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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by OnlyOne, Nov 6, 2019.


Which of these will happen first?

  1. Emery loses his job

  2. OnlyOne becomes a mod

  3. Hydro receives an *actual* death threat

  4. Makingtrax gives up on squad cost theory

  5. GDeep finally gets nicked

  6. Rich posts something positive

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  1. m-due

    m-due Well-Known Member

    Southampton is next and they will be coming to the Emirates expecting all three points. Oh, how the times have changed.
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  2. Ozil'sCloakOfInvisibility

    Ozil'sCloakOfInvisibility Not a Closet Spurs Fan

    I'll swear you'll never see like this ever again. So watch it drink it in
  3. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    You know if you think about it, it's all pretty much gone downhill ever since Giroud left.
  4. krengon

    krengon One Arsene Wenger Trusted

    Not a single shot after the 53rd minute.. We weren't even close to equalising.. Team has given up, first sign of adversity and it's over.
  5. CaseUteinberger

    CaseUteinberger Cazorla (not Carzola ffs)

    Had to record game and block out any news. Managed to watch the game until the 75th minute or something when the 2nd goal went in. Depressing thing is that I had us lose 2-0 in my weekly predictor. It has all become so depressingly predictable. Our play is just so poor. We cannot defend and we cannot attack. All we can hope for are some lucky breaks.

    I so hope that the club management acknowledges that Emery was the wrong hire and just decide to move on. We are not even close to competitive. We lost this game deservedly. A win or a draw would have been stealing.
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  6. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    The most depressing thing about today is seeing that our main focus was on stopping Leicester, while Leicester’s main focus was on beating us...I know people have brought up our defensive mindset before, we go into every game as if it’s 50-50...when I woke up today my first thought was how can we get point today, rather than how can we win, as sad as that is...Leicester are a very good team, but they’re not an elite one, they don’t have significantly more funds than we do, we seem to have a complex against ever team against us...every game we go into we never seem to be focusing on our qualities, and it is just so draining...need a new manager we can all get behind, cause right now it just ****ing sucks.
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  7. andeoch1

    andeoch1 Active Member

    No, The Irishman maybe
  8. GoonerJay24

    GoonerJay24 Well-Known Member

    Don't be ridiculous, Leicesteer are clearly a level above Southampton.
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  9. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Arséne Wenger once said "I will miss you"

    The squad was different last year and all it proved was, under Emery it could come 5th. Anything else is pure conjecture. :lol:
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  10. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

  11. freeglennhelder2

    freeglennhelder2 Well-Known Member

    “He's gone, and we couldn't do nothing about it. That's it.”
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  12. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Could Never Wifey An Opp Thot

    Alexis not Giroud.
  13. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Could Never Wifey An Opp Thot

    Apparently finishing 5th means you're good enough for top 4.
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  14. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    Glad I missed this. I discovered a really good and cheap Burmese caff on Kilburn High Road and then went on to see an Indian play at the Kiln Theatre. Enough drama for one day.
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  15. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    This is the same Jamie Vardy so many Arsenal fans said wasn't good enough for us three years ago right?
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  16. HBL

    HBL Well-Known Member

    Luiz/Chambers were the only decent players today, the rest ranged from average to utter garbage.
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  17. asukru

    asukru Well-Known Member

    I seriously am considering not watching us play anymore because it's so boring and we don't have any tactics. I sincerely hope the board is considering sacking Emery because more of this is going to do my head in and I have no passion for this team - I feel drained and people ask what team do you support and I say Arsenal and they now say were no longer a big club.
  18. Pepes blue pill

    Pepes blue pill Well-Known Member

    Same but soton are so sh it I will probs get my hopes up even if emery is still here, think he is screwed tho ;)
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  19. MLK79

    MLK79 Well-Known Member

    For 80% of the game our xG was basically a rounding error. Protagonists.
  20. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Well-Known Member

    Why are our players so afraid to shoot? can anyone an answer me this? is it the tactics from Emery? or is it themselves?. I'm not including Auba and Laca in this because they will have a go and shoot, but everyone else seems terrified to have a shot, the entire midfield, its vital that our midfielders score too, but they just never score because no one shoots, they love a pass, they probably have amazing dreams and fantasies about doing a 3 yard pass. But everyone is scared to shoot, do they understand that they are never gonna score goals if they don't actually shoot?.

    If you don't shoot then you are never gonna score, its as simple as that. The reluctantcy to shoot is mind boggling in our club

    this no shooting thing has been going on for many years now, its beyond frustrating, its one of the big things thats hurting us, I really believe that. Even if your shot is not going pin point in the top corner, anything can happen if you shoot, it could take a deflection and go in, you can get a corner, someone could hand ball it and get a penalty, anything can happen, but we always choose to find a pass, rinse and repeat.

    This is one of the main reasons James Maddison does so well, because he actually shoots a lot as a midfielder. he doesn't give a s*it, even if its far out or a strange angle.. he will let go and just go for it. Even if Vardy and Perez shout at him for shooting at not passing, he does not give a s*it, next time he will do it again and try to shoot. He has worked out something very simple.. if you shoot you can score or miss, thats it.. and sometimes it will come off and you will score. Our midfielders just never score any goals, no shots.
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