Mikel Arteta: Serial Trophy Winner?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by OnlyOne, Dec 20, 2019.

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    Think because he meant we had almost 85% of ball for most of the 2nd half he also did said we should have created much more with this possession Sp**s were doing nothing there most chance came after thier 2nd goal and when we crumpled
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    The definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over again. So what is it when you watch someone make a mistake and then go in and repeat the same mistake over and over again.

    There is a lot to like about Arteta. I like his communication his intention to discipline, but for me he has two major flaws. He invests in the wrong characters for the wrong reasons and his justification of playing time is a contradiction.

    When you look at our squad you look at its strengths. Our strengths do not lie in being defensive. We do not have any consistent, talented defenders. We have defenders who can be okay for 4 games and then will either get sent off or gift a goal away. Arteta has improved the defence, by focusing the entire team on it and sacrificing all of our potential attack on it.


    Why lean into defenders who simply are not good enough to defend? Why gar your team to the purpose of winning games by conceeding less instead of scoring more? Why make so our strikers have to be super efficient in their scoring, when the defenders are allowed to get away with error after error, even when there is a focus on defending?

    It makes no sense to me. Mustafi is good in the air, but that is it. He can play well for 89 minutes of a match and completely lose you a game in 1 minute. Or he can lose his head for even more. Under pressure he does not do well. In stadium with no crowd he has been fine. As soon as there is a game that has meaning to it, he loses his head for 20 minutes , start sliding all over the place and is out of position. What in your right mind makes you depend on someone that cannot be depended upon?

    David Luiz may be a 'leader', he may have 'experience', but he is literally picking up a pay check. Every pass was played with laziness, no urgency. no pace. Inviting pressure and mistakes. It's actually under instruction. Apparently the players need to wait till we are under pressure to draw out the press before we make a pass. Well if a team isn't pressing you, you move the ball quickly.

    Kolasinac - cannot tackle, has poor positioning, but above all else, he simply cannot pass the ball. Kept in the side for continuity? Give me a break. If he isn't performing, you don't play him, even if we are winning ffs. Holding is also flawed, but he can actually defend and we need to see what he is made of after injury. Winning is not an excuse to pick players who are not doing their job, especially when you are winning by fine margins. How can you not change the side, simply based upon the result and not what actually contributes to it.

    This is where I don't understand Arteta. Players get dropped for being late to training. They get dropped for not being on the boat. Well what if the players who are on the boat, have a gun and are shooting holes into it, making it sink. Why is it that attackers are given 60 minutes to make something happen before they are hauled off, but midfielders and defenders are given weeks to contribute nothing meaningful. We were 2-1 down, did he haul off a defender at the expense of an attacker, or put our most creative player at left back?

    You simply cannot depend on these defenders. Why would you gear a team to protect them, by playing a cautious style of play and not playing between the lines or forward unless it really presents itself, because we are scared to lose the ball? None of that matters when they can get sent off or literally just give up.

    Why do we not look at the squad and see that:

    Pepe - can dribble, score and assist.
    Auba - Can score
    Laca - can shoot if in the right position
    Nelson - can retain possession, beat a man and cross
    AMN - can run, tackle, beat a man, cross
    Tierney - Can defend, run, cross
    Saka - Can cross, dribble, assist and score.
    Willock - can drive, can score can beat a man

    Those are the players who can influence the game offensively. Why is Arteta not looking at these players and thinking, Tierney can't beat a man but he can cross a ball. He needs to be on an overlap, not receiving it with a man to beat. Pepe needs a full back who can overlap and underlap. He needs players he can combine with, how do we get him closer to goal? Lacazette needs to share the box with another forward. He was most successful in a two with Fekir alongside him. Auba needs a distraction, he doesn't want the ball, he wants to make runs off it. How do we get these guys firing? Because the best way to win games is to score so many goals that you mitigate the constant errors the defenders will make.
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    This is what he’s working with in midfield. Awful.

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    The tone for the bad defending was set within the 1st 25 seconds of the game when Luiz got bullied off the ball and Moura had a free shot on goal. He's done it time and time again this season and cost us dearly. But he's on of our first choice centre backs so can't really blame Arteta for him too much. But there's absolutely no excuse to keep playing Kolasinac as a centre back when you have two better centre backs in the squad. (It is a FACT that Sokratis and Holding are better defenders than Kolasinac). It's like playing an attacking midfielder as a centre forward and then ruing the fact that he cannot score goals. Hard to defend Arteta for this.
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    Someone clone a young Cesc, I'm even prepared to accept the mullet at this stage

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    With Man city ban now off, that means now that we are 5 points of europa league spot, with 3 matches to go, with one of them being liverpool... so we can assume a loss there...
    that means that wolves must win only one of their remaining games to even give us a chance at 6th.

    Ill sum up the chances here...

    the race for 6th (ho dear me...) is now between us, Wolves, Sheffield United, and these lot.

    Remaining fixtures:

    The Arsenal: at 50 points atm
    Liverpool (H)
    Aston Villa (A)
    Watford (H)
    We must win all 3, but lets be realistic and take a loss against liverpool, so im going to assume we get 6 points

    Wolves: at 55 points atm
    Burnley (A)
    Crystal Palace (H)
    Chelsea (A)
    They gotta lose all the games... or draw 1 game, and we need to win with good GD ( +4 from us atm) highly unlikely...

    Sheffield United: at 54 points atm
    Leicester (A)
    Everton (H)
    Southampton (A)
    They can only get a draw and must lose the other 2, not good chances but plausible

    These lot: at 52 points atm
    Newcastle (A)
    Leicester (H)
    Crystal Palace (A)
    With 2 points above us and +2 GD(relative to us), they are allowed to win one and draw 1 if we win our 2 matches with fine margins..

    So... to sum it up, if we lose or draw to liVARpool, its pretty much over, since the event of wolves losing all their remaining games is close to impossible.

    bahhh.... while writing this i finally succumbed to the fact our only chance to get into europe is in fact the FA... where we need to win 2 games against 2 of the top teams in the country...

    This season could be proven as the catalyst of the downfall of our great club... i truly think that if we failed to get to the europa, it'll take us at least 4-5 years to get back into it... as its an avalanche of consequences

    I really do hope Arteta is showing the players how important those 3 remaining games are.... when we had 5 more... i was fantasizing like a regular Arsenal fan we might get fifth... and have CL

    But now the situation is dire... maybe now the players will realize how bad things are? maybe they were like "ahhh damn we missed CL but europa can stretch to 7th, and we'll have 7th easily"

    Well everything changed now...
  7. field442

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    7th place gets a Europa spot.
  8. gamechannel

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    Well if our players were content with Europa as a consolation prize, then we have the wrong players at the club. The minimum these clowns should have aimed for was a CL spot. Bunch of soft fookers
  9. Trilly

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    It will also help him when we have defenders who don't guarantee a goal conceded every other game.

    Games like yesterday are highly likely to be decided by one goal so I'm not sure if we can ever be expected to do something with such a handicap.
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  10. Trilly

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    I called Arteta a "he impressed me in training" merchant a few weeks back as a bit of a joke but....:lol:
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  11. Gursha

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    well this is from the premier league website
    In normal circumstances, three UEL places are given to English clubs who fulfil the following criteria:

    • The fifth-placed team in the Premier League qualify for the group stage proper.
    • The winners of the FA Cup qualify for the group stage proper.
    • The EFL Cup winners qualify for the second qualifying round.

    Normally the FA and EFL winners are in the CL and UEL places so it stretches till the 7th place?

    gotta admit we were never so low in the table i didnt even know that
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    I worry Arteta will be too weak to bin **** players just because they work hard in training. Seems to be more important than quality to him, which isnt necessarily a bad thing but it is if the player is actually ****.

    In short, stop picking Kola.
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    What exactly is a big chance?

    How can this be true when Ceballos, AMN and Özil all have 2 assists in the league alone? I can't be bothered looking up the Europa league stats.

    How can you have more assists than "big chances" created? How it usually works in football is that for every goal scored, the team would have had at least 3 shots since no team has a 100% scoring record. Therefore every chance created isn't converted. So again I ask, how can these guys have more assists than chances created?

    I'm not defending our lack of creativity, I just think people are grasping at straws and making up stats in order to stick the knife in. There's plenty of legitimate things to criticize us for.
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    Because like it or not our attack is not as good as what fans pretend it is. Auba and Pepe were absolute useless donkeys last night and not some super reliable world class players. If we have some amazing attack that can score goals with ease then Arteta could play us more offensively. But we don't. So if we were to play more Yolo tactics we'll just concede more goals without necessarily scoring more of them.
  15. field442

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    You can get credited an assist for passing to someone 30 yards away from goal and they then smack it into the top corner. That’s not creating a big chance.

    “A 'big chance created' is defined as providing an opportunity where the receiving player would reasonably be expected to score and manages to get a shot away. These usually occur in one-on-one scenarios or from very close range.”

    For comparison De Bruyne has created 30 big chances so far this season, six times more than all our midfielders combined.
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    I think people are reading way into this "impressed me in training thing" and using it to stick Arteta. By now we should all know Arteta goes out of his way in trying to increase the confidence of the players. The training thingy is one of those things clearly.
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    Just broke down in tears in the local shop, the club has finished me, had to remove my mask and everything.

    Shopkeeper gave me a slap and told me to **** off.
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    If you can't be bothered to work hard in training, you are not going to work hard in actual matches. It is unclear to me which player Arteta has left out unfairly that would have been a blatant upgrade from the players that played last night.
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