Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal - Player Ratings Thread

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Rocafella, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. mccroix

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    Almunia - 6
    Clichy - 5
    Gallas - 7
    Senderos - 6
    Sagna - 6
    Hleb - 4
    Flamini - 5
    Cesc - 5
    gilberto - 3
    Adebayor - 3
    Bendtner - 6
  2. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite


    RVP showed more in his cameo than alot of players did for the whole game. He skied two shots sure, but he showed some very neat football on the deck which led to breaks on goal, and only after RVP came on, barring the first 20 mins of the game, did I believe we could score again. All things considered, a very positive return.

    And as for Flamini, like I said, his passing was poor, particularly as the game grew old and his tackling was very poor. I saw him actually jumping on to the back of Wigan players on more than one ocassion which inevitably led to free kicks. What was the best Flams was hoping for?
  3. tam1886

    tam1886 New Member Elite

    I'm not really into giving ratings, but I agree RvP showed more than most. His shots were wild but his general play was good, and he hit a peach of a diagonal ball to Toure to set up one of our most promising attacks in the second half. Not likely I'm going to say this again often, but in the end it broke down with a poor ball from Sagna.

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