Leno or Martinez?

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Leno or Martinez for number 1?

  1. Leno

  2. Martinez

  1. field442

    field442 Hates Journalists Named James

    I suppose it depends on if they get an offer for either one as well. I doubt they sell Leno for less than what they got him for but £20m for Martinez might be too difficult for them to turn down this summer.
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  2. MartiSaka

    MartiSaka Active Member

    Both great shot stoppers but currently Martinez edges him due to his distribution and ability to better command the box.

    Issue is we have seen enough of Leno to be confident he can maintain his level consistently. We haven't seen enough of Martinez to ensure he can maintain this form. I would keep them both next year and if Martinez maintains this level of performance, I would sell Leno the next year.
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  3. Hunta

    Hunta Shivering Right Now Trusted

    On a lot less than Leno too, more attractive to clubs.
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  4. Ozil'sCloakOfInvisibility

    Ozil'sCloakOfInvisibility Not a Closet Spurs Fan

    As much as I like and appreciate what Martinez has done in these last 2 months, I can't forget how many times Leno has saved us for almost a year. Was on course to become the POTY
  5. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    Nothing against Leno, who is as good a keeper as Emi...but gotta be...

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  6. GoonerJeeves

    GoonerJeeves Up The Terriers

  7. Troopz

    Troopz Well-Known Member

    He looked pretty poor in that game but wasn’t that under Unai Emery? If so, I guess a lot has changed since then.

    It could be a purple patch or maybe Arteta pulled off a master stroke by bringing in Iñaki Pavon (goalkeeping coach) and it’s starting to pay off. It’s a bit hard to tell until we see Martínez over the course of a season but I noticed both Leno and Martínez have been speaking highly of Iñaki Pavon and he was highly rated for his work at Brentford.

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  8. DasBootist

    DasBootist Well-Known Member

    Play Leno in the league and Martinez in the other matches.
  9. balthazar

    balthazar Well-Known Member

    don't know, really. But seeing how often they played it back to Martinez under the very high press, which seems to be getting fashionable, his ability with the ball at his feet was a real asset. This ability really counts as an extra man at times, which helps in breaking the press and to play out from the back, rather than just hoofing it out of play or to the opposition defenders. This is how Artera likes to play football and Martinez ideal for this. So if he can keep up his form, Martinez should be first choice.
  10. Let's play Aubamawang

    Let's play Aubamawang Well-Known Member

    I do like Leno, but he makes me very nervous. Good shot stopping, but he flaps far too much for my liking, and doesn't give off the same commanding presence.

    And if you look at stats, Emi actually has a much higher save percentage. For those saying he doesn't have much agility I would argue the worldie saves he made against TAA (who should have been sent off earlier) and the close range one against Liverpool that he had no right to get near.

    So overall, I have to say Emi Martinez gets the nod. The team is more stable, and confident with him between the sticks.
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  11. Let's play Aubamawang

    Let's play Aubamawang Well-Known Member

    In Emi's defence, we were far too open back then, particularly in that game. And it's very hard to gain form and confidence as a backup keeper who only plays in cup games. It's very disruptive. But look at how he's been playing after having a run of games. He's now playing at the level he is capable of. The current, confident Emi would have saved at least 3 of those goals and probably a pen or two.
  12. buji banton

    buji banton Active Member

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  13. field442

    field442 Hates Journalists Named James

    I think the point about playing without a crowd is quite a good one as well. How comfortable will he be playing it out from the back with 60,000 supporters groaning (that goes for the whole team)?
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  14. krackpot

    krackpot Established Member

    Emi should be under no illusions.

    He might be on a real high now, but he has it all to prove. Leno has already done everything Emi has.
  15. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    Emi is far more commanding in the box which is what I personally prioritise when it comes to keepers. Obviously Mikel might fancy Leno as the better sweeper keeper or when it comes to playing out from the back but I just feel a lot more comfortable with Emi. With Leno I do worry on set-pieces and stuff like that, with Emi I'm way more confident, he's so good at picking the ball out of the air. Maybe no fans is a good point but he's not put a foot wrong these past few weeks and has really stepped up when we needed him to.
  16. Gervais

    Gervais Well-Known Member

    Still inclined to go with Leno but it’s hard to justify dropping Martinez.

    Would probably tie them both down to new deals, give Leno league games and Martinez other comps and see where we are after that.

    Nice problem to have.
  17. Jakarta

    Jakarta Active Member

    Typical Arsenal.

    Would love to have this problem at CM/CB or AM.

    Anyways, Martinez all the way, he’s a top top keeper.
  18. FinnGooner

    FinnGooner Well-Known Member

    I think it’s impossible to drop Martinez now but his sample size is still smallish so we need to keep both for next season and then sell the one who doesn’t make the cut. Even if Martinez solidifies his spot as no. 1, Leno’s market value won’t crash after one season as a cup keeper.
  19. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member

    I suspect Leno is the better shot stopper but the way Martinez claims corners and his distribution fills me with more confidence.

    It’s a tough one, Leno was our joint best player alongside Auba before his injury and I feel like a traitor.

    We’ve played a lot better since the restart so there’s that as well.

    Some stats comparing their actions within 90 mins might reveal a bit more.
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  20. bingobob

    bingobob Fan of Technicians Who Show Great Character

    Harsh on Leno but Martinez is number one until he balls up. Leno may not want to stick around in that case.
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