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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by DanDare, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. AFCG7

    AFCG7 New Member Elite

    I'm thinking the same about Al. He cant be arsed anymore...after his comments post-Barca about our players walking around and now the club signing Lehmann again i think he's just not giving a damn.
  2. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    @Ant: well, somebody did... "we have the best 3rd choice GK"?? Al is ****, no matter which choice he is
  3. ultradoc

    ultradoc New Member

    :lol: what are you guys on about? this season is quite a success in wenger's eyes,isn't it?
    Injuries, ref decisions, staying competitive in all competitions till a fortnight back, still in the race for PL, all this with young and cheap players, plus stadium, etc etc..zzzzz. What say all ye wenger supporters? :wink:
  4. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Arse Emeritus Administrator

    Well, it wasn't me.
  5. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Don't beat about the bush 'Raindance' - I said it. Weak, son. Weak.

    I don't know why you didn't quote me tbh - it's something you normally can't resist...

    You didn't disagree with me at the time, did you? Funnily enough, I don't think anyone did. But you fairwethers can do as you like - what I say, I believe in, and it takes more than an absolute shocker to change my overall opinion.

    I stand by it.

    He's sh!t, yes, but if you look at any other third choice keeper in the league, they're kids with nothing like the experience Al has.
  6. raidersoftheark

    raidersoftheark New Member

    Fair play to Squillaci for that point saving block.
  7. Spork

    Spork New Member

    If he even meant to do it...
  8. Jbruin

    Jbruin New Member

    Jury, experience is all well and good but if you cost your team points every other game it don't count for ****, he's cost us 4 points against West Brom alone this season, awful, awful GK unable to concentrate or make the correct decision when it matters.
  9. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    Hes such a wanker
  10. TheCMT

    TheCMT New Member

    It was, he could/should have collected or punched it away not a rocket science IMO.
  11. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    I agree Jbruin. He's sh1t and a liability for us. I'm not defending him!

    I think the last time he done anything as mind-bendingly stupid as that was against Man Utd at Highbury in the 4-2 defeat, when he inexplicably ran out to the corner flag to close down a winger..... I think the presence of Jens may well have triggered this latest episode. I'm just at loss....

    I'd like to hear what he or Wenger had to say about it tbh.
  12. TheCMT

    TheCMT New Member

    Even the Second goal of Manure in FA was avoidable if he tried hard rather than just flapping his hand around.
  13. Gunner Ossie

    Gunner Ossie New Member

    what brighter moments are you talking about? loosing to man-u , chelsea,Sp**s,etc; or frequently loosing or scraping draws against ****ty teams at the bottom of the league? giving way 4 goal leads? you see things have got so bad that you now consider a brighter moment as winning any game rather than the ones that actually count.

    to me the only bright moments in an arsenal season are the ones that involve silverware. Failing that, spanking manu, tottenham,liverpool or chelsea away might cheer me up.

    sorry mate but, beating west ham or everton or by 2 goal to 1 does not mean jack diddly because when we had a proper team we used to beat them all 4-1 by half time.

    Lastly posting towrds the end of the season is wiser because it cannot be considered knee-jerk, and conclusions can most certainly be drawn based on us all witnessing yet another (oh so predictable) annual season long caputultion in 4 competitions. So what conclusion have you drawn on this trophyless season that you coudnt have drawn in any of the previous six. prey tell.

    are you seriously more pissed of with the timing of my posts, than you are with the performance of your team's manager and players?. Direct your frustration where is rightfully belongs man.
  14. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Arse Emeritus Administrator

    Funny stuff. It's not so much what you are saying Ossie, but how you go about saying it. Nothing of what you say hasn't been said before throughout the season by many others, so barreling in here with your cyber-guns blazing in the manner of the following is bound to irk some:
    Again, we've heard it all before (albeit put better).
  15. Gunner Ossie

    Gunner Ossie New Member

    listen ive been around here long enough to know that everything posted in this forum has been heard or said before by someone else but that dont stop you or anyone else repeating it does it?

    Repeated Annual(even weekly)debates (threads)about the defense,the formation, is cesc leaving,who should be in goal, walcott's end product, rosicky's purpose, diaby slowing down play etc (i could cite another thousand or two if you like). but all these cyclic issues have been done to depth by you guys, and i dont get involved in them because its not these micro level debates that are going to get arsenal winning anything. Its macro level issues or debates (like replacing the manger) that warrant a greater amount of attention especially from the fans and hopefully the board. Have you ever considered that the board might force wenger to change something if the fans actually *****ed and moaned a lot more? It worked at newcastle and man u so why not here.
  16. redwhiteAustrian

    redwhiteAustrian Tu Felix Austria Administrator

    Yeah, he was a bit proactive yesterday with bringing Chamakh on after 45mins. It's just a shame, that seconds after Bendy was on, Al and Squib decided to end our fight for the title.
    You could label it small progress yes, but I for myself will wait how he acts in the next couple of matches in that regard.

    I was just talking about the current season.
    I agree that there've been numerous occassions where we felt apart after one setback.

    Arsène clearly lacks skill in that regard and the teams he creates are mentally too fragile and depend on certain players' abilities to motivate their teammates (which isn't something bad, but if none of your players have such skill, as it's now, it's a problem) imo.
  17. OohtobeaGoonerGal

    OohtobeaGoonerGal Member Trusted

    Firstly, these topics that you think are being debated:

    1. There are no "threads" or "discussions" over Theo's end product, as he's scored 11 goals already and numerous assists if you've been paying attention. You probably haven't.

    2. The discussion over our defence this season has primarily been about our partnerships and our new signings. Good things have been said about Djourou and how he has come on in the absence of Vermaelen to be a vital player at the back. We already know what our strongest current partnership is (Djourou and Kos) and which partnership should be avoided (Kos and Squill). We know the GK pecking order too. You're imagining that we're debating about this every week or so.

    3. There's no annual debate about Rosicky's purpose, after his injury most fans knew about the likely fact he wouldn't get back to how he was and are aware he is now a squad player. Only this season has he truly annoyed everyone with his invisible man style of play, which has become detrimental.

    4. There are also no specific threads wondering if Cesc is about to leave, but mainly how Barcelona have been acting towards us in the last year, if Cesc is a good captain, etc. Most have accepted that he could eventually return there in the future, with us probably having our future replacement/s ready from the club.

    You say you're here, but it's clear that you're not concerntrating on what's actually being talked about this season.
  18. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    Up early ooh for a Sunday
  19. dreamLord

    dreamLord New Member

    Stop being overly pedantic OTBAGG, so what if there haven't been threads? Those topics HAVE been discussed to death many times on the boards and that's a fact.

    Back on topic, Wenger's post match comments :lol:
    No, it's 2 points anyway you look at it. Psychological points aren't going to win you much Wenger, please stop with the ****ing spirit and belief crap already. Sometimes it's good to know that clowns are clowns.
  20. Kroket

    Kroket Trusty and Sensible Trusted

    If Wenger did that we wouldn't win another football game all season, and we can't afford that with City and/or Chelsea breathing down our neck. As many mistakes as he's made in recent times, him blaming the players won't do us any good now* with our already low confidence. The best thing he can do is to get rid of all the dead wood in the summer, now is not the time.

    * Blaming the players in public, that is. Some of them deserve a bollocking but there's no need to go public with it.

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