MotM - PL: Birmingham vs Arsenal | 22/11/03

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Who was the Man of the Match?

Poll closed Nov 25, 2003.
  1. Lehmann

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  2. Toure

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  3. Cygan

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  4. Campbell

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  5. Ljungberg

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  6. Pires

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  7. Bergkamp

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  8. Henry

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  9. Kanu

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  10. Other

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  1. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    Im back after the international break to ask you one of my famous questions: Who was the Man of the Match?

    Arsenal were hit this week with the suspendsions and some injured these absentes really puzzled me like many other gooners to what the line up would have been.

    We brought in Cygan (not my favourite player) and Clinchy (defender with no expierence) sure I was worried but i trust that Wenger knows what he was talking about.

    Our spirit, determination and ability to performance so professionally brought us through and I like many other gooners will be proud of our players today.

    So, we have continued our unbeaten run to 13 games a new premiership record . Lets see if it can be 14 next week :wink:

    Make sure you all vote and leave a comment.

    Voting closes Tuesday.

    thierrys_girl signing off :)
  2. Henry's Girl

    Henry's Girl New Member

    no other than the vavavoom guy :)
  3. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Once again King Henry was our inspiration. He's one of a kind!
  4. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Why isn't Clichy there? Surely he should be there instead of Kanu.
  5. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    or even Toure.
  6. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    I am not going to vote until I have seen the highlights on ITV. 3assists in one game is pretty special though. But Bergkamp might have to have it for his first goal. We shall see.
  7. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    Sorry i didn't put him on, but if you want to vote for him vote under other :oops:
  8. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Toure had a bit of a stinker at right-back so I'm kinda puzzled as to why you included him. Lehmann didn't have much to do either.
  9. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    got to be henry, the man is on such a high, he is taking free kicks with his left foot! he will be doing cart-wheels next!
  10. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    A stinker? Really? Not Kolo! Apparently Lehmann hardly had a save to make.
  11. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    Im very sorry :oops:
    I didn't watch the game so i thought i would just give a range of options
  12. Rupert

    Rupert New Member

    Thierry Henry
  13. Henry's Girl

    Henry's Girl New Member

    dnt worry about it girl, just put as much names u can 8)
  14. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    You're forgiven AGAIN :p
  15. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    i am surprised more people didn't vote for bergkamp. i personally think he was at the best he's been for a while. this was the old bergkamp and he has shown he is still a key part of this team. henry definetly second though, very unselfish play from him.
  16. Arsene

    Arsene New Member Elite

    Ljunberg!, making good runs all night, could have scored on 3 or 4 occasions with the ball breaking nicely to him. Clinical finish then he did get the chance. Tracked back well to protect toure. Its good to see him back, 2 goals in 2 games can only do his confidence a world of good. If he continues to score regularly we'll win the league again.
  17. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Bergkamp for me... captain inspiration.

    Followed by Henry, Cygan (take that critics!) and Ljungberg.
  18. vin de guerre

    vin de guerre New Member

    I go with Amy Lawrence from the Observer:

    "Man of the match:

    Dennis Bergkamp

    An imperious performance as the 34-year-old rolled back the years. From the moment he led Arsenal out as captain for the day, to the moment he scored a typically exquisite goal to guarantee the points, he was an inspiration. He is unlikely to travel to the San Siro on Tuesday, and on this evidence that's a shame."

    Go for it DB10 :D
  19. satan_beckham

    satan_beckham New Member

    henry,he assisted all 3 goals but cygan is a near second.
  20. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    It would be Henry because of his match winning contribution. Bergkamp and Robert Pires done very well. Especially the latter if you watched the full 90. Kanu and Pires were influential from CM, as was Edu.

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