The Raul Sanllehi and Vinai Venkatesham Double Act

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by blaze_of_glory, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. SingmeasongSong

    SingmeasongSong Rarely Right

    Many of that could be 100% correct, it's just that "Emery is staying" could also just be a mere board call with Raul and co the ones to do the rest.
    Obviously, when 99% of the fans feel that decision is ****, at least a good chunk will feel like Raul is massively failing/overrated/..

    It is the old dilemma, a lack of transparancy on who is responsible for what actions.
    If we, as fans, don't not ****, there's no uniform target to blame, but pure guesswork, agony and so on and so forth.

    All in all, it's just frustrating to be an Arsenal fan.
  2. Ozil'sCloakOfInvisibility

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    Vinai is the most useless guy. Was getting mugged off by Chinese car companies when Baldie was here and now all of a sudden he's supposed to call shots for a club like Arsenal
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  3. Ozil'sCloakOfInvisibility

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    I think that's pretty much what all managers do. Wenger used to rant in Pat Rice's ears all the time like that. Not so much with Bould cause well Bould is a bit of a weirdo
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  4. Tourbillion

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    This is all making me very depressed and angry.
  5. al-Ustaadh

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    No, it’s different with Arteta. I think Pep has been molding him into a manager. Obviously I could be wrong and reading into the wrong thing but there have been conversations between the two posted by City showing that Pep gives complete tactical control to Arteta for matches (that wouldn’t happen under Wenger). An example of this is an Arsenal game in Wenger’s last season which was Arteta’s first under Pep.
  6. Artisan

    Artisan Not Emery's Old Pal

    Every week we persist with Emery is a decision that sets this club back YEARS.
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  7. rich 1990

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    Every break, we see some bizarre ****. Someone praising Gazidis takes the piss.
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  8. yorch44

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    Pep is doing what Barcelona does with managers since Cruyff... they teach them each other. A lot of people said the real creator for his system was Tito Vilanova... Here was the assistant, and in fact once he went for the managerial position it was like they wouldn’t change the manager. Sadly he passed away from t he cancer.
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  9. Artisan

    Artisan Not Emery's Old Pal

    People still think Raul isn't the one behind this mess? This is the new Arsenal, faceless execs with no connection to us and agents behind the scene running the show.
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  10. Riou

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  11. Kav

    Kav Active Member

    Doesn’t matter. O’Leary is more an Arsenal man than Sanlehi or that Indian guy will ever be.
  12. APierre

    APierre You Wanna Come Out Here?

    GDeep doesn’t work for Arsenal.
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  13. yybecause

    yybecause Formerly known as ArsenaLover

    plenty of people who are die hard Arsenal, but would still take this club to the bottom. Sadly, love is not that important in world of business
  14. scytheavatar

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    When Arteta becomes manager he will need to be the guy shouting at his assistant....... Nagelsmann said it the best, 30% of coaching is tactics, 70% social competence. There is not much Pep can teach Arteta cause Arteta isn't Pep, nor are we Man City. What's the point of talking about Arteta's tactical brilliance when we do not know how he will react when he's under fire like Emery is ATM? Guys without the talent to be manager like Henry end up making the situation worse with their ego.
  15. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Professor of Twitter

    It’s a good point. Always a risk in appointing him but I still think he’d do better than Emery with the players we have. Even with all the experience Emery has, he’s still a **** up.
  16. samshere

    samshere Why so serieuse?

    He isn't involved in the football side of things. He's responsible for the commercial side of the business. Edu and Raul call the shots footballistically. Incidentally these were the two present at our match against Leicester.
  17. GoonerJeeves

    GoonerJeeves Up The Terriers

    He was a complete arse. Blowing kisses to Pires at Elland Road etc Pires was about to after him, but was held back.

    I am surprised that people have so easily forgotten what a total team of ****s Leeds were, and with O'Leary as their manager...

    By all means, get a former Arsenal player on the board, but David O'Leary can **** right off.
  18. Jasard

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    Don't know what to think any more. What a terrible mess we are in. Felt like we had done a bit of a hard reset since Wenger left with which I expected a fresh approach and us to be free of a lot of problems that have persisted - yet here we are with the same problems and more despite big changes in both playing and backroom staff. I can only conclude we are cursed...

    What kind of leadership pulls the trigger on a 70m signing then the next minute shows absolutely no ambition for the club?
  19. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Easily Triggered

    Gazidis laughing he manage to sneak that snake Raul in. We are stuck with losers running this club thanks to the insider from Man City.
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  20. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Angry 24/7

    Nothing changes till Stan dies.

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