CL: Barcelona vs Arsenal | 17/05/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by dublingunner, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. MC Emirates

    MC Emirates New Member

    well its not just 'an ordinary game' is it? Its the bloody champions league final. As far as we know, this could be Aresenal's one and only final for a long time. And Barca know how precious a Champions league final is, considering since this year, the last time they got to a final was 1994( When Milan destroyed them even though Barca were the favourties, dream team etc etc).

    Im sure if Henry would have scored in the first 2 mins, then we would have had a repeat of either Inter Milan 1-5 Arsenal or AC Milan 4-0 Barca. It could have been that kind of match.

    Dont worry Barca, what you have done is make a hungry club more hungry. There is nothing more dangerous than a fighter whose hungry. Barcelona created a monster on Wed nite. We are going to come back stronger, tougher, and more determined than ever to get the title that you guys TOOK from us last Wed.Trust me Barca, you have not seen the last of Arsenal and Thierry Henry.

    You were lucky this year in the Champions League.Firstly you had a relatively easy group stages. Secondly, you had a lucky decison go for you(Del Horno getting sent off) when you played Chelsea in the 2nd round. Before then Chelsea were controlling the match i thought. And even with 10 men Chelsea were competing with the 'mighty' Barca.Drogba should have put away his chances and it would have been game over(very similar to what happened to us on wed)/

    In the quarters you were ****ting your pants when you faced Benfica in the 2nd leg at the Nou Camp. I could see the fear in the Barca players eyes. You were lucky they didnt score, and take advantage of your fear, otherwise you would have been out.

    In the semi's, you were lucky again. Milan outplayed you in the first half, and if it wasnt for Giladrinho screwing up, then you would have been screwed! In the second leg you were even, but Sheva's goal was wrongly disalowed, which would have made a massive difference in the outcome of the match!

    Against us you were rattled untill Lehman got sent off, and still, like Chelsea, we held our own admirablly against you untill it was not physically possible anymore.

    Let me tell you something Barca, and Barca fans, the bottom line is you had a lot of luck in this years Champions League, a lot of decisions go your way. And you became best mates with UEFA and the referes. I beleive UEFA wanted Barca to win, because the previous 2 winners of the CL, were so unexpected and unfashionable winners. Especially in a world cup year, they had to make a big team like Barca win. Anyway you are the Juventus of the Champions League.But like i said teams will have found you out, and Barca supporting referes should hopefully not be appointed to refree your matches next season.

    As for your best player Ronaldinho, hes good obviously, but hes got too big for his boots, a showboat.I would never swap him for Henry.Any day of the week.

    Henry decided to stay with us, how did that make you feel? You must have got so up yourselfs that you thought you were invincible.

    But let me tell you something next season will be a different story.Even in La Liga i dont think it will be that easy. Watch out for Valencia!

    Anyway, we will face Barca in the last 8 of the Champs league and we will knock you out after beating you on penalities in the Nou Camp, with Lehman saving the last penalty from Mr Just because ive scored one important goal im the best right back in the world and can give my opinion on everything Belleti.

    Watch out Barca, the hunter will be hunted!
  2. _scorpion_

    _scorpion_ New Member

    Watcha gonna do barca? Watcha gonna do? When Arsenal-mania comes for you!...
  3. MC Emirates

    MC Emirates New Member

  4. Burnwinter

    Burnwinter New Member Elite

    They have a Catalan flag patch on their shoulder I believe. It's a separatist/nationalist Catalonian thing ...
  5. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Iniesta said the standard of the game was average not it was a normal game.
  6. Iniesta

    Iniesta New Member

    i think you're pushing it dare mate.
    Chelsea was nowhere near a victory against Barcelona, they just weren't. The attackon Messi was a ruby tackle and Del Horno should suspended for 4 weeks.
    We weren't in the hardest group that's through.
    Against Milan, we attacked in Milan and that delivered it for us. it could even have been 2-0 ronadinho hitted the post were he should have scored. And yes Sheva's doal was correct, but i think we were better overall.
    And against Arsenal... To be honest, i gice you guys less chances if the ref would have given us the goal in stead of Lehmann's red. The only way you guys get dangerous because we had to attack, we were 1-0 down. If we would have been 1-0 up, we shouldn't attack, we could have closed mid field. Even more, if you guys were 1-0 down, Arsenal had to attack, which would leave for our attack. The only reason, Ronaldinho didn't shine is because his space was closed down very good. And that's because you played with 9 defenders (which is normal, i'm not saying that).

    On the other hand: you played madrip, which is no team this year, they fail to deliver. the only reason they are still so high in the ranking is Casillias. Juve in europe was pure ****. Probably because they couldn't chose the refs.
    Against Villareal, you guys were lucky. If Riquelme scores his penalty, then i'm afraid you guys would have gone down, as Villareal were by far the dominant team. And remember that Villareal has no european football nect season...
    so don't talk me about lucky...
    (btw Eboue could have had a red card too, after his attack on Gio, nobody seems to talk about that. Becase Jens got a red already, the ref didn't dare to pull the card.)
  7. Burnwinter

    Burnwinter New Member Elite

    You needed luck to win. It wasn't a dominant performance against 10 men let alone 11. Without Lehmann's send off no one can say what would have happened but either way Barca didn't stroll away with the trophy. Two goals against ten men, one of which was offside. Give us a break.
  8. Iniesta

    Iniesta New Member

    i'm still saying it wasn't off-side.
    and oke 2 goals against 10 men, so what... the fact that you guys played with 10 can't be blamed on us, can it?
    And i didn'y say we didn't have any luck at all. But saying that only Barcelona was lucky, was a false statement following me, as I explained before...
  9. DannyGooner1982

    DannyGooner1982 New Member

    Beletti's having a laugh..just who is he anyway?

    Thierry Henry is the no1 striker in the world.
  10. Burnwinter

    Burnwinter New Member Elite

    From the start it looked like the type of game that either team would need luck to win and that's what it turned out to be ... so fair enough.
  11. Iniesta

    Iniesta New Member

    true,and in finals, you need some luck, because the smallest mistake, and it could all be over.
  12. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite

    Iniesta, what we're seeing in the aftermath of the game is a reflection of went before.

    Barca gave Arsenal little credit, in their public statements.

    Henry in particular was somewhat "tart" after the game. Maybe that was unfair and for sure, Barca didn't like it. But what they liked least was being snubbed by the greatest player in the world in favour of what they percieved to be a small club.

    I hope, as posted above, that the CL allows you to come and see our brand new state of the art 60k stadium, team and management next season, so we can play off 11 v 11, then we can draw some conclusions.
  13. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    if both teams play like they did in the finals and we have another playeron the pitch there is no doubt that we would win
  14. Iniesta

    Iniesta New Member

    i think we these kind of comments, you're underestimating Barcelona. but true we can't say anything right now as it was 10-11
  15. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite

    I certainly don't underestimate Barca - your're the best out there. You have many issues in your favour, money, politics and a naturally huge fanbase.

    But last weeks game was like a Chinese meal, tasted good but strangely unsatisfactory and as soon as it was finished, I wanted another one...
  16. Iniesta

    Iniesta New Member

    so did we...
    We can do a lot better than we did in the final.
    a bit the fault of Rijkaard if you ask me... Why Ronalfinho in the middle?? why Van Bommel?? We never played like this in La Liga...
  17. famous no 10

    famous no 10 New Member Elite

    Well, they WERE lucky...they were lucky that circumstance was in their favour, and led to our keeper being sent off, so we had to play with 10 men for 70 mins...we were the better team in the first 20 mins with 11 men, and barca s**t themselves everytime Henry had the ball, or we got anywhere near the goal, and still we could have made it 2-0. If anyone other than Lehmann had been sent off, we may have held on, or maybe not.

    That's football, it sucks sometimes, but I know now that our team isn't afraid of anyone.
  18. Frosty_BCN

    Frosty_BCN New Member

    I must insist. A legal denied goal and and receiving another one from a false foul... it's not luck. And it has much more relevance than some normal fouls.

    I continue reading a lot of "what if... we could win you". I still believe these speculations have no value, NOBODY knows what could happen if... But if you can speculate with the possibilities, I can too: If the referee showed only a yellow card to Lehmann and validated Giuly's goal, he probably would showed the red to Eboue for his kick on Gio's leg, so Barça could be winning 1-0 and with 11-10 on the field.

    Just one more option, like yours, with the same lack of value.
  19. pla

    pla New Member

    Congratulations to you Gunners, one of the greatest players in the world (Henry) will stay with you. But thinking that ALL Barça fans are disappointed because Henry doesn't come should be a mistake. I didn't wany Henry with us, we need good defenders much more than another superstar scorer, and with Henry with us who would sit on the bench: Etoo? Messi ? No, thanks.
  20. Burnwinter

    Burnwinter New Member Elite

    What about an allowed goal from an offside position? Like you're saying it's just meaningless speculation ... but to say Barca had no luck in the 90 minutes would be ludicrous.

    The position that got Lehmann sent off isn't the type that happens without luck. Not saying Jens didn't **** up - IMO he did, but it's not every scoring situation that presents itself to the keeper that way.
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