MotM - PL: Arsenal vs Blackburn | 14/12/03

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by thierrys_girl, Dec 14, 2003.


Who was our best on field today?

Poll closed Dec 17, 2003.
  1. Lehmann

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  2. Cygan

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  3. Toure

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  4. Campbell

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  5. Cole

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  6. Ljungberg

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  7. Gilberto

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  8. Vieira (c)

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  9. Edu

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  10. Pires

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  11. Bergkamp

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  12. Henry

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  13. Parlour

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  1. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    Welcome to MY Man of the Match Poll for this weeks Premier League game againest Blackburn.

    I was a great week for the Gunners, getting into the last 16 of the Champions League, topping Group B and regaining our top of the table position in the Premier League after a hard fought 1-0 win.

    Blackburn game: I didn't watch the game so im judging by the match reports that this was a hard fought game and that our defense did alot of work.

    Who was your Man of the Match? whoever it was i would like you to vote and leave a comment to justifly who choice.
    Poll closes: Wednesday

    thierrys_girl signing off :)
  2. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    I don't think anyone was motm.
  3. slapz

    slapz New Member Trusted

    Toure as he was well strong in defence, set up the goal by running into the box and finding dennis as well as sliding to stop a few potential corners
  4. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    Would be out of Toure + Cygan. I'd go for Cygan......

    Also abit late posting this young lady ;) I was about to quickly post it just to annoy you :p
  5. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    i was asleep, its 8:30 in the morning here and i got online as quick as i could. :roll:
  6. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    Oh just realised you live in Australia, I swear I thought you lived in england. Or is that henrys_girl......
  7. quattro

    quattro Active Member

    definitely kolo toure. hats off too to jens lehmann. a truly dependable goalkeeper.
  8. XxGoonaStuxX

    XxGoonaStuxX New Member

    I would give Pascal Cygan MOTM. Probably one of our most improved players since last season. He has improved drastically and proves to be great strength at the back when called upon.
    key men for us other than him were: Toure (great performace), Pires (missed a couple but did well) and Bergkamp for the goal.
    Also Jens Lehmann had a great day showing great presence and confidence.
  9. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    Good to see you back doing the motm thread thierry's girl after the controversy after the loko game!

    It has to be between Cygan, Kolo and Jens imo. The whole defence were excellent as a unit, but I think that these three stood out most. Further up the field, I thought Pires and Ljungberg were good, and Henry and Bergkamp were both reasonable. Vieira and Gilberto had a bit of a poor game together today. In the end, I think I'll have to go for Cygan, cos of his drastic improvement recently.
  10. Rupert

    Rupert New Member

    After that run and enthusiasm it had to be Toure
  11. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    all the defenders i suppose. i'd go for toure since he also set up bergy's goal.
  12. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    thanks :)
  13. shot gunner

    shot gunner New Member

    I voted for Ljungberg and obviously noone agrees! Toure was great in defense and what he did in attack was special, no doubt, but Ljungberg was an oppurtunist in attack and he set up many chances and always looked dangerous! He made some very crisp clean tackles too.
  14. Superdudes

    Superdudes New Member

    pires for me.. he livens up te midfield.. with his dribbling.. he shows up at blackburn with creativity and quality.. cygan showed that he's rock.. very much improved.. lehmann was tremendous.. and toure bursting with enrgy, roaming forward.. cole,viera and henry has an average game to their high standards.. bergy showed composure in scoring that one needed goal.. ljungberg got in the penalty box a couple of times though the blackburn defence was great in stoping him before he could shoot.. gilberto was ok.. and so was edu and parlour.. thus pires for me..
  15. bencey

    bencey New Member

    yeh good to see tHiERrYs_GiRl doin YOUR poll again.

    Anyway i vote for mad jens. I thought is catching of crosses was second to none along with some of his saves, especially the Barry Ferguson one!
  16. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    My ratings:

    Lehmann - 9/10 - Claimed everything and stopped everything. One of the reasons we didn't conceed.
    Toure - 8/10 - Set up the goal brilliantly and did most things right in defence
    Cole - 8/10 - Made a goal saving tackle and some other important tackles.
    Cygan - 9/10 - Brilliant today. Some reports are giving Campbell the credit for our clean sheet but Cygan played better IMO.
    Campbell - 8/10 - Was his usual self.
    Gilberto - 7/10 - Did well in defence but again lost the ball a bit too much.
    Vieira - 6/10 - Well below par. I think we have to wait a few matches for him to be back at his best.
    Pires - 8/10 - Probably oour best attacker today.
    Ljungberg - 8/10 - Was really good in the first half.
    Bergkamp - 8/10 - Scored the goal so can't complain.
    Henry - 8/10 - Some people are saying he had a bad match but I think he was his usual self. The only thing he didn't do was get a goal or make an assist. He was causing their defence all sorts of problems and would have got a penalty if he wasn't so fair.

    My MOTM - Cygan. I've heard so often about how he "hasn't matched his 2.5million pound tag" but I think he's exceeded it. What do people expect for 2.5 million?
  17. satan_beckham

    satan_beckham New Member

    Lehmann kept a clean sheet but at times in the first half his positioning isnt good,in the first half he got too far off his line and was lucky the blackburn player coudlnt reach to head the ball. Henry today looked tired,not much running from him but he just recovered from injuery so i cant complain.Cole and Cygan did well,but for that great run,think toure deserved to me the man of the match.Campbell did well in marshalling the defence,pires could have scored a couple of goals but he was unlucky.
  18. arsenal4life

    arsenal4life New Member

    of course toure with his assistant and his solid defending performance
  19. melto

    melto New Member

    is it just me or is Cygan actuallt going make the cetnre back place his own if he carrys on playing like that

    he was man of the match
  20. SydneyGunnerFan

    SydneyGunnerFan New Member

    well i think that toure should get MOTM this week he was everywhere making some good runs and set up bergkamp for the goal we scored. He has been one of our best all season so far and hope he can keep it up

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