Granit Xhaka: 2019/20 Performances

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Ricardinho, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Gooner416

    Gooner416 Well-Known Member

    I hope not.
  2. uriazu

    uriazu Member

    Hopefully he won't loss us to many points this season and watch the game mostly from the stands/bench.
    Not good enough in any area to help us reach top 4.
    Has not improved not even one step in 3 years.
    Please set us free
  3. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    If all pans out as it should, he'll lose his place and hopefully leave.
  4. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    MOTM for me today quite honestly.
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  5. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

    Very sloppy at times in the first half but much better after the break. As is usual we get a mix of good and bad with Xhaka.
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  6. MutableEarth

    MutableEarth Bloody awesome NSFW avatars Trusted

    Solid 6/10 for me. Wasnt bad but I have seen him play quite a bit better. Positive for me was the lack of noticeable errors. Very few today. If he can keep that up then he will suffice.
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  7. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted

    I thought had a good game. Yes there were some loose passes but in the main his distribution was excellent. There was no diving in and he didn’t allow himself to be exposed 1v1 via good positioning.

    I feel like if he can keep this up he may go some way to convincing some of his naysayers.
  8. Wrighty4eva

    Wrighty4eva Well-Known Member

    What's with this Xhaka love hes so awful that when he does the basics right, everyone makes is out like hes had a brilliant game, such a limited player and lacks so much awareness on the pitch he's always one play away from calamity.
  9. JoaoFelix

    JoaoFelix Well-Known Member

    Good game from Granit.
  10. MaraDon

    MaraDon Wants you to learn about football

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  11. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Typical xhaka performance few bad passes few nice passes from deep
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  12. Dennis_Bergkamp_10

    Dennis_Bergkamp_10 Well-Known Member

    Bad first half overall, besides some excellent passes.

    Second half MOTM.
  13. Furious

    Furious Xhaka Propagandist

  14. Godwin1

    Godwin1 Very well-known

    The usual frauds will act like he's a 20 year old in his first season.
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  15. Dutch D

    Dutch D Well-Known Member

    Thread is already incredibly polarized one game in.

    Thought he was very poor first half. There were some missplaced passes, but worse for me was that he only seemed to pass it backwards and didn't make himself available to transition the game from defense to attack. Neither he nor Guendouzi were passing options for the defense, so they kept passing it horizontally.

    Second half he got involved more, had some good passes (sent Auba away once, although that pass wasn't incredibly difficult) and did well defensively.

    6/10 for me.
  16. OmegaOs

    OmegaOs Active Member

    Classic Xhaka performance. He had some wayward passes but he improved in the second half, but he got outplayed by Guendouzi imo. If the Inter rumours are true, I would take the money
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  17. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Dishonest To His Federation

    Didnt see the game but its mixed reviews on here. Worst thing is that people who would never criticize Xhaka are praising him so I must assume it was more of the same from him, bad performance.
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  18. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    Minute 2, he receives the ball from Leno and I'm pleased with his body shape and preparation to go forward. Sadly under little pressure, he passed to an opponent. Only one other sloppy pass that I recall and he got a needless yellow. Otherwise, he did ok and I was especially pleased to see him kill time in the corner. I think he'd be good if he had some pace and agility as that would outweigh any errors.
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  19. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

    Inter rumours?
  20. Ash10

    Ash10 Jury Lite

    So basically the Iwobi fans. Both are mid table players yet some people would call it perfume if these two passed gas

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