CL: Real Madrid vs Arsenal/AFC vs RM | 21/02/06 & 08/03/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by kent_gunner, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    that's because it wasnt a penalty
  2. yonatan

    yonatan New Member

    "Thierry Henry thinks it is an amazing feat for Arsenal to reach the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League for the second successive season."

    Umm... :roll:
  3. Sol man

    Sol man New Member

  4. Florida Gooner

    Florida Gooner New Member

    No in depth analysis need on this end . We move on to the next round! I see in my crystal ball us getting one of the Italiani. When teams play proper attacking football against us we can beat anyone, with the possible exception of Barcelona, IMHO. For those who were on the forum last season, what a difference a year makes. This time last year Jens was being raked over the coals, crucified, then drawn and quartered. Now he's a bloody hero, the best!!!
  5. Florida Gooner

    Florida Gooner New Member

  6. chandraraj

    chandraraj New Member

    fantastic result. the whole team was excellent.
  7. kamikaze80

    kamikaze80 New Member Elite

    heh nice one.
  8. goonerwarsh

    goonerwarsh Well-Known Member Trusted

    Anyone else think that our right hand side tonight looked as dangerous as our left hand side a few years back when a playing at his peak Pires and emerging Cole were playing so well?

    Lots of positives in tonights game!

    Well done boys, you did us proud!
  9. tgr

    tgr New Member

    great performance from all starters. i really like eboue,hleb,lehmann,cesc and toure. our young team are maturing rapidly. we will be pure class and dominate england again. yes, wenger always knows.
  10. gunner_down_under

    gunner_down_under New Member

    what a night!!!.....woke up at 3:30am for the second night running because of Barca-Chelski last night!!.......to say it was completely worth it is an understatement!!

    When Hleb starts shooting, he would win the FIFA player of the year because he looks like he's got some magic glue and the ball sticks to his feet!!!....either that or I haven't had enough sleep!!

    Hope we dont get Barca or Milan yet for the quarters!....but then again, I was hoping for Rangers for this round!!

    did anyone catch Freddie saying "eeeyy German!!!" to Jens at the end of the game....it was caught on ESPN!.....mad mad ****!!!
  11. tgr

    tgr New Member

    chelski are just football workers. they have no class. i never like to watch them. i also cant agree on the way benitez organizes liverpool. they are both too mechanical and lacking of class.

    people say cesc, reyes, henry or hleb may make even greater success outside england. but that is what wenger is making arsenal. we will eventually outplay most british-styled sides in the near future and regain champions. i have a lot of faith in arsenes arsenal.
  12. tgr

    tgr New Member

    freddie and jens are good friends.
  13. gunner_down_under

    gunner_down_under New Member

    yeah, but it was awesome to see things like that after a great night of football......

    who do i contact to change my username to "Eyy German" ??
  14. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    Jens Lehmann, Arsenal goalkeeper: (Post-Reaction)

    There was a huge release of emotion at the end of the game. This result means so much to us, it will take a little while to sink in. The young players coped extremely well with the pressure and played two outstanding matches.
  15. gotnothin

    gotnothin New Member

    Much like gunner_down_under i too got up 2 days in a row at some stupid hour to watch great games of football!!!

    couldn't be happier with how the gunners are playing at the moment!!! Our youngsters are really gelling together well and look f*ckin dangerous! Hleb is amazing me each game and well Cesc is feeding Henry & co beautifully! Crazy Jens.. well he's just crazy & after Khan's performance today i think he's 3/4 of the way to securing the world cup spot for ze germans! Eboue is going to be a star, he worked up the field fantastically tonight!!! ok ill stop now or ill just keep goin on and on... . :lol: :lol:
  16. Meek

    Meek New Member

    I third that. woke up at 5.45am two days in a row to watch the matches on ESPN :D

    was bloody awesome. luckily I got the day off uni today. haha. but back to the boring premiership this w/e. nonetheless a win against pool would top off my week.
  17. bojed

    bojed AM Resident Joker #1 Trusted

    yeah i heard it loud and clear too :lol:
  18. gunner_down_under

    gunner_down_under New Member

    awesome, so I wasn't the only one.....I wanna change my Username to "Ey German", maybe one of the mods could check this and change it???....I've had the same username for way too long!
  19. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    PM a mod.
  20. ultra_sur

    ultra_sur New Member

    congrats gooners! Goodluck with the rest of the tournament
    hopefully you'll manage to finish top 4 in your league so we can meet again in Europe

    ... Goodluck against Liverpool!

    till next season

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