Mesut Özil: 2019/20 Performances

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by razörist, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Eaststander74

    Eaststander74 Jury Lite II

    The sad thing is I, and the other godless ****bags who criticise Mesut, was genuinely happy--why wouldn't I be? I want Arteta to work immediately and our best players need to play well for that to happen and for us to reach a respectable position in the league. But the **** storm created in here by his supporters after two high energy efforts ffs... smh. It's difficult trying to remain classy in here. Thing is, if that's the game they want to play, who stands the best chance of 'winning'? Özil aint keeping that up :lol:
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  2. bandaid

    bandaid Active Member

    rahrahboys need to stop the Özil obsession. not healthy if it makes you just make stuff up.

    The whole team is still to gel. So many new players. However, creating chances wasnt our problem.

    rahrahboy can go back to rah-rah-ing over duffer emery and doozi. That aged really well :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:.

    we are playing our best midfield and finally have some semblance of control over the match. Long may it continue.

    Thanks Xhaka. Thanks Torreira. Thanks Özil. Thanks AMN.
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  3. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa Well-Known Member Trusted

    Unpopular opinion: Mkhitaryan and Iwobi caused our opponents more problems
  4. Eaststander74

    Eaststander74 Jury Lite II

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  5. progman07

    progman07 Well-Known Member

    Iwobi maybe, but Mikhi? The guy was useless. We relied on Kolasinac cutbacks and individual striker brilliances to salvage goals last season.
  6. ChefMan21

    ChefMan21 Well-Known Member

    Non-existent tonight I thought. Seems to me to be at that stage in his career where players become unproductive.
  7. Jovi

    Jovi Member

    Since Özil extended his contract in 2018, 102 players in PL has got more goals/assists than him.
  8. Marjorie

    Marjorie Well-Known Member

    The sooner we can move on from Özil the better.
  9. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    Who is we? The club gave him a contract till 2021
  10. Eaststander74

    Eaststander74 Jury Lite II

    We = The fans. You included. You've had enough of this circus as well lad.
  11. Notorious Big

    Notorious Big Drunka In Friend Zone

    Needs to leave.He isn't for top football anymore.
  12. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa Well-Known Member Trusted

    Great result with 9 men
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  13. krackpot

    krackpot Well-Known Member

    should've kept him on and got Pepe off. He was at least showing for the ball
  14. darkgunner

    darkgunner Well-Known Member

    His pattern continues yet again. He always comes back from injury or exile and plays very well for a few matches, then he descends back to mediocrity for the rest of the season.

    You could see how poor he was today, he was slow, weak on the ball, and his game resembled Elneny more than Özil. When we attacked, a lot of the time he was literally nowhere to be seen or completely out of it in no mans land.

    Just isn't good enough, the Özshills can rag on about his talent all they want, but he has 5 assists in the last 2 seasons which is a pathetic return. He can't shoot for **** anymore and his legs have gone. He's a relic of the past, someone who these days should only be seen on the pitch in the last 20 mins and in youtube comps.
  15. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    i don't like how he didn't take risks today he only creative player and kept passing the ball behind. at least he showed good workrate didn't stop chasing and running.
  16. juice man

    juice man Well-Known Member

    Mesut “better than De Bryune and Iniesta” Özil.
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  17. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    He has no excuses anymore. Emery is gone, shackles are off and he has freedom to play his game again. Step up ffs
  18. Red London

    Red London Well-Known Member

    What game did you watch? Take those Özil tinted glasses off.
  19. Red London

    Red London Well-Known Member

    I remember when I got blasted on here for saying we're gonna see the same old **** from Özil all the way back when Emery brought him back into the team.

    Was proven right under Emery and under Ljunberg/Arteta. He means well these days but hes not good enough, invisible as usual when it gets tough.
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  20. Trilly

    Trilly The John Cross of Ilford

    Man is playing like a nitty on his last legs.

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