West Ham vs Arsenal Ratings Thread

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by TheLoneFalcon, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Mannone - 6.5 Solid enough today, did well to punch some crosses away.

    Jenkinson - 6.5 Some iffy moments, but decent overall.
    Mertesacker - 7 Makes a big difference, good to have our BFG back.
    Vermaelen - 7 Good, but still goes forward too much.
    Gibbs - 6 A bad day in the final third as per usual, needs to let Podolski occupy that space more often.

    Arteta - 6.5 Just like the lawyer from Arrested Development, he's a pro.
    Ramsey - 5.5 Some good play and a lot of meh, Wlshere can't come back quick enough.
    Cazorla - 8 (MOTM) Our talisman, technically world class and plays with a lot of drive. Best signing in the PL.

    Podolski - 7 Good at left back again, delivers smart and accurate crosses when allowed to.
    Giroud - 7.5 Goal, assist and a mature performance. Very happy for him.
    Gervinho - 5.5 One of his off days.

    Santos - 6 He wasn't really motoring (teehee) down the flank like he normally does, but was good defensively.
    Walcott - 7 Threatened to deliver another frustrating performace before scoring a good goal.
    Koscielny - 6 Brought on to shore up the defense, not really called upon.

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