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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by OnlyOne, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Tier 1 Height

    Didn't know where to post and don't want to take up Newcastle thread, this stuff is worrying. Hopefully we see the last of it and police get to the bottom of it.

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  2. Sanchez11

    Sanchez11 Superior Journalist To Charles Watts

    Further incidents what a disgrace. I hope it gets sorted.
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  3. 9jagooner

    9jagooner Well-Known Member

    I said on the thread where the incident was discussed that this didn't look like the typical London mugging to me. Leaving Mesut's car and chasing him to the restaurant was a bit out of the ordinary
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  4. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    The club should hire private security for these two and foot the bill.
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  5. 9jagooner

    9jagooner Well-Known Member

    I just pray this is resolved quickly and those behind it are caught quickly
  6. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Tier 1 Height

  7. ChefMan21

    ChefMan21 Well-Known Member

    I hope these aren't Arsenal fans. I also hope the players don't decide they want to leave the club because of this - I recognise that some want both players to leave, but you know, basic standards of human decency.
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  8. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    Yeah, Sky News were shameless sending cameras to his house. Only thing missing was Kay Burley screaming at him and his wife.
  9. Vinci

    Vinci The Sultan of Unai

    Very worrying.

    Hope they caught soon and the police allow Sead five minutes alone with the scum.
  10. Ozil'sCloakOfInvisibility

    Ozil'sCloakOfInvisibility Not a Closet Spurs Fan

    I've never seen anything like this. This is insane.
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  11. Kroket

    Kroket Trusty and Sensible Trusted

    Felt like a targeted attack from the very beginning, not surprised we hadn't heard the last of it yet.

    Hope the police get it sorted out quickly for Özil and Kola's sake more than anything but it's a big ask with star footballers living such public daily lives.
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  12. Aevi

    Aevi Hale End FC Moderator

    I get the impression footballers have been getting robbed a lot this past year, those types of headlines popped up a fair few times on reddit.

    Mesut is a big figure though, I do worry that someone might have the intention to go a bit further with him. Hopefully the private security is enough.
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  13. NieThePiet

    NieThePiet Loves Overhyping Our Rivals

    This is getting really scary.

    Thought it would be one accident at the beginning, but it is much more..
  14. Leo_ense_

    Leo_ense_ Well-Known Member

    ****ing scumbag gangs in London unfortunately. You always feel concerned walking around and seeing anyone on a scooter. I’ve had colleagues get robbed by moped gangs literally on the footsteps of our office, and this is in the financial district of Canary Wharf not a residential area.

    Now that police are getting more powers to knock these ****s off their mopeds is good, but unfortunately these ****s driving around on their hairdryers are still a problem.
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  15. mavelous

    mavelous Tinfoil hat aficionado Trusted

    Neo nazis??? Or is it only targeting Mesut more?
  16. FinnGooner

    FinnGooner Well-Known Member

    Way too much morons in this world. I hope these pathetic dipshits get caught soon. And while no excuse is acceptable for doing this ****, if football is the motivator, these people should be thrown in the bleakest ****hole prison in Siberia for the rest of their lives to get some perspective.

    Best wishes to Mesut & Kola!
  17. Leo_ense_

    Leo_ense_ Well-Known Member

    I actually think it could be Albanian gangs, big presence of them in north London and especially around Golders Green
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  18. Underhill

    Underhill Well-Known Member

    Give me a break. There's no chance anyone would try to rob (and whatever else has happened) and risk years of jail time to get Özil off the books.
  19. Highbury_2006

    Highbury_2006 Village Idiot

    This is a wild speculation and some of you may find it inappropriate but isnt it possible, if Mesut is the target for these scumbags, that this is connected to the Erdogan controversy? Just a thought.
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  20. ChefMan21

    ChefMan21 Well-Known Member

    There's some whack jobs out there...

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