Player Ratings - PL: Aston Villa vs Arsenal | 14/03/07

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by mad jens, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. mad jens

    mad jens New Member

    Lehmann-8 saved our butts a few times, confident when collecting crosses and corners.

    Djourou-5 Was a liability and offered nothing going forward. Did nothing wrong though

    Gilberto-6 Not comfortable and i thought he had Carew in his pocket

    Gallas-6 Nothing much for him to do. Average

    Hoyte-5 Offered nothing going forward as he feared losing the ball. One thing i noticed was the whole match he only used his right foot, the most once or twice with his left.

    Denilson-6 Decent. Did not offer enough in attacks.

    Fabregas-6 Did not stamp down his authority and was never really settled in the game.

    Diaby-7 worked hard but end product was little. Great little run for his "brilliant" goal of the season

    Ljunberg-8 Did very well with his off the ball movement. He not useless afterall. Hardworking and always chased down balls. MOTM

    Aliadiere-5.5 Did well with his darting runs into the opponent's half but had no end product. Should have put away one of his three great chances.

    Baptista-5 Invisible the whole match and never imposed himself in the game. Nice assist for the goal of the season.

    Rosicky-6 Good return, nice runs into the box from the wings and shooting. Should have buried that chance at the end.

    Flamini-5 headless chicken again. I would rather have had Baptista on. At least he won't attempt a through ball to Carew.


    Arsenal-5 Poor the whole game. But we showed we can play dirty and ugly but still win. Still thinking back when we won wigan 1-0 with ade scoring at the last minute, how everyone said that was a lucky, ugly win. This is much much worse. It was the worst game i have seen Arsenal played in ages tbh
  2. Invincible

    Invincible New Member

    Can't believe no one has posted yet!!

    Jens - 8
    Gallas - 8
    Gilberto - 5
    Hoyte - 6
    Djourou - 6
    Denilson - 7
    Fabregas - 7
    Diaby - 7
    Freddie - 9 MOTM
    Aliadiere - 7
    Baptista - 5
  3. dublingunner

    dublingunner New Member

    Probably a reflection on how dull the game was.

    Lehmann - 8
    Djourou - 6
    Gilberto - 5
    Gallas - 6
    Hoyte - 6
    Ljungberg - 7.5
    Fabregas - 6
    Denilson - 6
    Diaby - 7
    Baptista - 4
    Aliadiere - 5
  4. stiiphunn

    stiiphunn Well-Known Member Trusted

    Haha I'm gonna add mine:

    Jens- 7
    Djourou- 5
    Gilberto- 5
    Gallas- 6
    Hoyte- 6
    Ljunberg- 7.5
    Denilson- 6.5
    Cesc- 6
    Diaby- 5.5
    Baptista- 4
    Ali- 5.5

    Liked it when Tomas came on- created himself two goal chances.
  5. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    Why 5.5 for Diaby Stilphunn? O.K he wasn't at his best, but he was better than most.

    Lehmann - 7.5
    Djourou - 5.5
    Gallas - 7
    Gilberto - 5.5
    Hoyte - 6
    Freddie - 8
    Denilson - 6.5
    Cesc - 6.5
    Diaby - 7
    Baptista - 5
    Ali - 5
  6. stiiphunn

    stiiphunn Well-Known Member Trusted

    I thought Diaby was quite poor yesterday to be honest- never released the ball at the right time and therefore lost it too many times. Plus his passes weren't accurate enough.

    But he scored a good goal ;) !
  7. ZanYGooneR

    ZanYGooneR New Member

    Lehmann - 7
    Djourou - 6
    Gallas - 7
    Gilberto - 6
    Hoyte - 6
    Freddie - 8
    Denilson - 6
    Cesc - 6
    Diaby - 7
    Baptista - 5
    Ali - 3

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