Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal (Sunday 4pm on Sky Sports 1)

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Juicy, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. arsenalfc0719

    arsenalfc0719 Member

    This is a must win game. Something which I'm pretty sure we will be able to pull off.

    I expect this line-up


    Hopefully van Persie will get some time. I'm eagerly looking forward to see him play again.
  2. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member Elite

    If any game is a must win game then it is this one. No cock ups allowed this time otherwise it would mean we would have to probably go to OT looking for a win.

    I would play Denilson on the wing. Its either him or Traore. Dont want old man Gilberto (sorry Bert you have killed me more than once this season) any where near the pitch.

    Like what I have been hearing from Wenger in the build up to this game, he said something pretty simple but very true. He goes confidence can give you one or two things, either you become complacent (in the next game) or you use it as a platform to build on and get better. He hopes tomorrow we will use the later approach.
  3. Illusion

    Illusion New Member Trusted

    All of our games have been must win games for a while now, so we should all assume this automatically by now :)

    Win this game and we are four points clear, United have a game in hand but they have just lost to Portsmouth in the FA Cup.

    Can hope that gives us an advantage, but United don't usually get down in the dumps for long, expect them to destroy Derby next week.
  4. tam1886

    tam1886 New Member Elite

    With Man Utd losing today, we can really heap the misery on the arseholes by winning and opening up a four point gap. No matter how much they say they'll pick themselves up and get on with it, crashing out of the FA cup and seeing a bigger gap open up will piss them off big time.
  5. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    They play Derby..
  6. tam1886

    tam1886 New Member Elite

    Good point. Previous statement retracted for fear of piss being taken out of me. :lol:
  7. number_0

    number_0 Member

    Is it the fact they are playing against the worst defence in the league or because its against one of fergies boys.
  8. bertlb2

    bertlb2 New Member

    I think the lineup of the midweek joke gives us a good hint on who is starting and who is not. If Nik wasn't going to play against Wigan, he would have played a part against Colorado. The same goes for Denilson. And it is the opposite for Gilberto. I don't think Traore nor Justin Hoyte were involved, which is a bit strange. And I think playing Walcott given that Diaby was out was a gamble.
  9. tam1886

    tam1886 New Member Elite

    From what I read, Denilson and Traore both played. Hoyte also played, but I can't remember if it was Justin or Gavin, although I suspect Justin.
  10. awooga83

    awooga83 New Member Trusted

    We gone right the way through the extermes of emotions these last few weeks. Right now it seems we are on a high with our result and now United and Chelsea suffering setbacks, we must use this opportunity where we know they aren't playing to get the poitns push ourselves forwards and pass the pressure back over to them.

    We cannot come up short in the league again really or it will be all over so we can't have excuses, a win is a must not a stunning performance necessarily but the 3 points has to be the obhective.
  11. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    i would take a nice professional 2-0 or 3-1 win...

    i would take 1-0 TBH
  12. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    You'd take the 3 points if you were sane. This is the business end of the season. Play like complete ****e for the rest of the season for all I care, aslong as we lift either the Prem or CL at the end of it.
  13. scruzgooner

    scruzgooner New Member

    which, robin to score or barazite on the left?

    seriously, stuart, if gibbs was not on loan, i would have him on the left. both he and barazite at least have composure on the ball, and nacer has been in good form in the reserves. given the injuries we're suffering, why not give him a runout?
  14. Giga

    Giga New Member

    Same fixture last season = same scoreline last season.

    1-0 Arsenal. Adebayor


    van Persie will probably get injured whilst putting his football boots on. I think he'll come on in the second half.

    EMIR8_SOLDIER New Member

    Our last trip up wigan was like a real proper sunday match and I see no different tomorow.

    Looking forward to seeing our team comefrom playing at the beautiful relaid pitch in san siro to this rugby ground down lancahire

    That will be a real test for our boys, theres no doubt theyll be fired up

    I dont care about chelsea and man u losing, that was the FA cup, this is the Prem.
    A win is a must to keep the pressure on the rest the pack, they are all slowly creeping up to us, lets just keep scooping up the 3 points and run back to safety

  16. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    C`mon gunners!

    Let`s win this one,please.
  17. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    Couldn't have said it better.
    I don't care if it's 5-0 or 1-0 as long as we get the three points i'm happy.
  18. Gooner_Stu

    Gooner_Stu Active Member

    Too right, playing pretty will be a side bonus and a welcome one. 3 points is what we need, that and Manure having the kind of luck they had today for the coming months lol.
  19. dutchMasta

    dutchMasta New Member

    Hope to see our proper passing game more towards the end of the season as Rosicky and RVP return, but 3 points is what matters most of course.
  20. tam1886

    tam1886 New Member Elite

    I don't care if we lose, as long as we get the 3 points at the end of the day.

    Here's a famous line about being a Scotland fan.

    'Hope is not caring if we lose every game, as long as we top the group.'

    So true. :lol:

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