Mesut Özil: Think This Might Be It For Me(sut)

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by razörist, Aug 18, 2020.

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  1. krackpot

    krackpot Established Member Trusted

    mate, I'm not going to be baited by you. you're just increasing my post count. :p
  2. drippin

    drippin Well-Known Member

    It's actually Özil who gives opposition fans all the weapons they need, his latest PR stunt proved it.

    Özil worshippers are the ones who give Özil more fuel to tarnish our great club.
  3. kash2

    kash2 Obsessed With Jury

    nopes its the bum squad. Liking a player who won stuff, entertained and stayed loyal is the default response of an arsenal fan, unlike the bum squad being Stan's stans and looking to constantly create divisions and spread hatred:
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  4. drippin

    drippin Well-Known Member

    Just what Özil did with his PR stunt, playing innocent. But worshippers cannot see clearly, they see faults in everyone else than their golden boy.
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  5. krackpot

    krackpot Established Member Trusted

    support a player of your own club, and you are called a worshipper!:facepalm:
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  6. drippin

    drippin Well-Known Member

    I'm not calling supporters worshippers, but worshippers worshippers.

    I personally support Arsenal more than any player.
  7. Furious

    Furious Emery Gone, Telly Back On

    Mate, you outta be more like the angel himself @drippin, go and form your opinion on our players on a Sp**s forum.... :lol: what a sad individual.
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  8. krackpot

    krackpot Established Member Trusted

    :lol: like hyenas.

    I haven't seen the entire discussion, but why is it wrong?

    I feel both Özil and AFC are wrong in this, but I tend to side with Özil because he is my favourite player, and AFC have taken a lot of ****ty decisions recently.

    If it was Wenger, I would defintely have sided with Wenger. But probably never AFC.
  9. kash2

    kash2 Obsessed With Jury

    why would fans be divided if he helps the club mascot. Its a way of offering an olive branch and doing what the club wanted. Take a pay cut to protect vulnerable jobs.
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  10. drippin

    drippin Well-Known Member

    I'm not gonna explain all this again and waste my time on this thread. It will never end. You can go find my earlier responses on this thread if you want explanation.

    I hoped Özil would make a comeback still, I'm an optimist, but this latest PR stunt shows he doesn't care much about the club and a comeback is very unlikely. Personally I've had enough of him now.
  11. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    As expected. i think both players won't be registered in league too.
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  12. Blood on the Tracks

    Blood on the Tracks Well-Known Member

    Judging by this thread, come next summer İstanbul Başakşehir or whatever Turkish club Mesut ends up at are going to receive an influx of new members on their forum :lol:
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  13. Blood on the Tracks

    Blood on the Tracks Well-Known Member

    Good news, It looks likely he won't be registered for the League squad either if this is the case. Time to put him behind us and focus on the people committed to working hard and buying into Arteta's philosophy.

    If Mesut wants to keep sniping at the club on social media, so be it. He had his opportunity to leave and go somewhere else, so he can't complain.

    As much as I wanted him gone this summer and have soured on him as a person I'll always appreciate his footballing abilities, the day we signed him was magic. It's a shame it had to come to this.
  14. El Granit-Coq

    El Granit-Coq Well-Known Member

    One post from Mesut and 10+ pages meltdown :lol:
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  15. lamby22

    lamby22 It's Not Lupus

    Özil to ArsenalMania

  16. HollandGooner

    HollandGooner Well-Known Member

    ****ing ridicilous while we are crying out for creativity in our team we decide to keep our most paid player 350K out of the team great decision by the board!
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  17. <<reed>>

    <<reed>> Meme Merchant

    Weird that they didn't allow Sok to go to PSG for free (if the rumours were true).
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  18. DanDare

    DanDare Emoji Merchant and Believer-In-Chief Trusted

    I think he's been benched since he had a fight with Guendouzi. We probably want a fee for him
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  19. Gervais

    Gervais Well-Known Member

    Before his little stunt the other day, I would've said there was a slim chance he could work his way back into the squad.

    Not now though, that's his career at Arsenal done and dusted. Probably did it intentionally tbhimo.
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  20. Rimaal

    Rimaal Questionable Taste

    I love how anti-Özil people here use words like cult and acolytes to put down opposing arguments. Rather pathetic really when your only retort is an ad hominem. Any debate instruction, if you'd been lucky enough to have any, would have taught you that it's a losing tactic.
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