CL: Dinamo Zagreb vs Arsenal | 08/08/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Exiled In Newcastle, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Djourou

    Djourou New Member

    Etoo :?:

    and you are the croatian version of Arsenal :?:
  2. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    Zagreb chances passing through in 2 games are slim.

    They`ll be trashed at AG.
  3. Gary

    Gary New Member

    Arsenal is 'powahful' team with classy players, but still, you never know, many big clubs fell on their knees @ Maksimir Park :)

    But yes, advancing to the next round is kinda science fiction at the moment.
  4. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    It`s pathetic to think that hostile stadium will be the difference between the two,it`s childish.
  5. onechippy

    onechippy New Member

    What's wrong with your coach man......? Doesn't he know that wishing something won't happen in football.........means it WILL!!!
  6. Gary

    Gary New Member

    Time reveals, we'll see. I'm just being subjective here. ;)
  7. zgfan

    zgfan New Member

    Well, I can't compare him to level of your top players, but in our terms he was big plus to our team when we get him this summer. He have experience and he is playing quite good lately. So, he might be average player if you look trough the eye of Arsenal rooster, but I beleive there will be lots of clubs from the premiership (from the 10th place down) that would like to have him....
  8. Gary

    Gary New Member

    Etto, Da Silva, Modric... they are all too young and lack quality experience vs. such a club as Arsenal. They are like 20-22 years old, no?
  9. zgfan

    zgfan New Member

    Well, might be, but there are few points why I think our team will make good 1st game in Zagreb.

    1. They dont have nothing to loose
    2. 40 000 very, very loud fans
    3. Lack of few important Arsenal players
    4. And I beleive lots of Arsenal players will think about the game the same like you Nidza7 so they want get into game 100% mentally ready
  10. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    1.fair enough

    2.fair enough

    3.well,that`s true.

    4.How can you be sure that Dinamovci will be 100% ready in this early season.So it`s guessing.
  11. RockyRocastle

    RockyRocastle New Member Trusted

    We wont take anyhting like 4,000 people, 1000 tops I would have thought.

    I would love to go to this game, but wont be able to make it.

    This game is huge for us, and im sure our players wont be taking it as lightly as some fans.

    Just imagine the reaction of Sp**s fans if we get knocked out.
  12. zgfan

    zgfan New Member

    Well, they have started season much earlier... They have played 6-7 strong games in last month (Auxerre, Sahtjar....). And they are playing really well recently. And trust me, when you play aginst Arsenal you will give 130% of yourself.....
  13. The_byrne

    The_byrne New Member

    arsenal have massive experince of playing huge underdogs, both at home in europe. Wenger is not arrogant and neither is his team. We will be with jens for both legs and henry for the first (maybe he could come on). That is still a quality team. I would suggest 1-0 or 2-0 away and 3-1 and home.
  14. The_byrne

    The_byrne New Member

    one more thing, any pictures of the ground.....
  15. zgfan

    zgfan New Member


    well, try to find there some images... Its actually stadion under reconstruction.....
  16. Svetinja

    Svetinja New Member

    I am supporter of FC Partizan, Belgrade, Serbia but in this match ill be with all my heart on Dinamo Zagreb side cause Partizan and Dinamo are connected on many ways, we played in same league almost 50 years, many players from Zagreb played in Partizan Bobek, Cajkovski, Curkovic... and finally in 1960s president of FC Partizan was Franjo Tudjman (ex president of Croatia)
    I think itll be very hard game and i predict this score
    Dinamo Zagreb - Arsenal:2:0
    Arsenal - Dinamo:1:1

    GL to all 8) [​IMG]
  17. Nitkov

    Nitkov New Member

    Hi from Zagreb

    It's nice to see previous topic deleted.

    I need to say that Arsenal is surely one class above Dinamo, but everyone who thinks that Arsenal is already qualifiyed in CL is not soccer fan, and know little about soccer.

    First leg will be played in Maximir stadium with 40 000 capacity. Stadium is in reconstuction. Yesterday pictures of stadiums new look is presented. You can see pictures here:
  18. gunnerturk

    gunnerturk New Member

    what is the deal with celtic, do you have some special connections with them?
  19. Nitkov

    Nitkov New Member

    some fans are in good relationships with their. Celtic is Catolic club, and Croats is Catolics so this is conection.

    I forget to tell you, watch the guy with number 7. He probably have place in every European team...belive me
  20. Bone colector

    Bone colector New Member

    I'm a silly billy

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