Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal - Player Ratings Thread

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Rocafella, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. AliBabaBrewer

    AliBabaBrewer New Member

    Almunia - 6
    Did well enough, spilled a few things though

    Sagna - 6
    Was alright, but there were a few instances of poor play

    Gallas - 7
    Continued play when he perhaps could've come off for injury, but fair play for carrying on

    Senderos - 7
    Looked solid, as he does when he's on form

    Clichy - 6
    Not up to his great standards

    Fabregas - 6
    Wasted out on the right and despite having a few good passes, did little

    Flamini - 5
    Worked hard, but lost control of the ball a few times and didn't look as tenacious as he did mid-week

    Gilberto - 5
    Did little to nothing all game and also lost the ball unnecessarily at times

    Hleb - 4
    Nothing really came off for him today. His passing was poor, and his dribbling hardly got the team into any dangerous situations

    Bendtner - 6
    Worked quite hard and got wrongly booked

    Adebayor - 4
    Seemed to have slumped into the pre-Everton-Away game form, where he thinks that it'll all just work out for him, and seems to be progessively becoming Henry, from his new style of finishing (or lack of), to his small tantrums

    Toure - 5
    More or less anonymous when he came on, and I only recall him having the ball once off-hand

    Van Persie - 6
    Didn't really have a great influence on the game, but started to look like a striker who wants to have a pop from outside the area, which is what we need

    JJB Stadium Groundsman - 3
    You should probably be sacked, even Wigan players were saying how God awful the pitch is, even laughing in a Oh-Good-Lord-It's-So-Terrible way

    Wenger - 4
    Your tactics and substition choices baffle me on occasion
  2. dutchMasta

    dutchMasta New Member

    Almunia 6 (Comfortable)
    Sagna 6 (Decent)
    Gallas 7 (Solid)
    Senderos 7 (Solid game)
    Clichy 6 (Some good runs, but had trouble against Valencia)
    Flamini 6 (Worked hard)
    Fabregas 6 (Some decent moments)
    Hleb 5 (Not his day)
    Gilberto 4.5 (Looked so lazy and slow at times, especially the 2nd half)
    Bendtner 6 (Decent, worked hard)
    Ade 5 (Wasted 2 great chances, both of which he should've lifted the ball)
    RVP 6 (Some good touches, good to see him back)
    Touré 5.5 (Not his position)
  3. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Subs made perfect sense IMO.
  4. AliBabaBrewer

    AliBabaBrewer New Member

    The subs suggested Wenger wanted to go for a win. So taking the harder working of the 2 strikers off, for one who had played 106 minutes of football in 3 months, was a great course of action?

    As well as playing a centre half at right midfield?

    And playing our best player out of position, where he is proven to be more or less shut out of the game?

    And to play Gilberto in the middle, when there surely could have been other alternatives worth a try?
  5. Roscoi

    Roscoi New Member

    Almunia 6.5 - Did his job.
    Sagna 7 -Solid enough although Wigan rarely attacked down the right.
    Gallas 7 - Ok.
    Senderos 7 - Ok.
    Clichy 6.5 - Decent on the ball considering the conditions but failed to provide width and struggled with Valencia as the game went on.
    Flamini 6 - Looked jaded in the second half.
    Fabregas 6.5 - Involved in all our best moments.
    Hleb 5 - Pitch was always going to effect his dribbling, awful passing didn't help his cause.
    Gilberto 5.5 - Not the type of game Gilberto could dictate, dwelled on the ball at times and I would of preferred Song starting given his passing ability.
    Bendtner 6 - Decent first half without being a goal threat, helped out on defensive corners but faded in the second (he seemed to be playing on the left wing at time's?)
    Ade 5.5 - Forgot to play to his strengths today and the erratic first touch returned.

    RVP 6 - Rusty but showed he's not afraid to shoot.
    Touré 5.5 - Have to admire his determination despite looking like a headless chicken.
  6. DC Gunner

    DC Gunner New Member

    I tried to cool off, but it is not coming

    almunia -7
    sagna - 7
    gallas - 7
    senderos - 7.5
    clichy - 6.5
    flamini - 6.5
    fabregas - 4.5
    gilberto - 5.5
    hleb - 4.5
    adebayor - 3
    bendtner - 5
  7. DC Gunner

    DC Gunner New Member

    I personally would have take only Berto off for RVP and pushed Flamini a little bit for cover.

    Toure did not add much offensively and I did not expect him to do so either.
  8. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Almunia 6
    Sagna 6
    Gallas 6
    Senderos 7
    Clichy 6
    Flamini 7
    Fabregas 7
    Hleb 5
    Gilberto 5
    Bendtner 6
    Adebayor 5
    van Persie 5
    Touré 5

    Why was Bendtner brought off when we needed a goal? Well done Matt Flamini for the display of leadership.
  9. Ricky_AFC

    Ricky_AFC New Member

    Almunia - 6
    Sagna - 6.5
    Senderos - 8
    Gallas - 7.5
    Clichy - 6.5
    Fabregas - 6
    Gilberto - 5.5
    Flamini - 7
    Hleb - 4.5
    Bendtner - 6
    Ade - 4.5
  10. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    Almunia 6 A decent save but nothing else to do.
    Sagna 7 Reliable Sagna.
    Gallas 7 Not tested much but did what he had to do well.
    Senderos 6.5 See above, minus one or two small scares.
    Clichy 4 Poor. Still tossing too many hopefully balls in to the box without consideration.
    Fabregas 6 Some clever passing, particularly early on but being shunted out right isn't the way forward.
    Flamini 4 Thought he was poor today. Poor distribution and too rash in the tackle.
    Gilberto 4.5 Not eye-openingly bad but just doesn't suit our style.. way too mellow and passive.
    Hleb 3 Very poor. Poor passing.
    Ade 3 Missed golden chance with a predictable attempted finish and was (late) Henry-esque in terms of attitude and attitude towards team mates.
    Bendtner 5 Didn't see alot of the ball.

    RvP 7 Bright.
    Touré 5 Did as best he could, I suppose.
  11. banduan

    banduan New Member

    Absolutely difficult to say anything about this performance.

    The best Arse players on the pitch were the ones good in the air or good at keepie-uppies.

    Subbing Bendy out was an appaling move as he was fairly good.
  12. _scorpion_

    _scorpion_ New Member

    I dont undertsand some of the ratings for RVP.

    He didnt touch the ball for 6 or 7 minutesafter comming on, then he took a smack in the head, skyed a free kick and and a chance in open play, then drilled 2 reasonable corners.

    And that rates you a 7???

    And all while a clearly tired Ade & Hleb get 4's and 5's?

  13. _scorpion_

    _scorpion_ New Member

    BTW I agree that subbing Bendy was WRONG.

    Ade & Hleb should have gone off - clearly they were finished physically.

    It was a terrible result and many people including myself predicted it would happen.

    For 4 days all the players have been reading is how 'great they are'. The only player who uttered anything remotely close to humble-pie was Sagna - and his performance was the sharpest.

    It's too early to say but we could have quite possibly handed the title this weekend.
  14. banduan

    banduan New Member

    I don't think it was a terrible result. Primarily because I was expecting it to happen.

    Sagna did not have a sharp game though, Scorp.
  15. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. :whistling

    Didn't he wink or blow you a kiss then?

    Hell hath no fury- like a woman scorned. :lol:
  16. _scorpion_

    _scorpion_ New Member

    He (and Senderos) looked a hell of a lot more interested than the rest of the team.

    The reason why I think the result is terrible is because our draw to the finish line is only getting harder.

    We as a football team dont have the ability to kill games off unless we get half a dozen chances...minimum.

    Also the complacency factor was brought up by many players and the coach during the week....there was no excuse for not taking the 3 points from this match.

    United & Chelsea always seem to be able to apply pressure on us....even when we are in the box seat (I.e. leading by 5 points 3 matches ago).

    If the shoe was on the other foot we would have surrended by now.

    That's why this is a terrible result in my opinion.

    The coach let his guard down with the stupid decision to play Gilberto and teh rest of the team took his lead and slept for the arvo (apart from a few).

    I'll put my hand up and say I never thought we'd be in the race this long...I was happily surprised and I hope it continues....but this season is fastly resembling 2003 ...where we botched the title on the back of bad injuries against Bolton away.

    Very frustrating.
  17. Asterix

    Asterix New Member Elite

    Almunia - 6
    Clichy - 5
    Gallas - 6
    Senderos - 6
    Sagna - 6
    Hleb - 4
    Flamini - 5
    Cesc - 5
    gilberto - 4
    Adebayor - 4
    Bendtner - 6

    I thought Bendtner was ok. He passed to Ade well a few times, he showed some surprising pace and got into decent positions. he had terrible service though, and it's hard to be effective when your midfield is so badly disrupted and off its game, and when Adebayor plays like a lumbering galoot. I can only guess he was brought off because he'd been booked already, and what a ridiculous booking that was.

    Rob Styles really is a prat.
  18. sesquioxide

    sesquioxide New Member

    The error traces back to fielding Walcott in the friendly against Colorado .... He would have been a much better option than Toure in that position. :(
  19. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Well I suppose we're lucky Van Persie didn't slip on the soap in the shower after the game and break his neck or something.
  20. banduan

    banduan New Member

    Ref indeed was a bit of a joke.

    Not a disaster like the Manure match vs Pompey, but a joke nevertheless. Both sides scratching their heads at that one.

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