MotM - PL: Arsenal vs Fulham | 30/11/03

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by thierrys_girl, Dec 1, 2003.


Who was our best player om the field?

  1. Lehmann

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  2. Campbell

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  3. Cygan

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  4. Cole

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  5. Edu

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  6. Gilberto

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  7. Pires

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  8. Henry

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  9. Bergkamp

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  10. Ljungberg

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  11. Other

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  1. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    Stalemate, im full of emotions frustrated, anxious and eager.

    Frustrated because all our chances, Anxious for next round of matches and eager for the team to start scoring goals again.

    But, i am happy that we drew instead of losing and therefore are unbeaten run is still going.

    Maybe it is better for us if we chase the top spotted team for a while and relieve some of the pressure seeing as what happened to us last season.

    I read the match report on the sun and it said that this ONE draw may end up costing us the season, i think they may be overreacting just a LITTLE bit.

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    Who was you Man of the Match? Whoever it was vote and remember to leave a comment to justify your choice.

    Poll closes on Wednesday

    thierrys_girl signing off :)

    p.s Remember you cant vote for Edwin Van der Sar :wink:
  2. SydneyGunnerFan

    SydneyGunnerFan New Member

    well my vote goes to pires because i have heard alot of good things he done and i didnt watch the game so i am picking him on what people have been saying about the guy
  3. satan_beckham

    satan_beckham New Member

    i say is kanu,when he came on he did many things,touch the ball most pity he just couldnt score.but in this game everyone is just pretty average.but volz did really well though..
  4. KoLo28

    KoLo28 New Member

    pires easy! cut them apart and created alot of chances.
  5. Puuks

    Puuks New Member

    I would have said that Edwin van der Sar was man of the match- he kept them in it and got them the point
  6. Archie The Leper

    Archie The Leper New Member

    Pires our best player, Van Der Sar was MOTM though
  7. n_henry

    n_henry New Member

    Yep, went for Bobby. :D
  8. beaney

    beaney New Member Trusted

    Van Der Sar was, unfortunately, MOTM.

    was a brilliant opporuntity to gain some points when our 2 main rivals play each other and we couldnt convert.

    i hate to say it, but we may well be cursing ourselves at the end of the season for loosing the 2 points.

    We played so well, but could not put the ball in the back of the net.

    We were awesome until the final ball! :cry: very sad this morning, although all is not lost
  9. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    For us it was easily Pires. He looked on top form.
  10. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member

    Lehmann LOL.

    He could have gone and got a pint while the game was on. In fact I thought I saw him having a massage halfway through.

    Ok, Pires really.
  11. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    Pires !
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Pires was our man of the match.
  13. Natnat

    Natnat Active Member Elite

    Not one of our guys but Fulham's Edwin VS
    He made great saves infact if I recall rightly he did double saves
  14. jeremiesgirl

    jeremiesgirl New Member

    my vote is definitely for bobby :)
  15. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Pires for sure. He was in the zone and would have made any right back look bad.
  16. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    Van der Saar was THE man of the match, but since he wasn't playing for us....

    it's gotta be Cole for me. He has been outstanding for the last few games and has really stepped up a notch.
  17. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Cole has been very good, as he was last season. Started this season a bit patchy but is at his best. I really don't know how Bridge can be compared to him.
  18. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Dennis Bergkamp. This must be the only time in history that Henry hasn't even got a single vote!
  19. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    That is true. Wild guess but it's been ever since he changed boots (new confidence perhaps). More likely to be because of the Kiev goal however.

    My vote goes to Pires. Who clearly performed to the expectation we have of him built from 01/02 performances. Some unexpected skills, at unexpected times. This made his performance even more gratifying.

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