Player Ratings - FA: Bolton Wanderers vs Arsenal | 28/01/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Lukazan, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    I know most of you would probably wanna forget about this game, but come on.. let's tell eachother what we thought..

    Almunia - 6 Absolutely fine and could do nothing about the goal.

    Gilbert - 6.5 Another very decent games. Two very neat passes when under pressure which caught my eye.

    Sol - 6 Better game and actually looked commanding, seems being the captain brings the best out of him.

    Djourou - 7 Not sure where he was for the goal but give the kid a break, up until that point he'd been an absolute rock. Put it down to inexperience.

    Senderos 6 - Did quite well at left back I thought and looked like he actually wanted the ball unlike Cygan.

    Diaby 6 - Started off pretty slow I thought but got better as the game went on. Some fine, powerful runs and a lovely meg from the big man and also showed a willingness to shoot no matter how bad two of them were.. :oops: Also loving the crunching tackle on Campo! It's what we want to see.

    Flamini 6 - Started off badly with one or two balls in to players who were under immense pressure but like Diaby, got better as the game went on. Still admire how much the kid wants the ball and how calm he is on it. No doubt he is going to be slagged to high hell though, just because it's Flamini.

    Reyes 3 - Pretty awful. Less diving to be fair, but did absolutely nothing most of the time he got the ball.

    Hleb - 5 Mixed bag.. always looked like he could create something.. but at the same time seems to dwell on the ball and slow things down... he has lovely close control and a quick turn though, if he'd just be a bit more decisive he could be deadly.

    Ljungberg 6 - Kudos to Freddie, a much better game. His dribbling is still erratic but the hunger was there and he could actually control the ball.

    Persie 6 - Not much support but still crafted out a few chances and always looked likely to score when he got the ball near goal! Absolute comedy when he missed the ball and fell over.. :D
  2. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    What is wrong with you people!? :p
  3. James

    James New Member Elite

    Agree with your ratings pretty much. I thought Djourou was our best player on the night.
  4. Diaby is the new Vieira and they are right on that performance!

    Well i thought the man of the match of was Diaby sorry!
    Djorou made a mistake i thought that cost us the game , he let a cross go over his head ??
    Diaby was the man and he controlled that midfield and made all the bolton boys scared lol with that crunching tackle on campo haha
    the future is oo so bright still!
  5. mjkgooner

    mjkgooner New Member

    Almunia- 7. Looking much better with every game has been very unlucky with two late goals in the past two games, i think he is really pushing Jens for the No. 1 shirt as Jens has looked shaky the last couple of weeks.

    Gilbert- 6. The potential is fair and he is getting better and more confident and just needs to keep playing, did anyone else see his control near the end very nice.

    Djourou 7. Should have got to the cross for their goal but other than that is looking increasingly solid with each game lets hope he keeps it up.

    Campbell 6. Did ok but just isn't close to the Sol of two years ago but it must be fustrated having to play with kids just after comming back from injury as it always takes him a few games to get back to top form, hopefully he can stay injury free

    Senderos 6. Done ok playing out of position and a few nice passes but always seems liable to make a mistake.

    Flamini 6. Done OK in a crowded midfield but is always 100% committed.

    Diaby 7. Slow start but improved as the game went on, loved the Campo challenge and it wasnt that bad as Campo kicked his studs, if he keeps developing like this we got ourselves a player here, would love to see him and Cesc play together. Needs shooting practice :oops:

    Hleb 6. Looked to be meeting expectations at points but would then give the ball away, needs to learn to pass at the right time but a better performancew than in recent weeks.

    Reyes 5. Lots of running with very little end product, he has the talent but is too inconsistant.

    Ljungberg 6. He tries hard but like Jose cant seem to produce an end product. He is one of those players who has made it at the top level through excellent positioning and awareness not for ball control, also needs a shave.

    Van Persie 7. Worked very hard up front by himself adn is always committed but needed more service but is fastly becoming on of the most important members of the team.
  6. rich300

    rich300 New Member

    Almunia - Comfortable

    Gilbert - Impressive overlapping runs, and looks better than Hoyte and Eboue

    Campbell - Also comfortable

    Djourou - Impressive. Might just be Campbells long term replacement.

    Senderos - A good game considering he was out of position.

    Diaby - Looked much better defending then he did attacking. But at least he shoots from outside the area!

    Flamini - Worked very hard, Ilike this guy. He isnt world class but he always slots in and has a good game.

    Hleb - Looking more confident, no end product though.

    Reyes - Appaling. Yet again. He cant dribble like Hleb, he doesnt have an eye for goal like RVP, and he never takes control of a game like Henry. Time for Wenger to cut his losses and buy a natural left winger.

    Ljungberg - Good game. Still my first choice for right wing.

    Van Persie - Tried to take control of the game in the last 20 minutes but like Lukazan said, had not much support.

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