FA Cup Final: Arsenal v Aston Villa - 30/5/15, 17:30 - BT Sport

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Proof, May 25, 2015.

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  1. Proof

    Proof Well-Known Member Trusted


    Let's ****ing do this! A win will make Arsenal the most successful club in the history of the FA Cup.

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  2. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Bellerin Kos Per Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Theo Caz Alexis

    Is what I'd do tbh

    But this is what we'll most probably see:

    Bellerin Kos Per Monreal
    Ramsey Caz Özil Alexis
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  3. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    we are the fav at this one so lets do it!

    Bellerin kosh Mertesacker Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Wilshere Caz/Özil Alexis
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  4. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Tier 1 Height

    Please tell me this on something other than BT sport or I'm committing.
  5. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    BBC as well.
  6. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Tier 1 Height

    Ahhh praise the lord, i'll untie the rope now
  7. Gooner Zig

    Gooner Zig AM's Resident Accountant Trusted

    Have a feeling Theo will be going straight back to the bench :mad:
  8. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    Having a tough time figuring out what line up we'll see. I think there could be a few things up in the air based on certain player's current form.

    I'd love a front three of Alexis, Giroud, Theo. But can't see Wenger dropping Ramsey, and he doesn't seem to want to play Ramsey next to Coq in the middle.

    I have a sneaky but probably wrong suspicion that Giroud may start on the bench and Theo start at CF. Yes, its only one game he's played there, but Giroud isn't in good form at the moment and Theo seems like he's now actually back to himself. Like I said, probably wrong though.
  9. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Dishonest To His Federation

    Wenger is going to pick his fav players and those who he feel that deserve to win the FA Cup. His pick won't be based on form. The only thing Wenger can't do and justify is picking Debuchy and Gibbs in his team even if he really want's too.

    Bellerin - Mertesacker - Koscielny - Monreal
    Coquelin - Cazorla
    Ramsey - Özil - Sanchez

    This is the team that have been playing most lately and even if this team have not show any promises attacking wise bar few odd games this is the team Wenger want's to see win the cup.

    Going to be very hard game.
  10. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    ^ You're probably right.
  11. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    We all know what team is going to play. No surprises.

    At least the bench strength is there, can't see Villa holding out with the power packed squad we have.
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  12. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    Villa lost to Burnley didn't they? They are in a bad spell right now, we need to jump on them early and crush their spirit.
  13. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted

    A big plus for us is the fact that Ron Vlaar will play. Vlaar has been comical in recent weeks and I'd say he's Villa's weakest link atm. I'm desperate for Theo to start this game, Emirates is a big pitch but Wembley is even bigger, genuine width would help us immensely.

    Villa aren't short of pace either, they have Benteke, Agbonlahor, N'Zogbia and Sinclair who are all quick. Hope we see our best players in their best positions.
  14. cannonade

    cannonade Well-Known Member

    This is not what Wenger will do, but I'd go with a Wenger-ish line-up of:
    Bel BFG KOS Nacho
    Le Coq Ramsey (Cazorla)
    Walcott Özil Alexis

    2 most difficult players to leave out are Cazorla and JW. Tempting to leave Giroud out and play Theo up top with JW on the wing. Then the only problem is Ramsey or Cazorla? Tough call...they both bring so much, but I think Ramsey has some goals coming as he's been so close and he's fearless. Got to like that in a player.
  15. Hunta

    Hunta NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    The team that should start:

    Bellerin Mertesacker Koscielny Monreal
    Ramsey Coquelin
    Walcott Özil Alexis
    The team that will start:

    Bellerin Mertsacker Koscielny Monreal
    Cazorla Coquelin
    Ramsey Özil Alexis
  16. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite

    So it begins...

    I have every confidence. :rolleyes:

    Actually i do, because I just don't see Villa as the kind of team that can play an effective counter attacking game for 90 in the style of Swansea, or park the bus for 90 in the style of Sunderland.

    Really, it's on us to set the pace and the tone. If we do that, we win. :)

    I have My 71 replica shirt ready and ironed to go, as does my son.

    Let's go...
  17. arsenalhumor

    arsenalhumor Active Member


    Hector Gabriel Kos. Nacho
    Wilshere Özil ramsey
    Walcott sanchez

    Or 3-5-2

    Gabriel Mert Kos
    Wilshere Özil ramsey
    Bellerin Walcott Sanchez
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  18. Pat Rice

    Pat Rice Self-Proclaimed Nice Guy

    Hector Per Kos Nacho
    Coq Ramsey
    JW Mesut Alexis

    Think Woj's times up and expect Wenger to be ruthless. Would expect Woj to have started vs WBA if he was in for the final. Not sure if Wenger will be brave with the attacking 6. Either way I feel Theo and Santi could offer more coming off the bench compared to the full 90.
  19. Danskin

    Danskin Well-Known Member

    Szczesny, Bellerin, Per, Kos, Nacho, Coq, Aaron, Jack, Mesut, Sanchez, Theo.

  20. Gervais

    Gervais Well-Known Member

    Alexis ---- Özil ---- Wilshere
    Ramsey - Coquelin
    Nacho - Kos - Mert - Bellerin
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