EPL: Arsenal v West Ham - 9/8/15, 13:30 - SS1

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Proof, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. Vinci

    Vinci The Sultan of Unai

    Absolutely love Santi, but would drop him for this one. Ramsey and Coquelin need to develop a partnership, they are the future.

    We will dominate the game, but a lot will depend on how clinical we will be.
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  2. Mastadon

    Mastadon Well-Known Member

    Coq is one of the last players I would leave out of this one. It's the first game of the season and he is the one player who brings balance to the team no way should he be left out.
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  3. adpree

    adpree Well-Known Member

    Regardless of the line up, can safely say we are going to win this. First step to the top, lets do this.
  4. This_is_The_Year

    This_is_The_Year Active Member

    People always scream for depth - but wont ever use it - even when facing West ham at home - we have won the last 10 games against them always dominating.

    Le coq cant play all our games all season - he might not need the rest - but unless we want him burned out by February he shouldnt play in every easy home game.

    and he really isnt needed for this one - our dm spot is our most vulnerable position - no reason to **** us self by overplaying a guy who got the most physical job in the squad and isnt used to playing a full season.
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  5. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    Its the opening game. We should play our best lineup possible.
  6. redanddread

    redanddread The stone that the builders refuse


    So you approach your 1st game at home without your best DM.......come on.........get a grip. Don't disrepect the oppo.
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  7. This_is_The_Year

    This_is_The_Year Active Member

    is our best lineup the same vs Chelsea at a neutral ground as it is at home vs West Ham ?.

    I hope not - what would that say about our tactics if we cant adapt our team to our opposition - anyway its a moot point Le coq will play until he is injured - never getting rested.

    as you are doing a Ramsey - Cazorla combo ? they are better suited for this game than Ramsey-- Le coq

    we have trashed them the last 10 games H and A without Le coq
  8. RandyMarsh

    RandyMarsh Established Member

    Mate i think you're not understanding that teams don't rest their best players for the first home game of the season. Resting and playing make-shift midfields comes later on in the season, not the first game lol

    Our last 3 first games of the season we've drawn 0-0 with Sunderland, lost 3-1 to Aston Villa and narrowly beaten Crystal Palace 2-1..All at home. West Ham are a better side than all of those. First games of the season are not straight walkovers based on previous encounters.
    Coquelin has to play, for sure.
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  9. Mastadon

    Mastadon Well-Known Member

    The purpose of depth and rotation is to rest players and give others a chance to place. This is the first game of the season what is the point of resting a player who has played all of 1 charity shield game so far? A few games from now home to some **** team you might have a point but its the first game of the season how can you possibly start rotation on your first game?
  10. This_is_The_Year

    This_is_The_Year Active Member

    Still pissed about the Villa game - might just be the worst Ref ever.

    I love Le coq - but his uses are in the defensive aspect - he is pretty useless going forward or dictating the pace, he is a destroyer and he wont have anything to destroy. We arent going to need him shielding our defense, sure Aston villa got 2 sick penalties but our problems in the beginning of the seasons isnt keeping teams from scoring - its always scoring ourselves.

    I actually think our team would be stronger with two pacy wingers in walcott and ox with Giroud center and Ramsey + cazorla in the middle for this game.

    an added bonus is that any game Le coq dosnt play is keeping him safe for our away games, and the top 6 teams. unless we expect West Ham to come out guns blazing I just dont agree Le coq is the best option - and I cant see why he should play this when we are as vulnerable to injuries from him when we (IMO) got a possible better suited starting 11 without him in it.

    if Ramsey takes his spot its hardly the case that we are resting our best player - just playing the player best suited for the game.

    its not like I am saying play arteta to rest Le coq - but to play a more offensive CM combo than Cazorla-Le coq since I think its our strongest lineup
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  11. Hunta

    Hunta Shivering Right Now Trusted

    I'm so excited about this game, Stelling and the boys are back on Saturday!
  12. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted


    Need these pair in the middle.
  13. Gooner n Proud

    Gooner n Proud a.k.a. nasri_8 and Voice of Flamini

    I agree with you to an extent but you also have to bear in mind the majority of these midtable teams come to the Emirates with a game plan consisting of sitting deep and breaking on the counter. If we have a midfield 2 of Cazorla and Ramsey (who lacks discipline) who will prevent the inevitable counter attacks when they occur?

    My team:






    Bench: Ospina, Gibbs, Gabriel, Chambers, Arteta, Giroud, Adelaide

    We really could do with an extra attacker and versatile midfielder to solidify the squad depth as that bench looks a bit thin.

    What's going on with Joel Campbell? I still think he could become a top player for us of given a sustained run in the team a front 3 of Campbell-Sanchez-Ox Chamberlain would be mouth watering so much talent, pace and grit in all three of them, would be the closest to rivalling Suarez-Messi-Neymar but Wenger needs to give Campbell the chances consistently for us to reach near those heights.
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  14. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Dishonest To His Federation

    Wait what is happening here. Are we going to rest players in the first game of the season?
  15. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    No we're not resting anyone ffs. What are we going to do arrogantly let Payet all the room he wants in front of our back four? He's the type of player that can do real damage. Leaving Coq out is a laughable suggestion.
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  16. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Vinai Venkatesham Stan

    Yeah I'd start Szczesny too mate, good call!
  17. neimad

    neimad Well-Known Member

  18. Gooner n Proud

    Gooner n Proud a.k.a. nasri_8 and Voice of Flamini

    Lol I totally forgot haha gotten so use to woojech in goal.
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  19. cannonade

    cannonade Well-Known Member

    You do realize Campbell hasn't been part of the squad a very long time and will probably be sold before the window closes? Just sayin'.
  20. Alter

    Alter Member

    Same as last sunday, maybe Bellerin and Walcott out for Debuchy and Giroud.

    Debuchy - Per - Kos - Monreal
    Ramsey - Cazorla
    Ox - Giroud - Öz

    Think we will play better as against Chelsea, 3-0.
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