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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Nutsy, Apr 15, 2010.

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    Cesc is, offensively at least, having the season of his life. In this formation he is not supposed to drop as deep as he did in a 4-4-2, but rather get the ball higher up the pitch where he can do more damage. (Goals and assists).

    You can´t have both. No way is Cesc EVER going to have the kind of impact regarding goals and assists as he has had this year if he is also supposed to dictate play as much as he used to.

    I do agree with you though that Cesc needs to play as a midfielder and not as a 2nd striker, which he has looked like since we lost RVP more or less. This mainly for defensive purposes though.
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    The talks about formation changes wouldn't have been brought up if Robin was starting all season. He's a big part in our 4-3-3 game. That is why we'll play 4-3-3 next season with him at the top and Chamakh replacing him when he gets injured.
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    No, you're right about not nullifying Cesc's amazing attacking game. He can still be a major goal and assist threat simply by timing his ventures up front. If you have ATVO, I advise you to watch the opening games against Everton and Portsmouth to see what I mean.
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    Are you THAT Rocky, who proudly stayed on the stands even though we were beaten at ****e Fart Lane in Carling Cup two years ago?

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    there didn't seem to be a match rating on the Wigan game so i thought i'd add my two pence here (albeit 48hrs late)

    As everyone mentioned Arsenal took there foot off the gas in the second half and it cost them dearly, but i think some players can come out with a bit of credit. (this is based on watching and rewinding the game several times).

    1- Rosicky had a very good 60 mins. He was tireless in his running and worked hardest of all our midfield players. He became sloppy in the second period which i feel was down to fatigue.
    2- Walcott too had a good game. Ok he wasted a good opportunity in the first half, but going forward, it was one of his better games. He was hardly given the ball in the second half.

    The spine of the team is what let us down. At 2-0 i feel Sol and Silvestre should have been bollocking the players ahead of them for taking it easy. I didn't see that happening. It's times like this that i wish we had an Adams type character on the pitch who doesn't accept slackness. It's funny, when Henry was captain we felt he shackled the team because he would scowl and inhibit others. Maybe that's the type of personality we need because these type of players are winners and only the mentally strong can survive with these characters around.

    Eastmond worked hard but his inexperience showed. He done a lot of running but was not strong enough and got out fought in midfield. Diaby was one of the main culprits in the collapse. I am a big fan of Diaby but on Sunday he switched off. His first half performance was decent, but after our second goal he stopped. He lost possession too often, he failed to press when the opposition had the ball and just stopped working.

    In my opinion the most disappointing player was Bendtner. A lot of the problems stem from him not holding the ball up. we had no release whatsoever. Everytime the ball went forward a Wigan player got to it ahead of Bendtner, and when he got it to feet, he rarely found another Arsenal player. Credit to him for the assist, but he's got to give much more. He had no desire to run behind defenders when the opportunities rose and wanted everything to feet.

    I wont comment on fabianski. Yes he made an error for the goal, but other than that he had a decent game. In saying that, during the game i thought about him and Campbell in the same side and the wigan kit and immediately thought PORTO.
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    I could see van Persie indicating for one of the players to mark a Wigan player from the touchline when he was warming up.... shame none of the on the pitch players were doing it.

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