must win game. And the replacement ended up costing us a goal. Why does a goalkeeper need to be rested? Absolute nonsense. Wenger's rotation cost us the game again. There was no need to drop Cech.
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  12. Vinci

    Vinci The Sultan of Unai

    Wenger obviously made some deal with Ospina that he would get all the cup and CL games. Either because Ospina would have left otherwise or because Wenger felt bad to not give him any playtime after a decent six months last season.
  13. Gooner4evah

    Gooner4evah Active Member

    Then let him leave and keep Szczesny as backup. No individual should be more important than the club.
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  14. Maxim

    Maxim Well-Known Member

    I think the Ospina selection is completely besides the point and deflects from the actual issue. Which was our general team performance.

    Ospina was at fault (horrendously) for just 1 goal. Even if he hadn't dropped that clanger it would have been a draw which still isn't good enough.
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  15. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    The ironic thing about this is that its just pure speculation. The fact is Opsina has did relatively well for us, had a fantastic game against Sp**s and a mistake like this can happen to anyone. Over the same period since he came into the team, he has been better than Szczesny. Have you not seen's Szczesny howler against BATE?
  16. Gooner4evah

    Gooner4evah Active Member

    Nope, haven't seen it, do you have a link?
  17. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    i'm sorry it's Arsenal Vs Man Utd and the media asking about Mourinho comments. Seriously who give a f**k about this c**t.
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  18. BobP

    BobP Memri Fan

    Nothing new from the media.

    Posing a totally irrelevant question straight from the mouth of that craven Portuguese loser.
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  19. ArsenesNO1Fan

    ArsenesNO1Fan Well-Known Member

    Wenger could of said he hit the board's targets every year but he can't say that because the board pretend we're competing for the title.

    If Wenger was like Mourinho though he could have said 'I'm not under pressure because we're 3 points off the lead and he's under pressure because Chelsea are in relegation form'

    But he's not petty so he stays out of the stupidity.
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  20. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    Just hope one of Özil or Caz is dropped for this. Preferably Özil. I'd have Coq & Ramsey with Caz behind Theo.
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