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Discussion in 'The Arsenal Academy Page' started by Aevi, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Yeah, we are STACKED in midfield at youth level. Even after losing Musah incredibly. Only thing I'd say about our midfield is that our biggest talents lack power+height a little, although looking at Bandeira, he's a big lad.

    Smith should be in the same conversation as our bigger talents. He moves the ball incredibly well, and positions himself extremely well compared to other players. Really progresses play very well. I reckon he will translate to first team football really well if he can hack it physically.

    I agree on Balogun - Nketiah was an incredible scorer at youth level and really rounded his game out well when he was down there, but Balogun looks to be every inch the superstar forward in general play and in front of goal. He's everything I hoped Chuba Akpom would be.

    As for Trae Coyle, I think he'll have a hard time but he's as talented as any of our youth and given his form of late, he could really take advantage of any opportunity. Needs a good loan for me, send him to League One or Championship for a bit and see how he fares.

    Clarke was indeed skipper for the night and really commanded the backline for the majority of the match. He waned big time along with the rest of the team towards the end but overall he was one of the stronger performers. Him and Swanson have been excellent for the U23s this season and Clarke in particular could actually be the CB we're looking for from the academy. Not particularly that tall, but combative, good in possession and reads the game well.

    +1 on Taylor-Hart. He's an excellent technician - shades of Coyle though with the big injury. I hope his development hasn't been harmed. I really like Taylor-Hart though, probably the best winger from this current intake.
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    Balogun is WAY too OP for this level. Needs a loan and a new deal as soon as Summer hits. He's heading to his last year in the Summer and he's already been courted.

    Great to see Danny Ballard back aswell. He's the best academy CB, with Harry Clarke 2nd.
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