PL: Manchester United vs Arsenal | 17/09/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Rohit, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. junialum

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  2. joetsang

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    something about norway, or may be something about munch. munch is a specialist on painting this gesture:

  3. chrisblore

    chrisblore New Member


    C**ts :lol:
  4. James

    James New Member Elite

    Well, he definitely did it.

    Whether he meant to or not, i dont know. He seemed to just kick it in frustration at taking one in the face.
  5. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    Arseblog seems to think it was because of something else:

    Typical inbred scum.
  6. Natnat

    Natnat Active Member Elite

    Hope the police and United take action of the scum whom chanted at Jens such vile abuse.
  7. sabret00the

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    NIPOLOPO New Member


    NIPOLOPO New Member

  10. Nutsy

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    I smell the work of the jealous United fan scums, trying to ban Jens from playing a few games so they cn be at the top when they know Jens is one of the best Goalie. God, Man Utd are such a bad loosers! Rot in hell those sniffling C**ts :D
  11. Shahram

    Shahram New Member

    You guys actually have too much time on your hands. lol
  12. junialum

    junialum New Member

    I don't think he'd get banned or jailed. The most a fine. A small percent of his cleansheet / winning bonus. :)
  13. alibey

    alibey New Member

    Can anyone post some photos from the OT game. Thanks
  14. Nutsy

    Nutsy New Member Elite

    Still that'll piss Jens off, he could fall off the wagon again, & might affect his performance, anyway, those C**ts deserved to lose & we deserved the win, since we dominate the most of the match! :lol:
  15. Grampus_Eight

    Grampus_Eight New Member Trusted

    Just finished the celebrations. Went on a bender for a couple of days, felt I owed it to the club.

    The players, Arsène, and perhaps most of all the away support! Phenomenal! An absolute top-shelf performance by the traveling support. You have made us all very proud! I've watched the match three times now and the backing you all produced made a difference and was nothing short of brilliant! I swear the Gooners made quick work of the mancs from Busby's boys to the prawn sandwich brigade. Well done!

    On to the match. Arsène knows. Every time he's doubted, he comes up trumps. This match further convinced me that if we hadn't played with 10 in the CL final we would have won it. We seem unstoppable in this 4-5-1. It allows our technical brilliance to really shine. The midfield is outrageously good in it and perhaps most importantly, it allows both Cesc and Gilberto the freedom to play most fully to their respective talents. It also seems to alleviate the width problem and seems to make us less prone to getting bogged down outside the opposition's box. I think it's down to having more players running at the opposing defense.

    Anyway, I want to raise my hand and apologize for ever slating Adebayor - his performance against Portsmouth made me sour on him, but the guy has never given anything short of his best effort. Sure, he might not be clinical, but he bled for the shirt yesterday and put the United back four under incredible pressure with his strength, speed and skill the entire match. Won a penalty and then the match - can't ask for more.

    Certainly should have gotten the official MotM. He put in one for the ages. This should go a long way to getting his confidence back on track and hopefully, he'll return to his pre-Pompey form. However, let no one forget the impact he's had for us in our two biggest league matches since he's joined us. Wonderful assist against spuds to keep us in the CL this year and now one of the best performances in a while for an Arsenal player at OT.

    Furthermore, the guy was supposed to have a bad attitude and be a prima donna or something. I can't comment on his past at Monaco or what went down in the Togo squad, but for Arsenal he's been a consummate team player. From what I've seen, his attitude and work ethic have been great. I also want more Adebayor post-match interviews. The most enjoyable public speaker in some time. The speed with which he speaks is amazing. More importantly, he has spoken with great sincerity, humility and maturity. Admitted he's missed too many opportunities, but stuck at it and got us the result - and then dedicated the goal to his injured striking partners. Pure class.

    Please remember what Ade achieved at OT. Do not forget even if he has another pompey - I won't. I can't wait to hear the reception he gets this weekend. Counting on everyone to reserve the standing ovation for him!

    We love you Ade, we do
    We love you Ade, we do
    Oh, Ade we love you!
  16. DBmagik10

    DBmagik10 New Member

    you're the man grampus. i'll toast to that.
  17. polar87

    polar87 New Member

    I wonder if Alex kicked a boot at C.Ronaldos head? hahahaha
  18. Grampus_Eight

    Grampus_Eight New Member Trusted

    Big ups to Alex! When he lost the ball to Scholes, he raced back to easily disposess the ginger princess. Great work Hleb - a real sign of commitment and his adjustment to the league and display of team spirit.

    By the way, I almost got my face punched in at the pub, split 60/40 in the mancs favor, for singing...

    Who the f*ck are Man United
    Who the f*ck are Man United
    Who the f*ck are Man United

    And Rooney f*cked the Olde Slapper!
  19. Lehmann1

    Lehmann1 New Member

    Spot on mate. I really agree about Ade mate. Top post :wink:
  20. sparky44

    sparky44 New Member

    My aunty said arsenal were crap and should have scored more goals.

    I told her to shut the **** up.

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