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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by TomasCR, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    All right kids, we have another game in two days. Looks good really, some of the players need a rest but we can´t afford to give them any at the moment, good times.

    I would like to see the same line-up like in yesterday´s game, just with Ramsey in place of Diaby (which is not going to happen) Bendtner in place of Vela and Djourou in for Toure (which is not going to happen as well). Djourou hasn´t played a game a good while now and seeing he was dropped for no reason, give him a green. The same goes for Ramsey, who I think, could find a way how to go trough another wall.


    Another 0:0 wouldn´t be a surprise for me, but 0:2 is better. Look at the date, 3.3.09, magical. It will be a big game.
  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven New Member

    Re: W.B.A. vs Arsenal | EPL | 03/03/09 | 19:45

    I want to see Bendtner upfront, we need somebody big to win the headers. I would like to see Ramsey play, Diaby/Song are not the players I wan to see. I am not sure if Arshavin will play the full 90.

    I predict a 1-0 win to us, I think we might be able to get 1 goal.
  3. Proof

    Proof Well-Known Member Trusted

    Re: W.B.A. vs Arsenal | EPL | 03/03/09 | 19:45

    The worst scenario would be, Simpson to score an equalizer in the last minute, that would be really devilish :lol:

    As I said, this is the game that can put us back on track, if we don't win this one then we/players/Wenger should get used to the idea of finishing outside the top four, especially if Villa will win today. We should add 2 or 3 goals to 'improve WBA's record'. Nasri needs a rest, so, Vela or Ramsey could do his job.

    --------------- Almunia ---------------
    --- Sagna --- Gallas --- Toure --- Clichy ---
    --- Arshavin --- Denilson --- Diaby --- Vela ---
    -------------- Van Persie --- Bendtner -----------
  4. progman07

    progman07 Well-Known Member

    Re: W.B.A. vs Arsenal | EPL | 03/03/09 | 19:45

    I don't even bother too much, something will happen, we might even win, who knows, I will get excited again for 2 hours just to realize for the 100th time they aren't the Arsenal we want. I hope Arshavin gets luckier this time, he is by far the best player in the team, excluding the injured Cesc.
  5. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Arse Emeritus Administrator

    Re: W.B.A. vs Arsenal | EPL | 03/03/09 | 19:45

    Sorry Tomas! You're too quick and I didn't have the heart to delete it. Through the power of two match threads in one we can make this happen! :p

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    W.B.A. v Arsenal
    Barclays Premier League, The Hawthorns
    Tuesday, March 03, 2009, 19:45

    League Standing:
    W.B.A. 20th: (P) 27 (Home) 5/2/6 18/24 (Away) 1/2/11 6/27 (GD) -27 (Pts.) 22
    A.F.C. 5th: (P) 27 (Home) 7/5/2 18/11 (Away) 5/5/3 20/14 (GD) 13 (Pts.) 46

    First Meeting: Our first EPL match of the season; we won 1-0 courtesy of a fourth minute strike from our new signing Samir Nasri. We did, however, outshoot W.B.A 24-5

    Recent Head-to-head Record:
    16/08/2008 Arsenal 1-0 West Brom
    15/04/2006 Arsenal 3-1 West Brom
    15/10/2005 West Brom 2-1 Arsenal
    02/05/2005 West Brom 0-2 Arsenal
    20/11/2004 Arsenal 1-1 West Brom
    26/12/2002 West Brom 1-2 Arsenal
    27/08/2002 Arsenal 5-2 West Brom

    - W.B.A.'s top-scorer is their Czech strike Roman Bednar (6)
    - January loan signing from Paris St Germain Youssuf Mulumbu (MF), skipper Jonathan Greening (MF), and Danish centre-back Jonas Olsson are all injury doubts
    - Our own Jay Simpson is currently on loan to The Baggies - I think he's eligible to play if all parties have agreed to it, but feel free to correct me
    - W.B.A. have suffered 'doubles' to Chelsea, Aston V, Man Utd, Newcastle, and Everton; soon, we hope, AFC will be added to that list

    So, a mid-week game against the bottom-placed team, which, overall, has kept only 5 clean sheets, has failed to score in 12 EPL games, and, outside of Hull, has conceded the most goals at home, should be a given, right?

    Well, considering our recent inability to score anything at all, nothing is certain. This much we do know, we ran out of second chances some chances ago and suffice to say, anything other than a win against W.B.A. (admittedly better at home than away) will be a nice, new shiny nail in a casket that is already being winched lower by the day, by the game. Score, and score early, that's all I have to say.

    Go Gunners!!

    PS I saw that Sky Sports is showing 'Pool v Sunderland; if anyone knows of the/a channel where it will be shown in the U.K. tell me and I'll (or rather Tomas now will) add it to the title.
  6. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    Re: W.B.A. vs Arsenal | EPL | 03/03/09 | 19:45

    You mean you can delete my threads Anthony? Phew, how dare you! :)

    You could have done it anyway, the first post is a bit dry, I should have put more effort into it, true.

    I´m not so sure about Simpson though, I have a weird feeling that I´ve read something about him not being to play agaist Arsenal. We´ll see, it should be somewhere tomorrow, couldn´t find anything about it now.
  7. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Arse Emeritus Administrator

    I can't and I wouldn't delete your thread/posts Tomas. As for Simpson, I'm just not sure either - I feel it's possible now, but I couldn't find anything. No matter, as you say we'll find out soon enough or someone will clarify.
  8. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    In any case, he could cause a few problems if he played. The last time I checked West Brom, he did very well.

    As for the TV by the way, I´ve added it into the title. If you or any other will want to know what TV is showing a game, you can always check it on arsenal. com, in the Fixtures and Reports section. <a class="postlink" href="http://www.arsenal.com/fixtures/fixtures-reports" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.arsenal.com/fixtures/fixtures-reports</a>

    Most of the games are on ATVO it seems.

    Just score a fracking(is that the word?) goal!
  9. Timleaf

    Timleaf New Member



  10. IBL

    IBL New Member Elite

    Only positive is that its an away game which means a 0-0 is a slightly more acceptable result.
  11. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Only audio. Apparently the games on Sky Calcio 2, whatever that is.

    I predict a score draw.
  12. General

    General Well-Known Member

    Re: W.B.A. vs Arsenal | EPL | 03/03/09 | 19:45

    West Brom have a terrible defence and it's bound to be an open game. 2-0 to us if we can take our chances.

    Simpson is NOT eligible to play against us. :roll: The rules regarding loan players have been changed for a while now.
  13. progman07

    progman07 Well-Known Member

    Erm, if you can't beat the last team in the league, you don't deserve to get into the CL. If you can't even score against them, that's a joke.
  14. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    We could hardly score against them at home, infact it was first game of season and solidified how **** we would be for the rest of it.
  15. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    I'd like to see TWO players up front for this game. The West Brom defence is crying out for a hammering if we play at a high tempo.

    Something like this would suit me:

    --------------- Almunia ---------------
    Eboue --- Djourou --- Gallas --- Gibbs
    Nasri ---- Song --- Diaby ----- Arshavin
    ---------- Vela --- Bendtner ----------

    Rest a few players ahead of the FA Cup game.

    We have almost certainly lost 4th spot and should try a few things - such as playing a striker partnership that works, full backs that can cross etc.
    Plus half of these players have a point to prove and are more likely to give it their all.
  16. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    They were both poor against Sunderland though. Why reward them with a start?
  17. Double_H

    Double_H New Member

    its WBA lets give them a life line here
    0-0 lol
  18. progman07

    progman07 Well-Known Member

    You have a point, but then if we dropped all of our bad performing players we wouldn't have 11 players to start. By the way, Vela should get minutes as a striker, not as a winger, because he doesn't know what to do out there, really, while he could score a goal or two, if he got the chances.
  19. Viking

    Viking New Member

    Like he did against Sunderland? ;)
  20. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    Vela was playing left wing in that game for a start, so that point doesnt really hold up. Whenever Vela and Bendtner have played up front together they have looked dangerous, its definitely worth a try imo.

    Through the middle Vela is very dangerous, plays on the last man, clever, sharp movement etc. Meanwhile Bendtner offers a bit of presence, but often drops off the main striker and creates room and chances for his partner. This is why Vela and Eduardo both look great when playing alongside him imo.

    Not convinced by the reasoning behind 4-2-3-1 in the EPL, but if we play a front 2 I am not convinced by Bendtner playing with RVP. Therefore for me Vela and Bendtner would get the nod if I was in charge.

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