PL: Arsenal vs Blackburn | 14/12/03

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by gooner, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. gooner

    gooner New Member

    I know I have left this post really late and it is not like me to do that, but forgive me feloow gooners and I hope you enjoy the preview.

    First of all, I would like to give the best congratulations to Arsenal for making it through the first group stage of the champions league, although we should do it every year but Arsenal do tend to like making everything hard.

    We got Celta Vigo and everyone reckons they will be a walkover but they do have some talented players like Silviniho, Mostovoi and Milosovic, but I will save all that information for the Arsenal - Celta Vigo preview.

    We are being linked with Alan Smith today, and I think he would be a brilliant signing. I know he has a red hot temper this is why his anger management problems will fit in perfectly with Arsenal. I have always liked Alan Smith although sometimes he is very scary to watch. One thing I love about him is his desire. He always gives 110% and will come to help at the back as well, when under pressure. We have needed a box striker for a long time, and if we could get Smith on the cheap he would be a great signing in my view, and he will surely improve under Wenger as well as working with Thierry Henry every day.

    Anyway, this Sunday we will play a good Blackburn side that have picked a lot of good form and are looking very confident. Blackburn have a good record at Highbury and last year they were the only team in the premiership to give us a double defeat by beating us home and away. I still remember the Highbury match when we totally outplayed as well as dominated the game from the start and Friedel had one of his best games in the Blackburn kit and he basically one Blackburn all three points on his own. We let in a dodgy own goal by Mr Edu, who later made up for it, but then some slack defending let in Yorke who made no mistake with his finish. I also remember the season when we won the double when we drew 3 – 3 to them at home, although Richard Wright was a clown that day and he should have saved the last goal from Blackburn.

    Much has been said about Blackburn have desperately been missing Damien Duff as well as David Dunn. From selling their best two assets they bought other players such as Barry Ferguson, Brett Emerton and Steven Reid.

    I don’t know if Blackburn made a good choice signing Barry Ferguson for £10 million, especially as he from the Scottish league, and in my opinion it must be the most one sides championship ever between Rangers and Celtic. I ain’t showing off or anything but I reckon if I was in the Scottish league, I could score 20 goals a season with no problems, that is how poor the standard of the Scottish league is, although I am a quite good striker. Barry Ferguson is getting to grips with the premiership though and he is showing some good signs.

    Blackburn has such a crap start to the season that there was talk of Souness getting the sack but he has got a pit bull spirit and that is exactly the way Blackburn will come to Arsenal with a pit bull spirit. I also thought I should give a quick mention to the young Blackburn striker called Paul Gallagher, who has looked very good. He through ball to Emerton for that goal against Man Utd was brilliant and Blackburn deserved a draw that match, and last week he scored his first premiership goal.

    Below is the list of who I think will be Blackburn’s key men:

    Yorke + Cole – Key Men 1
    Ferguson + Flitcroft – Key Men 2
    Tugay + Emerton – Key Men 3
    Amuruso + Neill – Key Men 4

    Everyone thinks that this will be an easy game, but I can Blackburn filling their midfield up and making it very difficult for us to make any chances. Whoever scores the first goal will be crucial to the outcome of the game. This is the best team line up I would go with:


    Toure Campbell Keown Cole

    Ljungberg Vieira Parlour Pires

    Bergkamp Henry

    The reason why I would play Parlour in the centre with Vieira is because we will need someone like him against their hard men of Flitcroft and Ferguson. I can see wenger playing:


    Toure Campbell Cygan Cole

    Ljungberg Viera Gilberto Pires

    Bergkamp Henry

    I think this will be a tough match and I hope the Arsenal players are desperate as I am to beat Blackburn as they are a very irritating side. Wenger said the players mind haven’t been in the right frame of mind in the premiership especially as they had to win against Moscow at home and it was playing on their minds well now they have done I hope we get back to winning ways in the premiership, and what a great way to begin this Sunday by beating the team that done a double over us last season.

    Come On You Gunners!!!
  2. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    If we play well then we'll win and we really must start a consistent run in the league again. I don't think Alan Smith is the answer.
  3. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    I hope we can keep our desire up in the League after qualifying in Europe. I predict 1-0 to the Arse.
  4. Senght

    Senght New Member

    2-0 to the Arse
  5. potterarsenal

    potterarsenal New Member

    3-1 arsenal :D
  6. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    You missed out one very important key man. :shock:

    I agree that Smith could be a good signing. If we have to sign someone then I think they shouldn't be cup tied and Smith might actually be within our range. His temper is bad but his work ethic is second to none. I don't think he has the potential to be world class though. Good, but not great.

    I thought Ferguson was a great player for Rangers. He really was their Patrick Vieira... He did everything. But now he's in England I wouldn't even rate him above Edu. We shouldn't have too many problems with him.

    Yorke and Tugay don't sit well in the memory either, so we have to watch out for them. But overall if we reproduce our CL form we should have no worries here.
  7. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    Man U winning today puts them at the top and Chelsea are currently drawing with Bolton. I have a feeling that this is going to be another draw for Chelsea, or maybe even a win for Chelsea!! This mean we have a chance to go top once again!

    If Chelsea lose or draw today I just hope to go that Arsenal don't throw this opportunity away!!!!
  8. A.Hussain

    A.Hussain New Member

    2-0 to the arse.... and hopefully get smithy....
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    united won and chelsea lost.

    Will Arsenal take advantage and go top. **** No.

    They will **** up tomorrow and lose.
  10. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    i think arsenal will win 3-0.

    smith will not leave leeds he loves the club too much and although he is good there are better than him out there.

    Kluivert, reyes, etoo, vieiri, rivaldo

    all available.
  11. flotz

    flotz New Member

    i think we'll win easily tomorow
    5-2!!ljungberg will score henry 3 and vieira!
  12. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    if we concede two ill be upset.
  13. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    Chelsea lost, we have to take advantage of this and go top. Time for another professional performance like against loko. No fancy **** just the result....

    Why do the mods allow dan_the_manc to post here......
  14. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    We are going to win.

    No doubt about it.

    Arsenal ****ed up last time when they had the chance to go top, they won't let it happen this time.
  15. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    **** off with your stupid pessimism.
  16. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    I know... what an idiot..

    How can you call yourself a fan with an attitude like that?
  17. gooner

    gooner New Member

    I would just like to wish da gunners da best of luck today.

    Come On You Gunners!!!
  18. leongsh

    leongsh New Member Elite

    I think it's going to be tight, robust and nervy. Rooting for an Arsenal home win (of course!) with a 2-1 scoreline the likely outcome.

    More goals scored by Arsenal to increase the goal difference is a bonus ;D
  19. n_henry

    n_henry New Member

    I so desperately want to watch or listen to this game..don't have to work tomorrow.

    DOes anyone know where I could listen live on the internet?

    I predict a pretty tight game, but think it'll be 3-2 to the Arsenal in the end.
  20. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Sorry, but I don't think Arsenal matches are covered live over the Internet anymore, unless you are an Arsenal plus member. I checked Capital Gold and they are not covering it. And BBC Five Live are but it's not available online unfortunately. I had a similar problem when we played Lokomotiv. I ended up listening to They keep you up-to-date but do not commentate the match.

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