PL: Leicester City vs Arsenal | 06/12/03

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by gooner, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest can someone be crap but score nice goals?! :D :D
  2. satan_beckham

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    if we play like this then we really wont win the tittle,i must admit that man u is still looking like being champs,well at least currently this period.look at the villa game,they totally did nothing in the second half and forlan came on and score 2 late goals. Really very disapointed that we lose the 2 points by a very late goal...otherwise we would be top and now this situation is really very bad. And did u look at wenger after lecester score that goal,he was so shock that he stand up looking very angry.i thought cygan could mark Hignett more tightly,and wenger was upset with toure too...look at this' Wenger, who was deep in conversation with full-back Kolo Toure after the final whistle, added: 'I was explaining the situation to him as he was in a bad position.'
  3. Gunner Ossie

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    anastabation and USArsenal

    I think the negative vibes youre refering to amongst our fans might have more to do with the fact that in the past we have tended to beat the best teams and then screw up and throw the title away in games that involve all of the so-called crappy teams. example

    This Season

    We beat Liverpool,chelsea,newcastle :D
    We draw with Fulham,Leicster,Pourtsmouth, :roll:

    Last season

    Lost Everton, Blackburn,leeds, etc
    Draw with bolton, etc

    This fact has, perhaps understandably, given some of our own fans the impression that the team gets slightly complacent about the ****e teams in the PL when in fact they are the teams that battle the hardest.

    Ive seen it time and time again where arsenal ahve a tendency to win the games we expact them to draw or even loose and then go and loose or draw those other games everyone is expecting them t win.
  4. GlasgowGooner

    GlasgowGooner New Member ... id=4222490


    ...on Leicester's late equaliser
    “I am very disappointed because we gave a goal away in the last second and especially the way we gave it away. We fought hard for 90 minutes against a very frustrating Leicester side.

    “You know what will hit you in the last minute, they will throw the ball in the there but we had a quite a good training session on that. So we are guilty of dropping two points because we did not deal well with this ball.”

    ...on talking to Kolo Toure at full time

    "It was not hard words. I just explained the position. Gilberto was there dealing with the header. But Martin and Kolo should have been outside dealing with it and Gilberto in the middle of the park. We were in a bad position."

    ...on whether they'd have won with 11 men

    "You tend to say that and I would have preferred to have 11. We were in control 1-0 up and I don’t think Lehmann had a shot to save in the whole game. We would have preferred to be 11 v 11. But despite Ashley being sent off we had chances to kill the game."

    ...on Ashley Cole's dismissal

    "It was a red card. I believe he wanted to play the ball but it was a two-footed tackle which is a red card and you have to accept it. The tackle was too high, the referee took the decision and we accept it. We’ll miss him for three matches and it could be costly but we have dealt with that before and we’ll do it again."

    ...on being asked 'can you remain unbeaten all season?'

    "I think I have heard that question before. [laughs]"

    ...on the injuries before the Moscow game on Wednesday

    "There is a big question mark over Thierry Henry. Patrick Vieira is not injured, he was just rested. He will be available."
  5. reggiepaul

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    Negativity never helps. Sometimes I've heard our fans say some awful things at games to players.

    The magic of travelling away from home is the whole us against them thing but also traipsing to different venues. It's a case of 10 to 1 in most situations, sometimes less BUT the crux is if our fans are negative instead of supportive they may lose confidence.

    Pires and Freddie never got much of a game. Pires tried hard when he got the ball but we were just blocked off too much of the time. The right was well guarded off and the ball hardly ever went there. When our players did get a chance they did try hard. Leicester were playing a very good offside trap which Wiltord tried to jeapordise when he came on, only to hear our fans hurl abuse from what I heard.

    The players need support and if this idea is negated then is abuse ok? It shouldn't be. I say in all situations we should be more selfless and offer as much support as possible.

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