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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by jaguars4ever, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. jaguars4ever

    jaguars4ever New Member

    Mannone: 5 - Very immobile. He should have at least moved for the second goal, rather than staying rooted to the spot. At least he wizened up later on and decided to physically track and followed a Chelsea free-kick late in the second half.

    Koscielny: 3 - A shocker from Kozza. Was caught ball watching for the first goal and completely ignored his man (Torres). He also obstructed Mannone for the second goal and failed to make a solid connection for the attempted clearance. We were lucky Kozza didn't give away a penalty too. It was a big mistake to drop Mertesacker who I doubt would have made these mistake. If we had played Mertesacker we probably would have won the game.

    Vermaelen: 5 - Very brash game. He recklessly gave away many unnecessary free-kicks, two of which we conceded from.

    Gibbs: 5 - Not our usual Gibbo. Was caught in possession and out of position several times today, which unnecessarily invited pressure.

    Jenkinson: 8 - Jenko was great. He was are only defender out there who was solid as a rock. He was also awesome in possession, bombing forward and releasing the ball at the right times.

    Diaby: 6 - Unlucky to have picked up that knock. He was doing well up until that time, and even made one of his signature mazy forward dribbles. After he picked up that knock, however, he gave the ball away cheaply several times. Unfortunately for us, taking Diaby off completely took us out of our groove.

    Arteta: 8 (MotM) - Our best player on the pitch. He was our Meretesacker in the midfield. Constantly making vital interceptions allowing us to turnover possession. If we had Arteta's intelligence in defense (i.e. Mertesacker) we surely would have won, imo.

    Cazorla: 7 - Clearly an awesome player, but our creative talisman was somewhat isolated and off kilter this game. I think the problem was that there were to many changes (both in personnel and position) too fast, that no one knew what their role was.

    Ramsey: 4 - Very poor game from Ramsey, especially in the second half. He was unable to pass water which not only destroyed our moves, but also left us vulnerable to the counterattack.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain: 4 - The OX degenerated so fast in the second half, it wasn't even funny. Poor marking for the goal aside, he gave the ball away cheaply in dangerous areas of the pitch.

    Gervinho: 8 - Excellent game from Gervinho. The thing I love about this guy is that he's ALWAYS dangerous. Just like Overmars. You can argue that his final ball isn't always up to it, but not this game. His first touch, turn, and savage finish were truly epic. He badly needs a new celebration though...

    Podolski: 5 - Unusually quiet game from Poldi. I suspect he may have choked or something, because he went missing for the entire game bar one dangerous move.


    Giroud: 5 - While I admire his poaching instincts, for an elite club like Arsenal we really need a 1 goal in 2 games striker in order to compete with the likes of Manure, Chavski, Sheikty et al. Thus, his failure to put away the one or two chances he inevitably get per game (such as today), is really hurting us. I like his attitude, but he needs to step it up or gtfo.

    Walcott: 3 - Dire stuff from Theo tbh. What happened to the dynamo we saw midweek? I don't think Theo will make it here long term. It's clear Arsène already prefers Oxo in the pecking order. If Walcott can't even utilize his main and arguably only asset (his blistering pace) as an impact sub against tired Chavski legs, then what good is he to us?
  2. benjamin86

    benjamin86 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else watch Bale and wonder why Walcott doesnt try the same tactic? If you're against a defender knock it 20yards behind and sprint! You don't need to dribble past a defender with the pace you have!
  3. MDGoonah41

    MDGoonah41 New Member

    mannone - 4

    jenkinson - 6
    kos - 3
    vermaelen - 4
    gibbs - 5

    arteta - 5
    diaby - .....
    ramsey - 4
    cazorla - 5

    podolski - 4
    gervinho - 5

    ox - 4
    giroud - 1
    walcott - 2
  4. Buhry

    Buhry New Member

    Mostly agree with the OP's ratings except Gervinho

    Mannone - 4 - offers nothing, could have played an outfield player and they would have done as well as mannone
    Koscielny - 2 - horror show
    Vermaelen - 4 - made the FK for the first goal, caught jogging home for the 2nd
    Jenknson - 8 - Another great game by jenks, too bad he had no one to aim for with his crosses
    Arteta - 8 - solid as usual
    Diaby - 6 - his injury hurt us a lot
    Ramsey - 3 - back to his usual crap self, don't think he'll ever be good enough to start for us
    Chambo - 5 - quiet, good cross for the goal and involved in the buildup for grioud cnhance at the end
    Poldi - 5 - quiet, should have kept him on though.
    Cazorla - 6 - skied several shots, good pass for giroud at the end
    Gervinho - 5 for the goal, other than that I thought he was poor, lost the ball a lot and showed 0 vision on several occasions, never had the misfortune of watching a more infuriating player for us I think. To his credit he does make dangerous situations happen but he also breaks down many attacks with his headless chicken dribbles and lack of vision.

    Walcott - 2 - was he even on the pitch? Doing his best invisible man impression out there. + 1 point for not giting them any goals :lol:
    Giroud - 2 - so far he's looked like he has the pace, agility and technique of a norwegian 2nd division player. Smart movment though and won a few headers, I'll give him that, but terrible shooting again.
  5. Vela

    Vela Member

    Mannone - 5 He should have done better with the goals.
    Gibbs - 7 I thought he played well
    Jenkinson - 7.5 Arsenal's best player on the day.
    Verm - 5 Very poor today, needs to work on his positioning
    Kos - 5 Just had a a bad game
    Arteta - 5.5 Wasn't as solid and reliable as he normally is
    Diaby - 5 Went off injured
    Ramsey - 5.5 Good first half, poor second half
    Santi - 5 Chelsea done well marking him out of the game
    Gervinho - 5 Typical Gervinho performance, done well for his goal
    Podolski - 5 Very quiet like his performance against City

    Giroud - 5.5 Done well but should have scored.
    Chamberlain - 6 He had some good moments
    Walcott - 5 Anonymous

    Jenkinson and Gibbs looked like the only players up for it.
  6. thedon5

    thedon5 New Member

    The whole team was poor, I wasn't sure whether it was Arsenal I was watching, that looked like a different team.

    Agree with most of the opinions here. Jenks was great, Gibbs, Cazorla and Arteta were decent. Gervinho was poor except for the goal.
  7. blrgooner

    blrgooner Well-Known Member

    Didn`t think Gervinho was as good as the OP thought he was but he was pretty good overall IMO. I thought he was miles better than Ox and Ramsey. He was better than Podolski also IMO.
    Otherwise agree with most people here. Jenks was great.Arteta was really good as well. Cazorla had his worst game for arsenal so far and was ineffectual for most of the game. Ramsey was pretty poor.
    For me it was very very difficult for any of our midfielders to really stand out because they were against a good defence. I don`t think we can concede two goals the way we did in a big game and expect to win a game. for me the performance of Kos and Mannone decided the outcome of the game. With Mannone this was pretty much expected though. He has always been a pathetic goalkeeper IMO.

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