Player Ratings - FA: Arsenal vs Blackburn Rovers | 16/04/05

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    post what u guys rated them too

    7- Solid and never looked dogey. didn't have much to do all game

    6- Yet again, poor display from cole, caught out several times. however got better going forward as game went on.

    7- Solid game again. positioning was excellent. he reads the game so well.

    7- Solid in defense, played excellent assit to pires for goal.

    7.5- One of his better games for us. was excellent going forward with his mazy runs.

    7.5- Very much an impact player, quiet then scores, quiet then provides assist.

    Vieria - MOM
    9- totally controlled the tempo of game. not one stray pass. tackles plentyful. he looked like a leader out there. He back?

    7- Solid game, should have scored. give vieira heaps of confidence.

    4- absolute shocker from him again. maybe should have poached pires's goal. Wenger seriously needs to consider an alternative at RM. he provides no creatively or run down there.

    6- Played ok. should have scored, hes finishing is really poor. van persie outshineing won't do his confidence any good. i think its bye bye in the summer.

    6- Excellent ball to reyes at the start. but yet again, not a constant threat. i think its bye bye dennis aswell in the summer.

    6.5- Started badly but got well into the game. had some great chances to score. needs more time to adapt to RM, but i can see him having a future there. he knows how to find space.

    9- Well, what can i say? two chances, two goals. the man has turned his season around and is a must starter beside henry. good on him, he deserves it.

    not enough time to rate, but he did pass the ball to pires for vanpersie to score.
  2. Gazza Martinez

    Gazza Martinez New Member Elite

    Lehmann - 8
    Didn't have much to do, but kept his concentration and composure when he was called on. He could've spilled some awkward balls, but he was safe all match.

    Cole - 7
    Solid game. Energetic in both attack and defence.

    Toure - 7.5
    Great game, and a great assist for the goal too. He looks comfortable alongside Senderos, and seems to have regained his confidence.

    Senderos - 7
    Solid performance. He still needs to work on his ball control and the speed of distribution, but his natural defensive ability is outstanding

    Lauren - 7
    Uncompromising as ever. Got forward well when Cesc came on.

    Pires - 7
    Better than the Boro game, though thats not saying much. Showed glimpses of the pace and incisiveness of old, but went through large periods of anonimity.

    Vieira - 10 M.O.M
    Flawless. Immense. Titanic. Crunching in defense, effective in attack. Distribution was top drawer. Easily his best performance of the season. This - or something close to this - is what I expect from our captain.

    Gilberto - 7.5
    Really freed up Vieira, gave him lisence to surge forward. Made telling clearances in defence, and generally made it hard for Blackburn to break through the middle.

    Ljungberg - 5
    Below par. His darting runs were well marshalled by the Blackburn defence, and he couldn't create much on his own. Kept getting chased up the touchline and gettng fouled

    Reyes - 6.5
    Made some good runs, showed some neat skill, but there wasn't enough of a telling contribution from him. His workrate was very good though.

    Bergkamp - 6
    Looked well off the pace. Only one or two decent passes from him, other than that he was quiet.


    Cesc - 7
    Looked a bit wasted on the right, but was class whenever he drifted centrally. Linked up well with Lauren at times as well.

    van Persie - 9
    What can you say. Simply world class.

    Aliadiere - 6
    I give him a rating because he looks like he has put on some weight, which is a good thing.
  3. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Posted elsewhere, but here it is again...

    Here's my views on the players today...

    Lehmann - 7 - Didn't have to do a great deal, all of Blackburn's shots were directly at him. But he claimed all but one of the crosses well, and punched well on the other. Solid, but unspectacular.

    Lauren - 7.5 - a solid performance, and started to link up well with Fabregas in the second half. Nothing too worrying on the ball, no howlers, and was crying out for a winger to link up with.

    Kolo - 7.5 - Again, another solid performance. Stupid booking, and looked decent with the ball at his feet. Got lucky with some offside decisions early on, but otherwise gave nothing away. Get's a bonus half point for the assist.

    Senderos - 8.5 - Like Kolo, was lucky with some offsides early on, but otherwise showed some splendid strength, pace, and (gasp!) positioning. This kid knows where to stand on set pieces! Wonderful

    Ashley - 7.5 - Looked good going forward, and wasn't tested too much in defence. Unfortunately, Pires was playing through the centre too much, and Reyes kept dribbling up blind alleys in front of him, so wasn't really able to influence the game like he can. Stupid card though...

    Ljungberg - 5.5 - Poor. Freddie's a good passer, able to work well in Arsenal's passing play, but with the ball at his feet he was weak, and this showed today. His dribbling is weak, and his first touch was poor, and not being creative, this hindered him. Should have stuck the ball in before Pires got to the first goal. Glad he wasn't kept on the pitch too long, when it obviously wasn't working.

    Vieira - 9 - Immense today. Showed some splendid strength on the ball, and able to play a role in all of our attacking play. Great ball accross for Toure in the build-up to the first goal.

    Gilberto - 8 - Still getting back to his best, and drew a great save from Friedel despite being slightly offside. That said, he was solid today, although did give it away on a couple of occasions. Otherwise good.

    Pires - 7 - I just don't know what to say here. Looks lost, off the pace, unable to influence the game for the majority of the first half, then pops up and scores a goal. Same again in the second half, and then suddenly springs to life for ten minutes again at the end. Sometimes off the pace, sometimes immense. Just like his season. The guy is slowing though, without doubt, and needs to be replaced in the 1st XI next season.

    Reyes - 7 - Again, an up and down performance. Got into some great positions, and made some good runs into the box. Should have scored in the first half, but drew a great save from Friedel - his finishing doesn't look that convincing when in the box. In the second half, he seemed to try to be too clever on the touchline, and was embarrassed several times by straightforward Blackburn play. Kept running though, and didn't give up until he was subbed.

    Bergkamp - 6.5 - Again, made some good passes when the ball was given to him, set Reyes up in the first half, but not able to get as involved as he should. Like Pires, despite a few flashes of genius, he no longer has the legs to get as involved in the game as he should be.

    Subs - Van Persie - 9.5 - Splendid performance. First goal was true Bergkamp, great touch by the first defender, then electric accelleration past the second, followed by a cool, cool finish. Second was Henry, through and through. One touch, one thought in his mind, one destination for the ball. Beautiful goal. This kid is the real deal, time for him to get a run in the team methinks.

    Fabregas - 8 - Looked very good, direct with his running, and prepared to dribble into space. Created a good chance after excellent link-up play with Lauren, and had a few chances, although weak finishing let him down. Very good performance though.

    Aliadiere - 6.5 - Wasn't on long enough to make much of an impression, in what was possibly a token gesture from the boss. Still, played a role in the build-up for the final goal.
  4. n_henry

    n_henry New Member

    Lehmann - 7.5 Didn't have much to do, but for a change he never looked like making a mistake.

    Cole - 6.5. Got forward well, but think defensively he was below par.

    Toure - 7.5 Great assist for the first goal. Very energetic and had a good game.

    Senderos - 7 Another solid game from the youngster.

    Lauren - 7 Very solid in attack and defense.

    Pires - 7 As has been happening all season, he's quiet and then BAM - he scores! He looked a bit more like Pires of the old though at least.. made some nice runs and set up RVP's 2nd.

    Vieira - 8.5 Easily MOTM. He was everywhere. Toyed with Blackburn's players at times, and drew fouls out of them. :D

    Gilberto - 7.5 Should have scored a goal, and as usual worked hard and was very solid.

    Ljungberg - 5 Very poor game. Didn't get up to much really.. he was getting fouled left, right and center... Blackburn's "let's just kick the **** out of them" tactics worked on him.

    Reyes - 6.5 Did ok. Bit disappointing though as he's supposed to be trying to impress in Henry's absence.. Made some nice runs, but lost the ball cheaply at times as well.

    Bergkamp - 6 Quiet. I think it's clear that next season, Reyes/RVP or a new striker needs to be first choice with Henry.

    Cesc - 7 He's not a winger, but he did pretty well nonetheless. Should have scored a goal or two.. that bastard Savage almost took his kneecap off too! :mad:

    Van Persie - 8 Was only on for the last 10 minutes or so but scored 2 goals. 8) Quality goals as well - what a finish for his second! His lip looked pretty nastily cut up though...

    Aliadiere - Not enough time to rate him.
  5. kevlinefm

    kevlinefm New Member

    1. GK - Lehmann - 7/10 - he's up to the task to clear all possible shots from Blackburn. I wouldn't say he's better than Friedel (Friedel is much better in that match coz Lehmann has little things to do though). He kept a clean sheet though!

    2. DR - Lauren - 8/10 - most of the most threatening attack by Blackburn are from Blackburn's left, which is Arsenal's right. So, Lauren did well to defend and provide cover when needed. Occasionally too upfront, but he's still one of the best right defender in the English league.

    3. DC - Toure - 7.5/10 - he's improving but not to his best yet. Some desperate defending can be seen. but the Toure-Senderos seems to be the future of the Arsenal defense.

    4. DC - Senderos - 8/10 - I wouldn't say he's at his best since he still has lots to learn, but he made sure that the Arsenal defense doesn't crumble as Blackburn used the tough tackling method. Good job from a 20++ year old player (whom I hail as the Future Tony Adams!)

    5. DL - Ashley Cole - 8/10 - As usual, he attacks and he defends in time when needed. He helped to attack from the left side. Some were good and some were unsuccessful. But his defending is still as good as previous matches. Sometimes he got caught attacking too upfront, but he recovered well.

    6. MR - Ljungberg - 7/10 - He got a little shocked I think. I've to admit that even though he's hardworking, he didn't actually do too much in attacking. He fell down too often. But we couldn't deny his hardwork and determination. A little ineffective today.

    7. MC - Vieira - 8/10 - He's still recovering from a dip of form. Many say his performance was superb, but I think he can be better. Luckily enough, Gilberto was partnering him. If not, everybody will put part of the blame on him (if goals are conceded). Attacking wise, he indeed helped a lot.

    8. MC - Gilberto - 8/10 - He's doing all the defending work. He dealt with them well. He's not the attacking kind of midfielder. So, regarding him involving in attacking, I wouldn't give him too much credit.

    9. ML - Pires - 8/10 - He's still that good. He provided several assists, especially when he assisted van Persie with the 2nd goal. Made threatening runs. Link up with Cole well. He scored one in the 2nd half when Toure crossed it into the inner box.

    10. SC - Bergkamp - 7.5/10 - Bergkamp didn't do much today. But he attempted to make important crosses and passes. Remember the pass he made to Reyes in the penalty box (where Reyes could afford to miss a golden chance to score)??? Yeah, that's Bergkamp-style.

    11. SC - Reyes - 7/10 - I wonder for a while when watching the match "Where's Reyes?". He doesnt seem to pose a threat though. Some might disagree with me. I need to ask, "What's wrong with Reyes?".

    12. Sub - Fabregas - 7.5/10 - He was placed in right midfield. But he's not that good in that position. I think Wenger knows it. His performance in that position doesnt convince me at all.

    13. Sub - van Persie - 9/10 - Man Of The Match. A supersub. I'm always a van Persie lover. Lol. I'm not biased though. His touch and goals were.... SUPERB! He killed the game off. Too bad he didn't manage to celebrate his 2nd goal.

    14. Sub - Aliadiere - 7/10 - I didn't see him perform much. But judging by his new phsyical look, he's gonna be a future star at Arsenal.

    FA Cup Finals we go. All the best to Arsenal!
  6. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    My ratings:

    Jens - 7
    Solid throughout, didn't have much to do.

    Lauren - 7.5
    Defensively outstanding positioning wise (yes Lauren :shock: ) and good going forward.

    Kolo - 7
    Early runs surprised him a bit but otherwise solid.

    Senderos - 7
    Same as Kolo, gave the ball away a few times but even as he walked the ball over the sideline clumsily in the beginning of the game he just turned around and got on with it. Great character.

    Cole - 7
    Wasn't really involved. Got forward but ran into Northern thugs and had to pass back often.

    Freddie - 5
    He was probably injured because he hasn't been this crap all season.

    Vieira - 10
    MotM. Credit where credit is due. Didn't give one single bad pass, not one. I've counted. Tracked back like the Vieira of old and showed them who's boss.

    Gilberto - 8
    Very good performance. Good distribution and we can all see the wonders he does for Vieira's confidence and freedom.

    Pires - 7.5
    Good in keeping possesion and scored one of his trademark tap-ins.

    Reyes - 7
    Tried a lot that didn't work, but I feel he was a constant threat and he got past his man quite frequently actually, but was hacked down again and again. Should have finished that chance with his right foot.

    Bergkamp - 6.5
    A tired performance. Passing was solid but otherwise not very involved.


    Cesc - 7
    Distribution brilliant as always, made some great runs and created danger. But you could see the effects of a tough season.

    Van Persie - 10
    What can I say about this guy I haven't said before. I knew he was technically brilliant and he showed it today. But now he also had this "I'm here and I'm going to do it" mentality written all over him. Looks strong on the ball as well and doesn't give a **** about thugs around him. 2 Amazing goals in 10 minutes deserves a 10.
  7. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    all defence 7

    ljungberg 5, was poor

    Reyes 5, pointless, he tried but pointless. either put him left wing or play him in 433 robben/C.ronaldo role.

    pires 9 quality

    Vieira 9 quality

    gilbert 7 solid

    bergkamp 6 average

    van persie 8 great goals

    ali 6 1 min come on,
  8. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Not going to go into detail, but:

    Lehmann - 6 - Didn't have much to do, but dealt well with corners and crosses.

    Lauren - 7 - Solid game and got forward to good effect too.

    Cole - 7 - Same as Lauren.

    Senderos - 7 - Solid as always. Didn't look troubled, which was probably a good thing.

    Toure - 7.5 - Same as Senderos + a very good assist.

    Freddie - 5 - Hardly did anything. Clearly wasn't fit. Shame, as it was his birthday.

    Pires - 8 - A lot more involved today. He keeps up his run this season of performing in the big games. Good goal, and just generally more active and effective. He even filled in for Cole at one point when Ashley got forward!

    Vieira - 8 - Probably MOTM, even though Pires comes close. Controlled the midfield and took a real beating from the Blackburn thugs.

    Gilberto - 7.5 - Typical Gilberto performance. Did everything cooly, even went on a run forward at one point!

    Bergkamp - 6 - Didn't really get into the game and didn't have any real influence.

    Reyes - 6 - Quiet game. Still looked rather lost at times.

    Fabregas - 6.5 - Did his best out on the right, but it clearly isn't his position.

    RvP - 8 - Great for the time he was on. Brilliant goals which sealed our place in the final.

    Ali - 6.5 - Was only on for about 3 minutes, but he played a good part in our 3rd. Generally looks a bit more confident than he used to with the things he does. Nothing spectacular, kind of difficult to explain.

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