Granit Xhaka: Managers Love Him!

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Marjorie, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. AbouCuéllar

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    I've literally given you the definition and the formula, which excludes the possibility of penalties, it's a logical contradiction (just like non penalty xA, lol).

    I can provide you with a lot of information but I can't give you the use of basic logic and common sense. But I guess I should've realised that a long time ago.
  2. Manberg

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    I haven’t seen anything.
  3. Manberg

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    @AbouCuéllar You started all this on the claim that you were going to have a balanced argument based on the analysis of stats. You’ve done nothing to suggest having a balanced argument, you’ve been anti Xhaka all the way through, ignored his qualities and fabricated some weaknesses such as not being “press resistant”. You’ve cherry picked stats to suit your agenda and ignored the ones which Xhaka excels in. Every group of stats or information gathered, when fairly analysed, undoubtedly suggests that Xhaka is one of the best DLP’s in the league
  4. Ash10

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    By that you mean the stats you picked & the opinion you have formed as always
    Btw do you know what burden of proof is?
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  5. AbouCuéllar

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    I don't ignore Xhaka's qualities at all. I actually like him probably more than most, I've said repeatedly throughout this discussion that I rate him as a good player for a 5-10 side and a solid squad player for a top 4 side. If I were on this site last winter when Arsenal fans hated him and couldn't understand why Arteta picked him over Torreira and Ceballos wasn't fully fit, you would have seen posts of me saying he's a much superior player and that he absolutely needed to be in the side for his passing and his ability to receive and begin build-up from deep, something Torreira can't do.

    I'm just not delusional about his qualities as you are, and can recognise basic truths like, let's say:

    -he's not press resistant (that's honestly one of the most obvious descriptions of his game if you know what press resistant means or if you know a thing or two about football)
    -he's not a world class 6, and there are a number of superior players in this position in the premier, like Rodri, Fabinho, Thiago, Henderson, and Ceballos, Jorginho, and Fred probably.
    -Madrid, Barça, and Bayern would absolutely have no interest in his signature

    (I'm not gonna respond to the other stuff. I've gone in circles with you and it's more than obvious at this point you have no interest in an honest argument that confronts and challenges your delusions)
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    Come on guys. The Özil thread is at page 52 and he doesn't even play these days. We can do a lot better.
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    Get @Jury on the sniff, Im sure he will cause a 50+ page meltdown :lol:
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  8. Jury

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    Send me location.
  9. Manberg

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    Judging by your recent posts it doesn't seem that way. Seems you're continually trying to discredit Xhaka, play down his strengths, and amplify his weaknesses. Something many of these agenda merchants continually do.

    There is nothing obvious about that, because it's not true at all. If you take time to watch him play, perhaps through some compilation videos I've posted in the past, see how he deals against being pressed, you'll find that he's very alert and can play against the press pretty well. The odd mistakes are few and far between, and they rarely cause us to concede, they just get highlighted a lot by the usual suspects.

    Only one I would agree with from that list is Thiago. If we're talking about ability as a DLP, I personally think Xhaka is better than the rest. A stat comparison I showed some pages back showed that Xhaka is one of the best at it in the league. Some of those names you mention aren't a DLP. Ceballos is box to box for example. He's currently playing box to box.
    When we look at DLP attributes we look at chances created, tackles, interceptions, blocks, passing accuracy, pass count, long passes, long pass accuracy, shots, dispossessions/turnovers, set piece taking, leadership, vision, decision making, intelligence and reading of the game etc... Xhaka excels at all of those things.

    If any of them needs a DLP, Xhaka will be one of their top targets. It's no secret that City wanted Xhaka before. They were upset they didn't get Jorginho.

    I've provided nothing but an honest argument here, honest.
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    You just keep on shamelessly vouching for yourself:rofl:
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    With the Özil thread locked now, @Jury @Oxeki will be looking for new homes.
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    What was going on in that thread? Whatever it is I had no part in it :lol:
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    Nothing really, just the normal crap.
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    You lived there too. Only a few less than Oxeki, and you were meant to be indifferent :lol:
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    Anyway, you like to think this guy wont be having it all his own way soon with the midfield possibly taking on a new shape in the not too distant future. A signing, an injury and he could be fighting to get back in the side I reckon. Even genius's like Arteta need their eyes opened sometimes, but we trust the process and the footballing gods.
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    A lot of my posts were impartial though, even if I do say so myself.
  18. Jury

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    So were mine actually, in that they were usually replies to nonsense and off topic banter.
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    Mod Edit: please stick to the topic of the thread, instead of targeting other posters
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