Mesut Özil (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Ewarwoowar, May 26, 2017.

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  1. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

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  2. Tosker

    Tosker Hates Foreigners

    must have flown out to Nigeria especially to interview him
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  3. Penn_

    Penn_ Established Member

    Hardly ground breaking news is it? A player could be the biggest prick going but you’d still want to train with them if you were Iwobi.
  4. morpho

    morpho #ArtetaOut = Permanent Ban

    Is it true that he is linked to manure?? Will go mental if he sign for them. Moaninho probably would pay him 500k a weekend just to **** with us...
  5. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

    I think the only way he would go to Utd is for us to get Martial in return.
  6. GeorgiaGunner

    GeorgiaGunner Closet United Fan

    We don’t have that sort of leverage. If we’re out of contention and he’s not signing a new deal, we’d do well to get 25MM. They could sign him for free in the summer.
  7. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Players opinions on everything football related aren't worth a toss. If Özil and Alexis leave we might not get top 4? Really?!!! Always, platitudes, stating the obvious or ultra safe boring sh!te. Couldn't think of anything more mind-numbing.
  8. Lookin' for a new Baby

    Lookin' for a new Baby New name pending...

    We didn't get top 4 with them!!
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  9. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    There you go! They also talk utter bollocks as well! :lol:
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  10. Juan Matas Beard

    Juan Matas Beard Friendly Mancunian facial hair

  11. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    I'll rate him til he leaves. Then he's ****e.
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  12. <<reed>>

    <<reed>> Meme Merchant

    Özil for free to United = +0 Squad cost = No improvement.
  13. Juan Matas Beard

    Juan Matas Beard Friendly Mancunian facial hair

    I think he's better than what we've got in that position.
  14. House MD

    House MD Active Member

    The question is has he declined or is he merely underperforming. If it’s the former then I’d rather go for someone else else he would be better than mata and mkhi
  15. Preacher

    Preacher Anti-Ornstein

    When I see Cross article, everytime I want to punch him in his smug face.

    Hate that man.
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  16. asukru

    asukru Well-Known Member

    If he leaves I want Isco or Forsberg! Don't be stupid Arsenal - we cannot just hope the answer is within the club. Go out and buy a REAL replacement not some player who may become good in time. I am sick of waiting for us to either have a young player come through who we put a million years of faith into (because he gets injured and we think he may come good if he ever gets his chance) OR we buy some player who no-one even knows.
  17. Lookin' for a new Baby

    Lookin' for a new Baby New name pending...

    Or wants. I read that El Neny's manager was surprised we paid 12 mil for him and no one else was interested.
  18. Coolin

    Coolin Doesn't appreciate the mighty Nacho

    He can go. He’s underperformed since he got here. Some were content with him jogging around and putting assists on Giroud’s head - until we got a glimpse of De Bruyne and realised what a real attacking midfielder looks like.
  19. BobP

    BobP Memri Fan

    This is what happens when Wenger mollycoddles his player, they eventually **** him over and leave him with his pants down.

    How many times has it happened now?

    The sheer incompetence is staggering.

    Players aren't ****ing loyal, they'll do whatever they can to get the best out of their careers, whether that be in terms of finances or performance. Why don't we adopt the same approach?
  20. Rimaal

    Rimaal Questionable Taste

    Good luck to him, if true.

    I'l always love him, and I'll always have him in the German national team.
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