Player Ratings - PL: Crystal Palace vs Arsenal | 06/11/04

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by lodi, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. lodi

    lodi New Member

    Ok,a bad result from the Palace game and an even worse performance,nothing happened (except the goals) and we were unable to penetrate their defence and create good chances.That changed a bit when RVP came on,let him start the next game Please!
    On a good note Henry really showed that he wanted to win this game,and celebrated his goal well.

    About the bad form i think it`s only normal that when a team has played so many matches without losing and then suddenly do,it will take some time to recover that self esteem that was built up during the unbeaten run.
    Since we lost to Manure, a team we hate so much it must have been even worse than to lose against Villa or whoever.
    And what better way to restore that lost confidene and self belief trashing Spuds next week,that would surely brake this unlycky patch were in.

    Ok ok here`s my player ratings for todays game.

    Lehman:5 not much to do really but i`m always afraid when hes handling backpasses.

    Cygan 5 Decent but looks shaky at times,hopefully Senderos will step up and be our saviour soon

    Toure:6 did what he had to do nothing more

    Lauren:6 expected performance from Ralph quite good at the defensive work but not so good at going forward.

    Cole:7 Played more upfront in the beginning causing trouble for the palace defence and a solid defending as always.

    Freddie5 didn`t do much except assisting Henry for the goal,sloppy ball control,excused a little because of the wet pitch nut still not good.

    Cesc7: A good performance from our spanish wonderkid,almost almost plays it simple and safe which is good.

    Viera6:didn`t bossed the midfield like he should in these games,looks a little unfocused at times.

    Pires4: Comes nowhere and goes down to easy for my liking,his linking with Thierry was teriible.

    Reyes 5 Average..some bad shots on goal and only a few good passes and runs.

    Thierry 8 maybe seems like a high rating but i liked how he chased the ball down when losing it and not to meantion his 10th league goal.

    Bergie5 no time ralle to change the game but he was played out on the right and didn`t do much there.

    RVP showed that he`s a class player with some nice touches and almost gave us the winner..good skills and a good shot.

    Flamini played to little but looks pretty promising.
  2. towelie

    towelie New Member

    i thought toure and cole played really well. toure had a couple of critical blocks at the end

    and henry was trying pretty hard, it was good to see
  3. Gooner83

    Gooner83 New Member

    I enjoy doing this, so heres mine...

    Lehman:5 Poor kicking and very shaky... inspires no confidence to the men in front of him.

    Cygan:4 He played better midweek even though he was the villian, caught out of position too many times and we could have been caught.

    Toure:7 Thought he did quite well, coming forward and was solid at the back.

    Lauren:6 Average Display, didn't defend that well.

    Cole:7 More solid display and less titty tat.

    Freddie:5 Poor crossing, went missing for large periods

    Cesc6: Not one of his best performances but what can we expect from a 17 year old playing maybe too many games at the mo.

    Viera7: Good first half performance, closed the ball down well, influential going forward.

    Pires2: A shadow of his former self, never ran the flanks.. don't think he could.

    Reyes:5 Bad passing, Looks tired and injured.

    Thierry:5 Another game hes gone missing, not as frustrated this time though and kept focused.

    Bergie:5 Hopefully the rest will have done him good, nice run into the box beating 3 men.

    RVP:6 Nothing out of the ordinary, decent shot and closing down.. one for the future.

    Flamini:4 I don't think this guy knows or wants to slide tackle.
  4. Lehman:7

    Had little to do during the game but stopped a few runs from Johnson. Good performance


    Cancelled out and commanded Johnson well throughout the game. Not an easy task for most defenders.


    Disappeared a few times when needed but was useful whenever he got to be part of the game

    Lauren: 7

    Good game by Lauren. Went forward a few times and made the most of what he had


    Great runs, good link up play and tried to make something against a rock solid Palace defensive tactic


    Useful running from Freddie, tried his best considering bad passes from Vieira.


    Again an excellent game by Cesc, good reading leading to quality passes considering a bad partnership in the middle.


    Awful. Lost posession, played his own style and his passing was atrocious. The weakest link in an otherwise solid and flowing Arsenal team

    Pires :7

    Got in to the box a lot, picked up balls, lots of attacking play. Faltered by the Palace defence.


    Not the best of games for Reyes, a few runs but didn't make much of what he was given. The new Wiltord - either he's a winger or an attacker.


    Good position and placement from Henry. Unlucky on occassion but a good outing all round.


    Made a difference once he came on but didn't have a chance playing on the wing.


    Excellent outing, had a shot, a few more minutes and we could have gained something. Late substitutions don't work on this team.


    Added a defensive balance to the team only Gilberto knows and we desperately needed when Palace tried to make runs. Led to Palace hiding in the corner.
  5. Shots (on goal) : Palace 3(1) Arsenal 19(13)
    Fouls : Palace 10 Arsenal 8
    Corner Kicks : Palace 1 Arsenal 8
    Off-sides : Palace 6 Arsenal 0
    Possession : Palace 38% Arsenal 62%
    Yellow Cards : Palace 0 Arsenal 1
    Red Cards : Palace 0 Arsenal 0
    Saves : Palace 8 Arsenal 1
  6. Rocafella

    Rocafella New Member

    How can you give RVP and Flamini 9!!! They were on for 15 mins and were nothing special so what did they do to earn them a 9 in 15 minutes?
  7. Flamini, covered the defence.

    RVP, gave more offensive options we never had before.

    Quality and changed our game for the better - somethign we hadn't seen in the rest of the game.

    Deserves a 9 in my book, in a Tabloid newspaper points structure it won't be the same but Tabloids talk crap in my book.

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