RIP Diego Maradona

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by El Duderino, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. kash2

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  2. kash2

    kash2 Obsessed With Jury

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    I saw him in his prime and he is the best football player I have ever seen. The dude was at his peak in the 80's on pitches that were terrible, the rules were pretty lax then as well and he was being kicked all of over for 90 min, but still he was a genius and was showing it week in and week out.
    For those criticizing him, and I can understand that, I suggest to watch the award winning documentary about him by Asif Kapadia. It is a great look at Diego at his best and at his worse, with his surreal talent but also his flaws. Thanks for the memories, LEGEND. RIP.
  5. carlito'sway

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  6. GDeep™

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    Wish they would do such stuff when the person is alive to appreciate and enjoy it, Diego would be buzzing.
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    Yeah that’s a great point actually.

    If they were always going to do it when he died why not when he was alive?
  8. MaraDon

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    just came back from Casa Rosada.
    The country is never going to be the same.
    RIP D10S
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    My dream is to play a World Cup.

    There is a beautiful anecdote, when he was presented at Argentinos Juniors he was only 8 years old. 2 senior coaches saw him and they thought he was a midget posing as a kid, they went back to his house to talk to his mother to double-check his age.

    Outside football, he was a classist and he was very much against the USA and their imperialism. He never forgot were he was from and what his family went through due to poverty and capitalism.

    One of my favorite human beings ever, with his contradictions, his flaws. His oratory and speech was superb, a leader and an icon for my country.
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    What a loaded post. He is in the top 2 of every list of greatest footballers in every list I have read. Argentina won almost 3 World Cups with him.

    I don't know any other player other than maybe Brazilian Ronaldo, Pele and Zidane who carried the WHOLE team like that.

    He has influenced every player after him. EVERY player, child, man wanted to be him.

    His suspension in USA (94?) was such a huge tragedy. I think they would have challenged for the cup, if not for that.

    His off-field life was very flawed, no doubt.

    Calling him anything less than one of the GOATs would be like calling Karim Abdul Jabbar or Federer as simply good players.
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    The World Cups 1982 and 1986 were epic. Maradona was very much part of them and dominated the 1986 one. Without him Argentina would not have come close to winning that one but he carried that team. He was just masterful.
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    he was the greatest ever. No one had that connection with the football that he had. 5 goals and 5 assists to win an world cup, probably one of the most competitive world cups ever, while being hacked down and fouled all the time, but just falling and tumbling and getting up and going on....then going on to the final of the next one and getting cheated out of it by a penalty call... taking the rank underdog club in the most competitive league in the world to two titles and a uefa cup.

    there is no debate. no one did what he did and no can will ever do.
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    I just read the post you mentioned. It was beyond loaded. It was crass, bitter, petty and profoundly ignorant overall. Bless this poster's heart.
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    With age you get perspective. For me Maradona is behind Pele, Cruyff, Platini, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and a few others and this is just a quick thought about offensive players who tend to command the headlines. You'll never hear Beckenbauer or Bobby Moore called the best player in the world. Best player = euphemism for best striker.

    Loaded? It's my view, you don't have to share it but I don't have to share yours either. Watch him celebrate the goal against Nigeria and tell me you want your kid to be like him, doped even on the playing field in a world cup finals. Watch him lying about the handball too, honest guy.

    He was a very good player but I'm sorry, I don't buy this internet glorification of everyone who dies - therefore I don't have to revise my opinion that despite his playing skills he wasn;t a very nice person.
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    Was lucky enough to see him person playing for Boca juniors way back when.
    Think the biggest compliment I can give the man is even the Brazilians kicked him:lol:
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    wow ...really. envy you. tell us more.
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  20. celestis

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    In your home country mate ,Malaysia:lol:. Think I was 7.

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