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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by TomasCR, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. TomasCR

    TomasCR New Member Trusted

    To be fair, I was thinking about Ramsey too. Haven´t seen much of him since the Cardiff game away, I´ve already said he could bring some creative quality, he does have the abilities to do it. The thing is that he and Diaby could hardly play both in the middle. If Denilson has a rest, fair enough, but then it will be either Song and Diaby or Song and Ramsey, certainly not both. Klaus´ line-up will do it for me otherwise.
  2. Nela

    Nela New Member

    It makes more sense to rest players like Denilson at home against Burnley which is only a couple of days before the trip to Roma.
  3. Klaus Daimler

    Klaus Daimler New Member Trusted

    I know it probably won't happen, hence I wrote "I'd like to see" and not "This is what the team will look like". I'm not comfortable with Song in midfield though. I'm not comfortable with him as a centreback either but at least he's fourth or fifth choice there. Until he starts playing better he shouldn't be in the team. He's been horrible ever since he limped off against Liverpool. Ramsey isn't much defensive minded but there's no way he could do a worse job in central midfield.

    Nela: Yeah, it does.
  4. OohtobeaGoonerGal

    OohtobeaGoonerGal Member Trusted

    Taken from lobby member rusal, translating an Arshavin interview after the Fulham match, with him saying:

    "Also 1 March is the first day of spring! And spring is time of changes and renewal. And this means that wins will come."
  5. kanooo

    kanooo New Member

    It's high time we start winning games. On paper, there is no better opposition than WBA - who can't get anything right at the moment and seemed to be doomed for the drop.

    Still, I hope that there won't be a "suprise" 0-0 draw yet again.
  6. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    arshavin could barely run in the second half against fulham. he was clearly tired.

    if he's going to play it'll be coming on as a sub imo.
  7. hackajack

    hackajack New Member

    Nah he was ****ed after 60 mins but he'll have recovered by now. He starts (needs to find out what an away game feels like).
  8. We have been pretty solid at the back of late, I'd expect us to keep a clean sheet and play them off the park. I see us winning comfortably to be honest and it has been a while since I have felt this way...
  9. Rahul

    Rahul New Member

    But surely Diaby and The Ramster leave us more defensively vulnerable,no?
  10. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven New Member

    If Wenger plays Arshavin I am sure he would take him off in the second half for Vela, or maybe the other way round. When it comes to playing Ramsey I am not too sure if Wenger would. I would like to play Ramsey because he is confident to do something on the pitch which is what we need at the moment. Besides Denilson definitely needs rest and Song is just not quick enough.
  11. bojed

    bojed AM Resident Joker #1 Trusted

    There is no way we're going to lose in this game.

    It will be either an exciting end-to-end 0-0 draw or it will be a drab 1-0 victory to us.

    I'm really optimistic today.

    West Brom are woeful both in finishing and defending, but they just love to go out all attack.

    In fact West Brom remind me of Roma.

    West BRoma for the Uefa!

    Next 20 seasons perhaps but for the mean time we're going to show them how to play with real flair, swagger and technique and ultimately will result in 3 points to the Gooners.

    We are going to get that needed win.

    We are going to get that 4th spot.

    We are going to get those CL and FA cups.

    We are not going to sell Eboue, Song and the likes next season in my flamboyant opinion.

    It's okay, Tottenham are f*cking banana sh*te!
  12. General

    General Well-Known Member

    I think if Wenger rests anyone in midfield, it would be Song coming in. He has his positives and negatives but he's bound to start ahead of Ramsey who has been atrocious in the away games this season for obvious reasons. The midfield needs energy and it was very worrying the way we dropped of physically against Fulham. Denilson particularly looked out of it and this is exactly what happened with Cesc and Flamini last season - overusing players until they crash out with injuries.

    I'd go with this formation.





    (Any qualms with the formation - please put up your own)

    Robin needs a runner upfront and I hope Wenger doesn't revert to this ineffective partnership with Bendtner. Vela is equally ineffective on the wings and it's obvious he's struggling there. His movement can unsettle West Brom's terrible defence unlike Bendtner and I sincerely hope Wenger doesn't bench him and destroy his already thin confidence. With Nasri, Denilson and leggy boy on the bench, at least we have decent options for later. Energy is going to be a major factor and Wenger must refresh the team at the right time. I'd take anything but another ****ing goalless draw. Need I say we need a win badly to put the pressure on Villa.
  13. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    I'd be inclined to give Bendtner another go on the wing. His finishing has been very poor of late, but to me he still has the capability to cause defences genuine problems. I would move Eboue back to replace Sagna too - just because the former has showed good attacking runnning in the last couple of games, whislt the latter has looked extremely out-of-sorts.

    I'm very worried about the fitness of our team - we looked totally shattered well before the end of the Fulham game, and the players are going to find it very difficult to pick themselves up for this one. West Brom are not in great shape, but they must fancy their chances.
  14. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Arse Emeritus Administrator

    I saw W.B.A.'s last two games vs Fulham and Everton. 2-0 to AFC. A lot of goals for us, I know, but seriously.

    DOUBLE-YOU Member

    I don't think Wenger will drop Denilson. I would go as far as saying, I think Wenger sees Denilson as one of his untouchables this season. As weak as he was defensively against fulham, I have to say he always came looking for the ball, which many of the other outfield playes didn't do. He also plays passes early (albeit mostly sideways). Diaby and Song take too long to pass the ball. Even RvP and Nasri, slow down passing moves. so for my money Denilson will play.

    i reckon he will start with :

    ------- Almunia --------

    Sagna --- Toure --- Djourou --- Clichy

    Eboue --- Denilson --- Diaby --- Nasri

    --- Arshavin ---

    --------- Van Persie -----

    Possibly see Bendtner instead of Arshavin (although i hope not)
  16. air

    air New Member

    Whatever it is you're having, I want some too.
  17. atmosphere

    atmosphere New Member

    It's called belief.

    Wenger's got loads of it for sale if you're interested.
  18. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    I can see Wenger doing something stupid tonight, like not starting Arshavin because of the player's comments about how tired he was against Fulham.

    Massive game. We've got to win.
  19. raidersoftheark

    raidersoftheark New Member

    We'll finally score some goals and win today. I'm guessing a 2-0 for us.
  20. hesham

    hesham New Member

    Id rather have him come on for the 2nd half, than run out of steam after 50min

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